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  1. Thank you very much everyone for your replies. You have certainly given us lots of food for thought. Donald McCaig - thank you for your book recommendation too. I've downloaded a kindle version and am reading it with much pleasure. We have enquired about an opportunity to volunteer as class assistants on puppy and dog training courses, and just waiting to hear from them. We're hoping this is a good way to get to know trainers. We'll probably also speak to some local rescues, one which often has border collies, to hear their views. The question my wife and I need to answer, it seems
  2. I recently started a thread here about a rescue dog we were fostering, and had some really helpful replies. My wife and I have talked a bit about what we'd do next but for the next few months or so we'll be having a dog free home. But our experience made me think a little bit more about the possibility of permanently having (and not just fostering) a border collie in the city (I live in Cambridge, UK), especially in a house like ours which is a Victorian terraced that has no front garden, and the front door opens directly into the street. I've read a lot of the threads about calmness
  3. We did actually try covering the crate but it didn't make any difference, the noises still really bothered him and he barked as much. I've seen some pictures of him in his new home, and the environment does look much better. In regards to getting a better match next time, I'm just about to start a new thread about this, and more generally having a border collie in the city.
  4. Hello everyone. Thank you again for all your advice. We had a rather traumatic day yesterday but the long and short of it was that our foster dog has now been taken by the rescue and rehomed with another fosterer, who has more experience with border collies and lives with direct, I think even private, access to acres of fields outside her house. Yesterday morning we decided to take him on our road trip. It was just a day one so even though a fair bit of driving, we knew we'd be coming home in the evening. He bounded into our hire car and into the crate we had set up in it. But, and this is
  5. Sorry, just to be clear, we wouldn't bring him into the house. We'd each take turns walking him while the other saw the baby. Both houses are in the countryside, so he would also be able to get a good run in the fields far away from other people. But if this is going to be a terrible idea for his well-being then this is obviously a major consideration. The other option is for us to go separately, with each of us taking turns to stay at home with him. This wouldn't really be ideal for us, of course. We just took him out in the car as a test run, and we are worried. He didn't appear ver
  6. Thank you so much everyone for all your advice and reassurance. We really, really appreciate it. It has been particularly helpful to have our own view confirmed that we should not be fostering this dog. We asked the organization (a dedicated BC one) for an easier case to begin with. The dog was at a previous fosterer for 3 months, someone who was a trainer, had five dogs of her own, and lots of experience with BCs. But for some reason (we're not sure exactly what) the organization decided to move the dog to us. In their defence, the report, which we also read, from the previous fosterer di
  7. Hi, We are desperate for some help. My wife and I have been fostering a 14 month year old male dog for a week now. In many ways he's great, he's quiet in his crate at night is always eager to be trained and loves a game of fetch. He came from another foster home that had a lot of dogs, and the fosterer didn't think he was getting the attention he needed and thought for the first 10 months of his life he'd just been left to his own devices. But the other fosterer didn't have the issues we're encountering. Although it had been noted that he has a strong herding instinct and watches everyth
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