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  1. Field fencing on the perimeter, 2.x 4 in part and welded wire in barn area...plus one Arab mare who really protects her sheep and two LGD and ironically enough a flock of geese and guineas who alert to anything odd....when they alert, I get up and look, the horse run overs with the dogs and it is either a stranger, the loose pitbull or lab, or a predator. I had e-fencing but in snow it didn't work or when it got shorted or no charge.....mainly tree branches would fall on it when I was at work and all would escape. I would do e-fence but as a day pasture.
  2. Grizzly Salmon oil? ok, I give up...is this something special?
  3. yes I used to get it and it was great. I still fed hay and some grain. They need the hay for fiber but it cost my hay bill in half. The chickens loved it. do not use as main or only source.
  4. Yes, a lot of cattle folks I know don't breed for the straight outrun either. These folks wanted a quick get them type of dog. Oh, yea, they added some color in via Swafford lines. So this dog is merle, but she tries hard and is turning out to be a nice dog. She is one of the sweetest dogs off stock, I ever seen and very gentle nature. No health of personality issue, just a straight outrunner. Or I should say,.."was".....
  5. Tess was from cattledog lines...in fact, most of my dogs are half cattledog lines.....I don't see a difference. One of my students had a Border Collie from a cattle ranch. They bred the dog to "go get them".....they have no outrun,, run up the middle and grab. We did teach the dog to do a outrun but it was a memory induced outrun. Fearless dog tough but grabs at the neck. She does try hard to please and a super, SWEET dog off the stock.
  6. I bath my dogs when they get really ripe smelling or roll in something. Otherwise they swim the mountain creek pond daily and the mud etc gets washed off. The probably get real bath 3 a year.
  7. would love to see a new video.....soon you will move out to the farm and get some sheep......it has happened to a lot of us....
  8. Yes, let's try to keep this on track and not derail the good info that is being presented.
  9. You read some of the stories of the dogs and other animals when they comfort people in need and it is so amazing. They don't care about your social status, looks, weight, or anything like that but just you are hurting and need some love.
  10. When I had my open heart surgery and almost didn't make it, Tess was at home, She laid in her dog bed and refused to be social and was very mopey during then entire time I was in the hospital. Kathy came up with Jill (Tess's best friend) and usually Tess goes crazy when she arrives. She looked at her from the bed, then dropped her head and moped. Nothing could entice her from her sad state. It got to be quite worrisome and we wondered if she was ill. When I came home, she leapt out of her bed and ran to me. Everyone thought she would jump on me but as she got near me, she quietly walked next to me. She laid next to me on the couch and was the nurse dog for the next seven months, licking the tears from my face. She would eat or go potty then run to get next to me. She was my buddy and it gave me great comfort. I was like a puppy to her and she would check me over and lick me clean. Even though I would take a shower, she decided I need to be cleaner. It was amazing the devotion she had and how she took care of me. It was touch and go for a long time if I would make it but I knew that I was going to live when one day, she sniffed me over then went outside to play. Now, with my recent surgery Maid is my nurse dog. She hovers over me and makes sure I have a warm body to snuggle with. It's sure amazing how these dog adapt to the situations. Nan's role when I am sick is the house guard dog. She has the welcome bark and the "unwelcome bark" which is quite scary. Some of the dogs or cats seem to take on a nurse role while others do other type of roles. It's quite interesting.
  11. Every Boxer I knew could clear a room in .6 seconds and wilt the flowers. Not super smart but friendly.
  12. Julie, yes I agree too much fat is bad....we give 1 tablespoon per dog. if they work hard, then two but that's it. Feed a good quality dog food as well. The coats would help a lot and the old dog is telling you that she is too cold. Putting her in the school house would be great and a warm area. I noticed when Tess got older and if it was horrible weather outside, she wanted her coat on.......if she didn't have it on, she wanted back in rather quickly. She would stand at the door and look at her coat before we would go out. Diane
  13. can you cut a piece of heavy plastic and make a doggie door for them. you need to block the wind. if not, then add a couple more bales in front of the opening, like 1 foot in front so the wind hits the two bales stacked on top of each other and the dog opening is on the other side of the bale. Put about 1 foot of loose straw for them to make a nest as well. From what I can see it looks like the wind can blow directly into their beds. I would give the dog more oil such as salmon oil etc to build up some body fat.
  14. 1 inch or 3/4 inch nylon collars and for Open dogs, Woof Wear leather with lots of bling
  15. Donald...pet Fly for me...I love her and the fact she let me fuss over her....game little dog! It's taken about 2.5 years for me to get into Maid's mind...and now she is my heart dog....super goofy and playful and just happy. We have that magic moment that I have been missing for so long. Once you get into their mind, and do it right, the battle is between you is no longer a battle but a true partnership. yes, sometimes Maid questions my decision on the field, like when I give her a wrong flank before the panel (so we will miss the panel). She will hesitate and bunch up her shoulders, then I realize I screwed up and give her the right flank. But if I don't, she will do the wrong flank but in her mind she knows I am wrong but will please me.....thankfully that is a lot less. If the mind ain't right, then the dog's not right. it also is the same for the handler.
  16. >>The little unsanctioned ISDS-style SDT I just ran in was dominated by those who keep sheep for primarily business purposes, and rarely trial. The young lady who won had never trialed previously, and the veteran farmer who said his dogs were old and tired, and had lost their downs and precision doing farm work, was right up there. I was very happy for them, and felt that was as it should be. -- TEC<<< I assume you are talking about the Novice trial that Norm and Vicki Close just had? Glad you are going to them for lessons. Good people. Diane~
  17. I practiced to and from work for month then thought I had it down....went and played "Mary had a little lamb" to the spouse (Musician) and like the devoted spouse he is....he thoughtfully answered that he never heard "Mary had a little lamb" in one tone before....so back to the car I went, tail between my legs and then one day I got more notes and then it was easier....the hardier I tried the worse it was.....don't worry about a certain note, just get a note. For the longest time, my car whistles sounded like a cat being strangled....
  18. Julie, Great advice.... keep working on them to see if they will build a pen and say it is need to contain the sheep if they need vet work/hoof trimming/worming done on them Diane
  19. I am going to a jack Knox clinic in a few weeks and so excited....his words I remember are "Make the right, easy and the wrong, difficult" as well as making the "mind right".....one of his sage advice was when Tess was about 15 or so months old.....he turned to me and said this dog will be a great dog IF you keep your mouth quiet. I kept quiet the rest of the lesson and boy, my eyes sure got wide at how talented my little dog *suddenly* became.......
  20. I walk my dog past the exhaust all the time and towards the sheep...I have trained my dog to look forward to the direction that I am walking....not besides or behind me. I do the same with the younger dogs and when they look at the exhaust sheep, I tell them to leave it. We have sheep in various pens and they soon learn to listen to me and look for the sheep ahead of us. I did have one dog go back to the exhaust so went home and worked on it so wasn't an issue. The wise word from a long time shepherd was to walk the dog to the direction of the sheep whether it be a trial or at home....(he also trials)....his say on this was something like, you are telling the dog that there are sheep out yonder and they have to trust you...and when you send them, they will find the sheep and then believe you. They will soon figure out that you want the sheep that you necessary cannot see but they are out there and not here (next to me).......
  21. Let's start a topic of how a sheep/cattle/ducks/etc went badly and what you learned from that....I know it wasn't funny then but as time goes by, it is funny.... Many years ago, I ran Tess on ducks in an ASCA course. It was an advance course. The ducks had no intention of moving and they fought with each other. Later we found out the duck person pick a duck from five different flocks and put them together, all drakes. Normally you use ducks from one flock per run. Putting drakes together form various farms will cause them to fight for a pecking order or whatever. So we are tying to move the ducks around while they are fighting and it is going slow. One large drake decided he was taking offense at this dog making them move and after he just beat up one smaller drake, went after Tess. He raise his wings up and came blasting out of the flock right at her face. She was about ten feet behind them. She stood rock still and he pecked her face several times. I could tell the judge was going to give me a rerun as she know something was off.....but before she could say anything, Tess carefully reached out and grabbed the drake by the bill and held on. The drake pulled back and she stood still, not letting go of the bill. He got frantic and beat his wings and she never moved. Finally Tess decided the drake learned his lesson and left him go. He ran back into the middle of the flock. By then the other ducks were watching. Then they all decided fighting was no longer important and we finished the course. The judge asked me if I wanted a rerun but I told her that I was fine with this. She had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. I was horrified that my dog had grabbed a duck by the bill and wouldn't let go. I wish I had a video of the duck flapping his wings and Tess standing there patiently until she thought the duck learned his lesson. Ironically we got the same drake with another dog, and he was just fine. I guess ducks can learn too. The other day, I ran Maid on ducks. One was being feisty so she put her paw on it. I told her not to grip (Be nice) so she didn't grip. I think I will have to teach her a "no paw" command as well.
  22. I love how she is being my partner....at the shed, she held the ewe, then glanced at me as if to say, " I got it" so I backed up....and then as we went to the pen, I opened the gate and she put them in.....she was quite pleased with herself....and I know now, if out run goes bad, stop her, count to three so we both can relax then a command.....if I whip a command too quickly after the down, she gets excited....and me too! Did you see after her run, when she was taking her sheep out of the pen, her tail was up in the air and she was wagging it furiously! I used her as a backup during a lesson today...as the student's dog was not covering the sheep, Maid looked up to me and gave a deep sigh.....she actually knows what to do and what is going on....... for the longest time I thought for the rest of our career we would be fighting on the trial field.....but when we do disagree, it is me messing up...and her going fast to fix my error.....now as we go the post, we give each other a smile and "just know".....it's a wonderful feeling.... I am working on that feeling with the youngsters that I have coming up....it will happen.....
  23. Maid and I went to a trial today....she was a real doll...a little pushy so had to be reminded of a steady....very biddable and soft...as we turned the post, your eyes met and we had that special moment. It was magic. The shed was in seconds and superb and she marched the unwilling lambs in the pen. They didn't want to pen at all but she made it easy. All I had to do was shut the gate. We tied for third but placed fourth based on the outwork. After the trial we sat around then I noticed she was gone...you get that sinking feeling....dog was next to your chair then gone......never mind, she was working the crowd for treats and got some popeye's chick from her GodMother Janet, then wandered to some new folks to have then fuss over her.....then I sat back in my chair and let her enjoy herself. Yep, she knew she did well and we had a good time. As we sat and watched more runs, I had numerous people come up and tell me how well that run went, how soft she was, how that we really teamed up...it sure was nice....yep, the new way has done magic.
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