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  1. I'm a trainer at Field of Dreams, and the owner, Karen, is one of the instructors for agility. Agility classes take place during the week because Karen is usually at trials on the weekend. As far as I know, there is no requirement of obedience, and she does offer private lessons for agility.
  2. Denice, basically everything you suggested is what I was planning on doing. I know one exposure wouldn't be enough to learn much of anything, but that's all I would be able to manage if I was taking a six hour round trip for just a bit of learning. If I can find someone closer to me, I will take full advantage of that. I've been to a few trials, spoken to some people who use their dogs to move sheep about how to get started, and have a few books on training. Like I mentioned, sheep would be in the distant future, probably in three to five years and I would only get about 4-5 sheep total.
  3. Thank you for you replies, and I'm sorry for taking so long in responding. I should have better explained what I was looking for. I was looking to have my dogs tested to see if they have the drive/ability to move sheep. I'm completely new to herding, so I thought that's what an instinct test was. I want to make sure they can work sheep before we build fencing, purchase sheep, etc. I know both myself and my pups will have to learn a lot first, so the sheep would be in the pretty distant future. I'm just looking to take the first step in learning, with having a few sheep as the end goa
  4. I'm looking to have my two girls instinct tested (no certificate needed), but I'm trying to find someone closer to me. The closest people I've found are still about 2-3 hours from me. I live between Roanoke and Lexington VA. I'm not opposed to driving, but I was hoping for someone just a bit closer.
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