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  1. @billdozer I just saw your post! We did the TTA surgery on Lucky in March and it went really well. The recovery at the beginning was HARD. We had to keep him sequestered in a pen we built in the kitchen. He couldn't go upstairs or in the rest of the house (we have lots of slippery wood floors) for 16 weeks, which at the beginning was really hard for him since he was used to being in the house wherever we were all of the time, especially at night. My husband and I took turns sleeping in the kitchen with him for the first few nights. But we followed the recovery instructions prett
  2. When we first adopted Lucky when he was 9 months, he was horrible about lunging at cars when we took him on road walks. Fortunately, we were able at the time to give him exercise in our yard playing fetch/frisbee, or running off leash in the woods, so we didn't need to take him on walks on the road. Then he cut his foot and we had to limit his activity, so we had to start doing road walks. Luckily we live on a dead-end road, so there isn't tons of traffic, but I started with 'structured walks' (heeling) with focus on me, using treats - lots of treats, whenever I heard a car approaching. I
  3. This made me laugh (I'm sorry!) because this happens to Lucky often in the summer. He LOVES grass and often he has the same thing happen where he has poo grass stuck coming out. He used to totally freak out - twirling round and round trying to get at whatever was hanging from his butt. Thankfully nowadays, he only freaks out a little and usually gives me a somewhat panicked look, then lets me get a leaf or something to pull it out. It's almost always funny. He has short fur, so it doesn't get stuck on his fur, so trimming seems like a good solution.
  4. We are facing this now with Lucky. He's scheduled for surgery in a week - we've opted for the TTA - but in our case the TTA is more expensive with the titanium implant. We've had him examined by a ortho vet who does both procedures regularly. But we are seriously wondering if we are jumping the gun with surgery. He's still very mobile and able to run around and jump through the woods. He does limp an favor his leg getting up from lying down - especially if he hasn't had a pain pill for the day. We tried the meds and rest for 4 weeks but, when we went back to regular exercise (running off
  5. We found out for sure yesterday that Lucky has a cruciate injury and needs surgery. The specialist we went to said we have the option of doing a TPLO surgery (the older, more established surgical procedure) or a newer type of surgery - TTA. The main difference between the two is that with TTA, they don't actually cut the bone like they do in TPLO, and the implant is titanium rather than stainless steel. The recovery with the TTA is supposed to be shorter as well. I found some great (very detailed!) info here about recovery with TPLO, but nothing about anyone having the TTA procedure.
  6. Lucky has a shoe fetish. He chewed/destroyed several of my slip on rubber garden shoes and one of my wooden clogs. I saw something from a trainer that if your dog is doing a specific behavior that you don't like, that you train them and put it on cue so they only do it when you give them the cue. So I trained Lucky to bring me my shoes when I come home. He will do it - he's great at it. But it also means that whenever anyone comes into the house - especially if we've been out and he's home alone, he goes into the hallway, gets a shoe from the shoe shelf and brings it to you wagging his ta
  7. 2 1/2 months isn't that long for a dog. I noticed a real difference with Lucky at the 1 year of adoption anniversary with him - he calmed down noticeably. Then we took him on a trip to see my dad down south, then came back home and he seemed like a different dog. I think all of the times before he'd gone on long trips he'd ended up living somewhere else, so he realized he was home! Basically, give her some time to settle in. He also changed a lot when he turned 2. Lucky is leash reactive and will probably always be that way - we realize that and have a way to manage it when we do run i
  8. A hard decision, to be sure. We adopted Lucky, a BC/Lab cross when he was about 8 months old. We were living in NYC at the time, but my husband lost his job so we decided he would move to our place in the country full time and I would stay in the city during the week and country on the weekends. My first thought: Time to get a dog! We met Lucky (then King) once for 30 minutes at the apartment of his foster and took him for a walk in the busy lower east side of Manhattan. He was great on the leash, seemed happy, was a great doggy. I really knew nothing about BCs (though I grew up with ro
  9. This is sort of long, probably won't answer all of your questions, but hopefully will be helpful since we're dealing with many of the same issues. Lucky is a BC/Lab (?) mix that we adopted when he was 8 months old. We didn't really know anything about him when we got him, and when we picked him up in NYC where he was being fostered, he was great when we walked him on busy streets with lots of people and some dogs around. BUT - when we took him home, it turned out he is very reactive to other dogs. It sounds similar to what your dog does - he barks, growls, sounds very menacing, his hack
  10. Lucky does this sometimes. He'll bring the ball close, but not close enough to pick it up. I turn around and walk away - like 'game over' walk away, and he'll follow me and bring it to me then. I also think making him sit before I throw it helps some. It's part of the pattern of the game (they love patterns). Throw ball, catch ball, bring ball, sit, throw ball again. I also like Waffle's suggestion of doing shorter distances first.
  11. We still have this issue with Lucky - jumping and getting excited when he sees people. When people come by, he barks, jumps, lunges. We've worked with him with cars on the road when we walk him. He's gotten very good at sitting when a car goes by - even without asking. I guess we need to take the same approach with people coming to visit. We just need more people to come visit so we can practice!
  12. Thanks everyone. I did get a copy of "Mine" a few months ago after I realized that resource guarding was what he was doing. I didn't find it especially helpful since he doesn't guard food or toys (I can take a bully stick from his mouth while he is chewing it and a kid took a ball from him last week - he was hoping they would throw it for him!). But I'll take another look at it and try to generalize the info. We did work with a trainer who helped us realize that much of his dog reactivity is actually guarding us! We live in a rural area, so finding GOOD behaviorists is hard to do. We
  13. Lucky is a 19 month old collie/lab mix that we adopted a year ago next week. Since we got him, we've had issues with reactivity to other dogs, attention seeking behavior and resource guarding people. We've worked a lot on the reactivity issues and we have tools and are making progress. He doesn't resource guard food or toys with people but he will with other dogs. There are specific places and situations in our house where it happens. For example, when my husband and I hug or get close to each other, Lucky will rush over and kind of squeal at us. When I am standing at my laptop in the
  14. We're in the Catskills in NY and we normally get some ticks, but this year they are BAD. Everyone is talking about them. I pull 3-5 ticks off Lucky just from taking him on a walk down the road - not even in the woods or grassy meadows. He does LOVE to walk/nose through any long grass along the road, but last year was not like this. We are using the Soresto collar. It seems to kill the ticks once they bite him. When I bring him in from outside I check his feet, legs and stomach for ticks. We've both found several on us, but we are also outside working so they are not necessarily from
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