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  1. Hi everyone, I've now had my beautiful border collie pup for 4 months, and he has absolutely changed my world... can't believe I went for so long without one! He is currently 7 months old, and his training and behavior are coming along really well (I think!) He's mastered sit, stay, down, roll over, find your ball, high five, shake and we're currently working on loose-leash walking and recall, but there's one thing I would really like to curb before it sets in... in recent weeks, he has decided chasing/rounding up birds is really fun. We live by the beach, so there's a big expanse and he
  2. Following this, as I am having the exact same thing happen with my 7 month old Border Collie pup! Glad I am not the only one!
  3. Thank you every body for all your advice! 6 days until I bring the little guy home, and am so, so excited!
  4. Thanks Gloria I think he's pretty cute too! Counting down the days til I can bring him home! Thanks for the tip about the coat! Here's a photo of the top of his head haha, I don't know if this helps to give a bit more of an indication? I'm not really sure where to look!
  5. Thank you GCV I was thinking of putting a pen in the backyard, so he can have access to the backyard (but not too much!) It's a very secure yard with a tall colorbond fence (so I know he won't be able to jump it, or eat it!!) But am still thinking over this, so all advice is very welcomed! That's good to know about the formal class - I was just concerned about getting him socialised before he's 16 weeks old... because he'll be nearly 14 weeks when I get him and I have read that this is very important.
  6. Hello! I'll be bringing home my first border collie at the end of the month (so excited!!) He's a gorgeous little Blue Tri boy. I am wondering what type of coat he'll have? His mum was relatively smooth, and his dad was rough - the breeder thinks my little boy will be medium like his Dad. When I met him at 7 weeks, he was much fluffier than some of his litter mates but not as fluffy as other BC pups I've seen. I'll adore him no matter what, but just curious as to what opinions are on what his coat will be? First pic is at 7 weeks, second is about 6 weeks and third pic is ab
  7. Thanks Laura! I can probably get someone to pop round to get him to potty while I'm not there.. thanks for the tip! Still working out whether to set up a pen indoors or outdoors while I am at work. I have a very secure yard which is mainly grass and a decking.. so nothing dangerous or naughty he can get into. I'll get a photo up asap, and thank you I am very excited!
  8. Hi Shatarak, I am a newbie here, and have read this post many times as I am in quite a similar situation to you. I just wondered what happened in the end? Did you end up getting a BC?
  9. Hello! I'm a newbie! A first time poster, and soon to be first time Border Collie owner (and am very, very excited)! I have found so much valuable information on these forums, but have a few questions myself too! So I apologise for the long post in advance! I am well aware of the mental stimulation and exercise needs for a border collie, and am looking very forward to this aspect and bringing into both our lives 1. I will be bringing my male border collie home at the end of April, and he will be 14 weeks old. (We were going to be bringing him home at 11 weeks but due to unforeseen circ
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