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  1. I do what Julie does....the dog will look at me and realize I am totally relaxed, drinking coffee and reading and then they relax. Then I move to another side of the pen and in the end we walk around the sheep. Later we do the packed pen drill but for starters do what Julie recommends as it settles, you, the dog and the sheep.
  2. I had shipped Tess to Canada and one of her stops was in Vancouver, BC. I got a call from them to let me know she had arrived and the next leg was going to be a few minutes late. And could she take her for a walk since she had dogs. She took her for a walk and called me to let me know she went potty, charmed the ground crew, got treats and was on her way. Apparently she was a big hit and when she came back they called me again to ask if they could walk her. I told them how to get Tess to do her dog tricks and they loved her. I got a post note signed by the crew for thanks to let them spoil her. It was a Canadian airlines .
  3. I would pass on this pup and check on the links above....
  4. Apparently when I ran Maid in an Open course, I called her Nan.....and she listened...... Sigh......
  5. I can remember people's dogs name and how they did at the trial but hard pressed sometimes for name and if I had to tell you what they did for a living.....yikes.........but is sure do remember their interactions with their dogs and their lovely runs......
  6. I need a stick....that's has been my downfall, according to this!
  7. Yes, you can change the name. However it is not polite to change the kennel name to your kennel name....such as "DeltaBlz Bob" to "TopHill Farm Bob"......unless arranged otherwise. The kennel name shows who was the breeders etc... And I have had people change the entire name to their kennel name (without permission) and TAKE credit for the breeding, etc..... but "DeltaBlz Bob" to Deltablz Bill" is fine. I have had this done (people want to change the name of the dog, not the kennel name).... I think it would show as "DeltaBlz Bill (DeltaBlz Bob)".....on the new papers but I think if the dog has been bred, the name cannot be changed. But a lot of people keep the old name, DeltaBlz Bob but the call name is Bill. There is (still I think) a 14 character name limit on the name. And the number will stay the same. and of course, some people have kennels names as "Highland Farms Doll of Sweethaven Farms Sally"...(AKC style)....no one that I know with ABCA dogs does that....
  8. We won a free animal communication reading so I will use it to talk to Tess or Maid.
  9. Here is how we bought our place.....getting ready to go out for fancy dinner so I just had to check the farm listing just one more time.....farm came up....we called agent, never went to dinner, went out the next day to look at it and put offer down.......this is after we had spent tons of time looking at other places and decided we needed a non-real estate night......we had to carry two mortgages for a while but it was worth it. Glad we did as the extra couple of month, house prices rose and we got a higher offer that we listed the house for.....
  10. One door opens when one door closes...either they will reconsider or it wasn't meant to be. We had a reject on one offer and we passed and it turned out the house had severe mold issues. If they haven't had an offer in months and only got one offer that was close, then rejected it, they will be there for a while longer. Hang on, something will pop up
  11. I use cattle panels/combo panels (16ft long)....you can use 3 per side and put a shelter in one end. That is almost 50 feet per side.
  12. My vet will let me go back with him but he has been my vet for over 20 years. Most of the time he does whatever he needs in the same room as me. My dogs loves him as he fussed over them and give them treats. He is like James Herriot but modern. Tess loved to visit him and we would drop her off in the morning and pick her up after work many times. Most of the time when I would get there to pick her up, she would be behind the counter, loose or more than likely in a tech's lap. I had to put her on a leash when I would go in, otherwise she would trot down the hall, push the backdoor open and let herself in or push the front gate open and go in.....they thought it was funny. It would be one of the few times she ignored me as she was on a mission to find her vet. I trust my vet and his tech have been with him for years. When he does go in the back, he invites me along. But this is based on years of visits, trust, etc....and I don't baby my dog at the vet or get in the way.
  13. I rather have someone tell me something that I am doing that my potentially injure/kill my dog than not say anything at all and find out later, they didn't want to hurt my feelings. Of course, delivery of the message is important. Telling me I am a jackass if I let my dog chase a laser will piss me off (and not why) but telling me the dangers or first hand experience, will get me to listen. But also if someone talks down or act superior to everyone else will make me hard look at their advice....do they have actual experience or are Doc Google or just like to hear themselves speak on everything or a wanna-be An example for me, is when Maid gipped at the Finals and I asked my mentor for feedback and he said I wing/wanged her too much. it really hurt my feelings as I thought I was NOT doing it.....but in the end, I did take his advice to heart....so next trial, I wanted to do the same amount of commands so I only winged/wanged her about half of what I did at the last trial. She won and only lost 6 point on her run. As for the laser, I almost lost one of my top trials dogs as he went for the lights of a car and the only thing that save him from getting killed was a fence. He came with the laser training so I worked hard over the years to fix it....got it where he would not bolt stupidly for any lights.
  14. I had a dog that I got that the prior owenr used to play the laser pointer game with all the time. They also used flash lights. One day I was at a trial, late at night and walking the dogs. someone drove by in a car with lights on and he went after it...bounced off a fence and hurt his leg. Thank god the fence was there as he would have run out on a busy road to get th lights. I kept a close eye on him and anytime at night, he would see car light, he would bolt for them. The fun game the prior owner did ended up being a deadly games as any light that had movement would make he chase after it.
  15. I treat my Border Collies and LGD the same way I would want to be treated. (or any of the animals on the farm) Where I used to go herding, I was taught to be loud and yell at the dogs. To use a long pvc pipe and hit them on the head. Anyways I saw the light and changed 180% and luckily the dog that had the training was able to handle it as she was a tough Border Collie from cattledog lines. Nothing fazed her. That was many years ago. Yelling/screaming/mishandling at the Border Collie does nothing for the dog but sure makes you look like a fool.
  16. Loose dogs used to be an issue but the problem dog is "gone" now. Coyotes are not an annoyance here as they are the main predators for my flock as well as my other friends flocks. I have a pack that lives a couple of blocks away and they are always looking for a free meal. With 2 LGD and a guardian Arab mare, we are ok but if a pasture is missing of the above, the coyotes will visit. I have seen them lure the LGDs away with a couple of coyotes then ones will sneak up from the back to grab a lamb. I was ready with a gun so made that one rethink that. I would say that coyotes are the main predator of sheep around here.
  17. We have had coyote and cougar kill our sheep and it was obvious.....one cougar prints and he buried the sheep with grass....the coyotes are the ones who kill the most and once the LGD got a hold of one and basically ripped him in half.....I have seen the coyotes stalk the sheep all the way up to the barn and get 20 feet from the barn.....
  18. Well, the words "holy sh*t" came out of my mouth when Tess had a couple of red pups. I had no idea red was in her lines.....but upon research, I found out her sire was red. I was told her was b/w. Then her sire of the pups carried red as we found out. There was no question that he was the sire but the colors sure got me by surprise! I did bred her to a b/w male and all of those pups were b/w as he was not a red color carrier. as for the guy counting back the 63 days (I assume he did that)..we all know the bitches all deliver on ay 63, right? Never early or late!
  19. I heard of a handler who lets his males and females run loose..one of the males was a well know trial dog and well bred so when any of the bitches got pg, he was listed as the sire....rumor had it some of the pups were not "similar" to the sire and no testing was ever done. The male is long gone now......
  20. http://www.animal-connection.net/Photocontest.html Vote for Tess.....she is in a Christmas contest. Thanks from all of us.
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