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  1. I'm a first-time dog owner and I'm pretty freaked out by my dog's seizure, and I could use some expert advice. I know that right now all I can do is wait, but I'd like to have a game plan in place if he has more seizures. Omak is a four-year-old rescue (from a BC-specific rescue that said he's 100% BC, but I always thought he looked like he had a touch of something else) who woke me up last week in a panic. He had a seizure, then possibly another one 5 minutes later in the car as we went to the emergency vet (vet says it may have been post-ictal shaking, hard to tell). The vet had him under observation for a day and on clorazepate short-term, which made him groggy. He's just come off the clorazepate. From what the emergency vet told me, I simply have to wait to see if he has more seizures, and if he does we consider putting him on long-term meds. Any advice at all is appreciated, but especially thoughts on: • Should I be investigating diet changes or CBD products? I live in Seattle, so CBD products are common, but I know nothing about them. He's on Costco dry food, as recommended by the rescue. • Anything I should know before putting him on epilepsy meds (if he has more seizures, obviously)? I've heard that once you start them you can't ever stop them, so I want to be prepared. Different types to consider? • Omak is a very active dog, backpacking long distances and backcountry skiing. I'm trying to figure out how we move forward, since he obviously still needs exercise and he loves being outdoors. Any thoughts on taking a dog prone to seizures into the backcountry? Thanks for any insight you may have. I'm going to take him to my regular vet this afternoon for a chat, and I want to prepare a list of questions in advance—so any online resources would be helpful! What I found when googling "border collie seizures" is making me panic. These forums were super useful when I got Omak and was starting to train him!
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