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  1. I had my papers ready to send in for about 2 months but was waiting on one puppy buyer for a name and her info.....finally I wrote her and told her that I was going to name the pup and put it in my name and she could change the info when the papers came back...plus pay a member fee and transfer fee...30 minutes later, I had the info....reflecting the litter we did have around here, I would say about 3-4 months after the pups were born in my time frame to get papers in and back. I know one person who sold her pups and was going to get them registered but never did...and one puppy buyer was very angry as she bought a registered pup, had it shipped to Colorado and then the seller returned an calls. emails, etc and three years later, the seller thought about registering the pup but had to pay for DNA etc so never did....she sold the entire litter as registered and not one got their papers. I told her to refund half the money but she had no ethics....she also sold sheep with papers but never supplied the papers either. Send the breeder a registered letter....if she wont send in the papers, then ask her for some of the puppy price as then they are "sold as unregistered".....
  2. to me a tool is an inanimate object....like a rake or a tractor a dog is a working animal...not a tool, a live animal that may or maynot be a pet, but an animal that does work on the farm both the tool and working animals do chores/jobs on the farm. but it is in the semantics....
  3. I could not run the farm by myself. My dogs do the work on the farm while I stand and open and shut gates. Are they a tool? Nope, they are the better half of the partnership. Today we butchered locker lambs. Nan sorted and then held them while the butcher did the deed. When the lambs were being processed, Nan, Maid, Nikki and Rain all sat around like a pack of hyenas....they know they will get a leg bone. They go their bone and trotted up to the front porch ( I wisely shut the door this year!) No way I would be able to sort the lambs from the main flock. Nan did it under ten minutes. The guys said they like to watch my dogs work as it is the easiest job...I guess they help round up the other livestock on the other farms. My goat was lame and Nan help her while I trimmed her hoof. Then we did some tending on the front lawn. My hardest effort was opening and shutting the gates. It was a nice day at the farm. I couldn't imagine trying to do this without the dogs.
  4. My Open dogs live in the house...sleep in the bed, have birthday gifts, watch TV next to me, go to the ice cream store and still manage the flock and run at trials. As for unproven, my Tess was from two unproven parents and did quite well. I also have some trial dogs that live in the barn. They work just as well. Even though my Open dogs are my pets, they know when we step outside to do sheep work, it is all business. When they retire, they just get to hang out and help with lessons and learn dog tricks. Maid loves to fetch the ball and swim in the pond to get the ball. They love the treat ball at night (ball you stuff treats in and they have to roll it around to get the treats out).....but once they step through the gate, all fun is turned off and the serious meter is going full blast. At the last trial, Nan was sleeping under the chair, snoring and totally passed out. I nudged her to tell her we had a run. She got up, yawned, stretched then strolled slowly to the gate...it was quite funny as she was so nonchalant about it, and then put on a nice run. Then after her run, she went back to sleep under the chair until I got some ice cream, then she was the begging queen. So yes, your trial dog can be a pet....
  5. I am leery of a new product until a couple of years. I am using frontline plus and heart guard heart worm tabs and brushing/bathing I hate fleas, ticks and crawly things!!
  6. I use the Thunder Shirt on Nan, She is terrified of gunshot and thunder....her eyes roll back and she bolts. I out a thundershirt on her, did clicker training in the house and if I was outside, let her work the sheep fast! it helped her a lot. Now I put it on if there is a big storm and not for gunshots. When she hear gun shot or thunder while in the house, she runs up to me and opens her mouth like a baby sparrow for treats. if it is really bad, she will cuddle next to me on the couch. if we are outside she bolts for the gate to work sheep. I let her work sheep and she doesn't have a down and she goes very fast but ignores the thunder. I put it on her on other times (not gunshot or thunder) so she doesn't associate it all the time with the noise. I fuss over her when I do it so much that Maid and Rainey gave me snotty jealous looks so I put shirts on them and fuss over them and treat them. They have learned that shirt equals treats and lots of fussing over them. I used to put it on Roo before trials to help settle him and down it did some help but not very much. I have used it on the other thunder phobic dogs with clicker training with treats and it helps. I liked it so much that I signed up to be a dealer since I was buying lots of them. I did notice you have to put it on TIGHT otherwise it didn't work. I never just put on the thundershirt alone...I also added the clicker training/treats to keep their attention to me.
  7. I love your stories about your dogs and can see your love for them. Make she run free now. Sorry to hear of her passing. Hugs sent your direction.
  8. sending hugs to you...it's so hard to love a beloved partner.....sorry for your loss... Diane~
  9. I wish it was this easy.... just because the lines (that she knows of) is not dysplastic, doesnt mean all the pups will not be dysplastic. You can get good hips from bad hip parents or bad hips from good hip parents. As a good breeder you should do the hips and let the buyer be aware of the status. I respect a breeder who is up front if one of the parents have a hip issues, then it is my judgement call to buy that pup or not. But I have not much respect for a breeder who hids the fact that one of the parents has HD or claims that since there isnt any HD in the lines, that the pups will not have it.
  10. ok.... let me see if I got this right.... You sent in a $600 deposit for a pup. there was no mention of non-refundable part. THEN breeder mentions a breeding contract that was not part of the deal you said no and asked for your money back breeder sent $400 back and kept $200 claiming it was a non-refundable deposit However this was the first time you were aware of the non-refundable part as it was not mention in prior discusson Now breeder also added that you made a bad choice from placing a bitch that has nothing to do with this contract, even though you admit you made an error and regret it and using this an excuse to keep the $200. she offered you another puppy from another litter but that was not part of the original contract that you would be offered a replacement puppy if original puppy was not available so my question is, how can the breeder change the rules without your agreement? You made a deal, then she changed the contract and you did not agree to the changes therefore yuo are NOT bound to her new agreement, you are only legally bound to the first contract. A agreement, verbal, written is binding and cannot be altered unless BOTH parties agree to it. it's like me going to buy a car for $13,000 and I put a deposit on it. The entore deal was car for $13,000. No mention of non-refunable deposit. Then when I go to get the car, the sellers then rasies the price up and I have to give free rides to the dealer's relatives. I say no and the dealer keeps the deposit since I didnt agree to the new changes. I had agreed to pay $13,000 and that was it. I am not bound by law to take the changes in the contract unless I agree to it as part of the terms. Since I didn't want to give free ride and pay the extra money, I am entitled to my money back. If I agreed to the new terms, then I have to abide by them. Imagine the scenarios if sellers was able to change the term of the contract and make it legally binding with out approval of the buyer! I say, tell this person you want you full amount back, otherwise you will go to court and ask for it and then publish the accounts of what happened....that the seller changes the contract without agreement of the buyer and keeps the deposit without cause.
  11. Maid is not impressed by the young upstart in the house. Nan just runs off and avoids pups as she doesn't like pup. rainey is so happy to have a dog smaller thaan her that she can boss around and play...but as soon as Bess takes a toy, Rainey runs up and snatches it away. We have a huge toy box with about 50 toys that is for all the dogs but suddenly Rainey has decided she is not sharing. It doesn't faze Bess as she just grabs another toy. She has figured out most of the top half of the house and getting better at potty training. When you pick her up, she grabs your arms with both of her paws like Tess. even though Sava is her mom, I dont see much of Sava in her. Max, another pup is very much like Sava. It's kinda nice to have a pup around to spoil. Plus we are ready emotionaly for a new joy to add to our lives. Will keep you posted. Even if she never makes it as a trial dog, she will stay as a pet. We retired Rainey from trialing as she got deaf in one ear but she helps with lessons and chores. Plus she is my travel dog and night snuggler. Here is a pic of her being carried back to the barn by my Vet friend....she was protesting as she didnt want to leave.
  12. Introducing Bess. Tess is her grandmother. Dan is her sire (Pleat x Tess) and her dam is Imp Sava. (Aled Owen's Roy). She is seven weeks old. We had four pups and we had to chose one to stay. This little one captured my heart but I wanted Getty to chose. She chose him and the rest was history. Getty named her Bess (Bessie Smith - blues singer). She reminded him so much of Tess that he picked a name that was close to Tess. She already had demonstrated she is Tess's granddaughter. Tess had a high pitched ANNOYING bark and Bess has that as well.
  13. Denice, What a horrible story.... For those folks that don't her, Denice has super nice dog and most of my dogs are related to her. Glad you got your dog back... Diane
  14. I modified this list to be worst food for humans: Chocolate (send to me) Grapes (unless it is in wine) Garlic or onion (unless you are invaded by Vampires) macadamia nuts (send to me) Avacadoes (any part of the avacado) (unless in a taco) Alcohol (send to me) Bread dough (but cookie dough is ok) Food that has gone bad or is moldy (cheese?) Anything with caffeine (unless you have stock in Starbucks) Bones and leftovers (hard on teeth) Ice cream (send this to me) Raw meats and salmon (sushi for you folks) Plums (as in dried) raw eggs (and the egg shells as well) salt (unless on a pretzel) candy (send to me) hops (especially in form of beer – 6 or more in one sitting) chicken jerky treats (only if you are camping) doggy treats (ever tell a toddler they can’t have a Milk-Bone?)
  15. I've been missing in action for a bit, work, heart and life on the farm. My first few Border Collies all lived in a 850 sq ft condo. we would exercise them before work, during lunch (my job was 7 minutes away) and after work and then before bed. we lived next to a huge park so that helped plus classes and lots of outdoor stuff....then we got a house then a couple of years later, Tess got a sheep farm for her second birthday. You can make the dog in the living situation work....you just have to adjust and do it. Having the farm in nice and we often let the dogs swim in the ponds or we play games. In addition ot working stock. And in the house we still do toy toss and puzzle games. I just placed a pet border Collie in a pet home, in the city but the guy is super active and does hobby herding. His other dog is quite well adjusted and they do everything together. The pet I placed is very high energy so we did a trial test....he loved her as she could keep up with him. I will be back on the boards more now....life is getting back to a dull roar!
  16. I guess I am late to this dance. I think the pup is maybe feeling your negative vibes and as a result is acting submissive around you.....they can feel anger, being unwanted and bad vibes. Add to the fact your other dog is well behaved and then you compare...it's like comparing me and my bro....I am outgoing, full of fire and he is quiet and relaxed. People look at us and ask if we are really related. My take is spend one on one time with him and push bad the bad vibes and think positive. Take him for a walk and keep him a little hungry. Toss treat on the ground for him to eat etc so then you are the source of goodness. Sit down and have him crawl in your lap. Give a him a puzzle ball with treats in it so his mind has to work to get them out. what motivates him.....use that to your advantage. Take him to places so other people can fuss over him so he learns people are fun. Find out what his passion is....does he like to dig and use his nose....do search work with him. Also being lazy could be ....maybe giardia, worms or overweight? Maybe feeling like he is not wanted by the vibes. I can't say why he is that way unless I could see the behavior but get him to want to be with you ....use a happy voice, get him interested in doing something with you. I have a yearling male now, that at 6 months drove me batshit crazy.....he decided he didn't have to listen, barked and dig holes in the dog pasture, ran off when I recalled him and was a pain in the ass....so I took some obedience lessons with him and now he smartened up.....I went to a good friend for advice who trains that and agility and ranks top.....now he is a sweet dog. I used to say he was a dumb as a box of rocks but now he is one of the smartest dogs I have owned. I had to look at him from a different angle with another trainer. take time with your pup and let him think he is the center of the universe.....not all dogs are alike....what is his passion? Uses his nose,??....hide treats. Watches a lot?? ....then stuff a puzzle ball with treats. Give him a bone when you are not there. Put him in a crate for time out. make him realize you are the God of Goodness and Happiness. When Tess had her first litter, I started with the command . "puppy, puppy" in a happy voice and the pups would come running at full speed and jump over me and I would love them and make a huge fuss...one pup was Roo.....now many years later at a huge trial on cattle, he battled the tough cattle to tie for second place (he was doing some serious grip and turns as the cattle would run over the dogs).....after the run, I called him "puppy, puppy," and he ran up to me bouncing, barking, tail wagging up in the air like a husky and grabbed my legs to a head rub.....the crowd burst out laughing as three minute before he was gripping a steer that was trying to run him over.....that relationship started as a pup and still is there to this day. Jin will never be like your female......like I never will be like my bro. I learn by visual/seeing and he learns by reading......I bet your pup is the same way.
  17. I suppose but the dogs are not in the trailer when it is on route and we use that for storage or a dog that wont push it open when we are camping. the dogs are in the truck when we are driving.
  18. I have them. They are in my travel trailer and I will be getting some for my truck. Nice but the gates are plastic and if you have a chewer, I don't know how they would fare. One of the slot holes where the gate slips into is not deep enough and the gate fall out so I had to switch gates around until I got one that worked BUT I use it for storage or for a dog that wont push. If you push on it hard enough it will fall down. The hole was not deep enough. Those are my only concerns. They are nice and sturdy. Easy to rinse out if a dog gets sick. Solid as well. You can set it up so you have a row and fasten them with latches so they are very secure. I have two rows, and on the second row, I have a holder tray. I put my gear in that. I fastened it all down with straps. After we did all of that we found we used less room than the Furrai Crates. I am slowing getting rid of my other crates that I travel with and using these. I like mine and one of the best crates out there. I wish they would offer a metal gate though.
  19. If I can't feed my animals before I eat, then I don't eat...my philosophy is when I made a commitment to get a cat, dog, etc...was they get fed first, no matter what. I remember when I had my knee surgery and the flu at the same time, I couldn't walk so I pretty much crawled on the floor to get food for my cat....I fed him and then dragged his food to the bed and for the next day, he ate out of my hand and I only drank water My roommate came home the next day and let him out and he promptly brought me a huge dead rat and put it next to the bed for me to eat..... Our rule here is the animals get taken care of first, then us....we can stroll out to the kitchen and grab a snack, while the animals can't do that. They depend on us.
  20. Many years ago, I sent Tess into my leased field to gather the flock. It was about 25 acres and knee to waist high in grass. The sheep but no Tess. I whistled but no Tess. I got frantic and thought she had hurt herself. I ran up the looking for her and had no idea where she was. I saw her head pop up about 600 yds away and ran up there. She was next to a weak lamb. Mom had abandoned it and he still had the dried placenta on him. Tess was cleaning him off and he was nuzzling her. I picked him and up and he cried and cried. I walked with him and let him walk for a bit and Tess walked very slowly next to him, nuzzling him and it was so endearing. He ended up being a bottle lamb and would seek Tess out as his surrogate mom. He would sleep next to her and she would clean his bottom. She could have left him while gathering the flock but she was far smarter than me and took charge. When he grew up and if something "scared him" he would run to Tess for protection and she would lick him and comfort him. it was quite interesting to see how much the Border Collie could figure out so much on their own.
  21. Yes, they gotta hit it once...you can tell them to leave it but be slow to give that command and they will touch the fence. Mine did figure out if I was holding the wire, it was off, otherwise they would steer clear. I would have to lift the fence to get a dog thru to help me....they would scoot under the fence in record time. Tess would wait until I climbed over before she would cross. She never would go first. The LGD have to learn as well. The ewe figure out when it is turned off though. it sad but a bit funny to see the lamb touch it....they get hit and then run back to mama, screaming. Two seconds later, they forgot all about it. I had a male dog named Mick. He loved to pee on anything. One day, he was aiming for the fence and I told him to leave it....he didn't listen and he got zapped....he screamed (I am sure that hurt) After that whenever I told him to leave it, for what ever reason, he stopped so darn quick!
  22. If I see someone abusing or being mean to another person or dog, I usually say "Does you mother know you do this?" or "Wow, do you treat your wife or kids the same" and in one case, "I can see why you are single" Interestingly enough, some of them did not realize that and changed but a couple have never spoken to me since. I know one person who body slam dogs and that person students thinks it is ok. Or dunk them under the water for a bit. I was told to mind my own business when I said something. If a person is called out on their actions, and changes their way, it is water under the bridge. They may need to be educated, or where taught that way but if they change to treat the animal with compassion, then they have learned. If they don't, then I consider them an abuser.
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