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  1. I got into a head on at 55 plus with a guard rail,avoiding a squirrel. I had my ruff tuff with me....no dog...2014 subaru forrester was mangled and everything inside was flung around and ruined. I had internal injuries etc..but the ruff ruff did not have a mark and hardly moved at all...


    Two intermediate will fit in the back of the Forrester . I replaced all the crates in my travel trailer with ruff tiffs

  2. T has evacuated today....to a friends house that she spent most of last week in Diamond Lake, Wa....she went back in Sat and now out again. I know (and she will not ask) but need supplies for her stock.... hay, grain, dog food etc.......I can ask her how to donate to her if you want me too....she just got a ton of hay for her cattle and horses.


    I would think paypal would be the best option so she can buy what she needs directly.

  3. I got tired of my dogs getting sick on various dog food so I became a dealer for Dynamite Dogfood....they use a single food mill and they do not cook the dog food four times like other companies but use low temp, high moisture extrusion. and they own their own feed mill. Since my dogs have been on it, they haven't gotten sick and look great. It's not cheap $60 for 40lbs so I signed up to be a dealer to get a better price (buy 1/2 ton at a time).....


    Shiro and Tess used to get ill from the other high end brands.....every time it was a recalled bag......and numerous vet bills......


    I think Blue Buffalo got a recent lawsuit for false advertising as well......

  4. I used to have a rare sheepdog book store for years. Bill Evans and I were partners....this book just flew off the shelves at $250...we usually paid $225 for it and sold it at 10% mark up. It's very hard to find and if you do....do not let it go!

  5. Well, I found out that I had T-cell lymphoma in the nasal pharynx and neck lymph nodes in Oct. Had cancer surgery to remove the two cancerous lymph nodes in my neck that restricted eating and drinking. Found out it was stage three cancer, started in the nasal pharynx and neck lymph nodes and spread to spleen, leg groin, in front of heart, arm nodes. It is a very rare type of cancer and the chemo doctors never this before. So I was working with the top T Cell doctors and they decided to go with the toughest chemo session. I had less than 30% chance of beating it.


    The first two sessions did not show much reduction so they put me on double rounds….so in 5.5 months I had 14 rounds of chemo. It was reduced to the neck lymph nodes and nasal pharynx. I am now going through 25 sessions of radiation now and it looks like we got it beat.


    So during all of this, Maid was my cancer therapy dog. When I was crying, she licked the tears away. When I hurt so bad, she would stand over me and paw at my like a mama dog trying to get her pup and licking me and whining. She carried me thru the dark abyss of chemo.


    Then she died. She ate some rat poison that a neighbor (1/2 mile away) had put out and my resident owl ate the rat, then spit of the poison pellet which she ate. She died quickly. I cried and cried and didn’t know how I was going to make it thru chemo. Scott Glen was a godsend and listened to me cry about the loss of my beloved Maid and “how was I going to finish chemo without her?” Three days later he called and she he had a dog that would fill Maid’s shoes. He said he didn’t care if she ever ran in a trial but she was to be my cancer therapy dog.


    Bliss came into my life a couple of weeks later and walked into the house and fit right in. She went to work as the couch dog, snuggling up to me and licking my tears away. I held her tightly and she has been on the journey with me. Scott sold me one of his top Open dogs to help me in my journey. He wanted me to have a dog that would be there for me as Maid had been. He said if she was never to run in Open, he was fine as he didn’t sell her to me as an Open dog but a dog to save my life. She has.


    But Bliss is my Open dog and we are doing well. I changed her whistles and she tries on the field. I love her so much as she gave me a huge piece of her heart to heal me, then another piece to help me run her in trials.


    I am going thru radiation now and she snuggles with me as it is very hard. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and with Bliss at my side, we will emerge a victors when we leave the tunnel to the road of the new life.

  6. I haven't been online for a while due to a couple of reasons. One is that I have been fighting cancer and will update that info in another post. The second is my beloved Maid died in Feb and now I am able to talk about her without bursting into tears.


    Click on the lick below to read about her.





  7. some dogs are not suited for you and need to find the correct home....do you marry the first person you date and expect it to work out (some do )....but you need to find a dog suits you ...if the dog doesn't suit you, the dog will suit someone else...and nothing is wrong with the dog...it's like the boyfriend or girlfriend that didn't work out......but hopefully you have an idea of what suits you.


    and when you breed or buy a pup or dog, look to the parents and pup's siblings (earlier) to see how they turned out to see if that suits your style and what you want the dog for....



    so to answer your question, the % depends on the sire and dam, what they bring to the table, if any pups have been proven or not, training, if they suit you, etc.....but the odds are increased if you have good working parents with solid work for a start.

  8. mine not only adjust my dogs but gives me stretching exercises as well....Nan had a bad lame front leg...chiro made me fill her leg was out of the socket, then adjust and no more lameness. Had me massage her and do stretches for her. In addition, I have the get massages, acupuncture and cold laser treatment. It helps a lot and Nan at 12.5 yrs old acts and runs like a puppy.

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