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  1. So, I wanted to update folks a bit again. Abbie is really eating well now, she likes Lamb Pate and eats plenty of kibble as well as some chunk meats. She is also riding consistently now with no signs of carsickness, and actually seems to enjoy the ride! She rides with my lab, and rides alone too, as long as she has her bed in the truck to lay on. She fits in perfectly here now, takes part in all training and play sessions and is outgoing and engages strange people and strange dogs alike. She is even learning basic commands well. This dog is turning out to be a very sweet and affectiona
  2. If the dog is genuinely underweight, which I don't think yours is, talk to your Vet first to eliminate medical reasons. Abbie, my little girl, was only 18 lbs when I rescued her at 9 months. The Vet cleared her medically, and then recommended baby food mixed with her kibble to increase weight and get her eating. After a month of that, she gained to 30 lbs. Now, though still a picky eater of wet food, she readily eats kibble and some raw foods (my feeding method for decades), and occasionally steals canned food from my lab (who's a bit overweight, so though I work to stop this, it doesn't threa
  3. I mis-typed. Should read she lived "to 17 years", not "another 7 years"
  4. One of my last two, Shadow who was also born blind, had a murmur. It was a watch it type of thing that never did progress beyond that. It was diagnosed when she was 6, about the same time she went into treatment for cancer in her liver, and with both against her, she lived a happy, entertaining 7 years beyond that with no drop in physical activity due to the murmur. (She did have about a year of slow-down due to the cancer, but resumed her normal after that.) I hope the best for yours, and for clean re-checks.
  5. Just an update. We're sitting in the truck now with it running and no longer shying of it, nor is she getting violent reactions to just going near the truck. We're still taking it slow though... She's eating great now btw. She just doesn't want soft foods, though she'll eat more chunky meat foods readily and devoures her kibble and the occasional treat. She's really fit in here now, and is a great little girl. Even my Lab loves her.
  6. Yes, handsome dog. Retrieving isn't always in the blood so to speak, but can indeed be taught. I've had a few over the years that were not retrievers naturally, and except for one, who was born blind, they all learned to love the game.
  7. I have used Frontline for years with good results.
  8. Abbie and I are still working on the car sickness, which I know will take time, but I wanted to update folks on her eating at home and keeping it down. She simply does not want soft foods, but she is eating kibble mixed with baby food (per my Vets recommendation) and keeping it down well the last few days. She is having regular BMs now as well. I think she is adjusting well to her new home also, though she remains a bit shy with my Lab, but she wants to be held and she's eager to play with toys now. Slowly, I think we're making progress for only being three weeks in.
  9. Thank you. It was a long time ago, and I've lost many since, but she is the reason I still give time and love to a new herder today.
  10. Glad the vet didn't find anything serious. Hope she does well.
  11. Never knew what breeds she was, nor cared. When I was 10 I had 2 sheep at my grandparents farm, and this little dog to herd 'em... She was my constant companion in all kinds of mischief till I went in the Army at 16. She died while I was on my second tour and I never got to say goodbye to my best friend. I've loved herders ever since her though...
  12. Well, at the moment all I have to try her with instead of the truck is a bigger, rougher riding truck. I may see if my friend will let her try a ride in his car if she'll go to it, but right now I'm taking it slow with her...
  13. Thanks folks. I'm about as emotional as a dead fish, so my praises and reactions are probably right where they should be.
  14. For the car sickness, he gave the same advice I've gotten here on continuing the de-sensitization training. We, both of us, are thus a work in progress about that. He also echoed your thoughts on it being partly due to the change in her surroundings, and feels the recent lack of appetite and getting sick at home may have the same root cause. She is eating well today, and last night, and has kept down what she ate. He feels I am being a bit over concerned with both problems and we are giving both more time to resolve. I'd always rather be safe than sorry though, even if it costs an office v
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