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  1. Maybe my bc has been more wired lately because our routine is so much different... I don't necessarily like feeding routines because there are some days that the dogs don't eat till 9pm because I don't feed before agility or whatever class i'm taking. I don't stick to a normal exercise routine, but they do have their routines to go outside... during the week, we get up at 430/5 to potty and I go to the gym...they eat before i go, then when I return I do the barn chores and they are outside. they are in while i go to work and when i come home they go outside immediately. sometimes i do barn chores right away, i sometimes it happens later.. during the week we have agility 1-3x per week at night so we are at a class till late. the other nights I might have things to do or we might go for a walk... weekends the routine changes because i go back to sleep after the first am potty break and feed them before going to sleep... they go outside with me for barn chores at daybreak, then we do whatever during the day... sometimes whatever is just hanging in the house all day long, sometimes, it is a hike, etc... I do think that my girl is off kilter because every day for awhile has been a weekend day...
  2. I really don't have an exercise routine either, but my dogs know about my barn chores routine and when I'm going outside to do that... or leaving for work. This new thing with constantly pestering has escalated since I've been home from work more... and I was home alot over the last month due to being sick... so I think she was trying to train me. I did finally start ignoring her and it worked last night. she went to her bed and settled down. she has a ton of toys and bones and such to play with... And I do give her some natural bones and/or bully sticks, but i have to give all the dogs that when i give it to her... I just hesitate to give her a bone unless she's being quiet or has done something I've asked her... I think you are right... maybe she's trying to be a notch above me in the heirarchy and that needs to change a bit... I can't be her entertainment committee and have her demand attention all the time. thanks.
  3. after a full day of doing things and being busy...my girl was pestering right before i sat down for dinner... she will jump on me or bring me a toy to tell me she wants to play... because i had already done several things with her today, I chose to ignore her... finally she has crashed on the couch... I'm wondering if I'm just a victim of my border collie training the human???
  4. My girl knows so many of my routines... she truly knows what I do when and what that means.. lol. Is yours in tune with your routine? What do your dogs do as part of their routine or when you are doing something they understand is part of your routine? And what happens when the routine has changed for a number of days? Right now I've been home for several days and have been doing things with her... but it seems the more i do with her, the more she wants to do... she's 18 mos old now and I've definitely found some holes in our training as we've advanced in agility so we are fixing those things... I'm wondering if some of what I'm experiencing right now is more of the same thing... today as an example, she had outside play time with me and with the other dogs... went for 3-4 mile hike and then still was pestering me for more play time later plus was a little obsessive about the cat... we did more trick games inside but she's just not settling down...I feel like she wants me to be her constant entertainment committee... and I also feel like she's kind of working on training me...just now, she jumped on my chair whining for attention... she's got a ton of toys, she's done a bunch of things... I feel like I need to ignore her when she starts pestering me for attention but I also feel like a heel for ignoring her too... What do you with your dogs if they don't settle down? I'm a little baffled as she was really good when I was working and life was routine even though I was sick... now it seems like I've done more with her and she's more "wired"....I'm sure its just a stage and we will be going back to a normal routine in Jan... just want to not feed the obsessiveness behavior which is not her norm... thoughts? sorry so long
  5. Ok, thanks.. that is where I was leaning towards. My dog had great focus on me prior to moving up to the handling class and the other class where we can have 4-8 dogs in the same ring using equipment, running, etc. both my problems started about the time these classes started. My trainer who I'm taking privates with thought both my dogs had actually too much handler focus when I first started and then introduction to the class heightened environment has lost some of the focus. I think she's not mentally there yet and I've been putting an enormous amount of pressure on myself to fix the issue - meaning fix myself and my handling to prevent the issues. I've been in this class program for a long time and feel like I should continue on, but between the maturity level of my dog, the issues we are encountering and the work I need to improve on in myself it probably is better to do more consistent privates.
  6. I had a really good leave it until she found the mice! At least so I thought! LOL... Perhaps not as good as I thought...revisiting that as well. Class was not bad. She was a little wild initially but worked through a lot. the environment we are in has several different dogs running right next to her...so overall she was good and came back much quicker even though she left our task at hand. Definite improvement. I do have a question though... while we are going through this, would it be better if I continue on with the classes or just take the privates with less distractions (although there will be other dogs around and people, the chances for it being right next to us is greatly reduced)? I know we have to work through this so I can see the benefit of the classes, but doing only the privates once a week could give us more direct focus on handling and course work, plus a lot more help privately from a very good instructor... thoughts?
  7. Thanks for the responses. I haven't been online this weekend but did actually do a bunch of what was suggested. I do play inside alot. Actually more inside than out because I've had an injury that kept me from doing our hikes. But I've been feeling better and got the dogs out on a couple good walks. I did do a bunch of catch releases... and sometimes used food, sometimes good hard play with a toy and sometimes without, and sometimes some really nice scratching and praise. Then released and let her do her thing and repeated. I also brought her inside for a treat, let her go back outside for some fetch or some agility play which she loves. This dog really wants to be outside more. Its the time of year when its dark early and with my injury, her exercise outside has been limited. So its either the yard or the classes. I'm feeling better and am trying to do more walks which may help too. Inside I've started changing up her fetch games. She often wants me to throw a toy in the house. So I've incorporated tricks into the game. Go to mat in a down, then throw the toy... repeat with a different trick at the mat like cover your eyes or crawl. She seems to really enjoy that. And I'm trying to work on new tricks to add to the games. She was better this weekend, but had a couple instances where she totally blew me off. A lot of it occurs around either the cat or finding the mice the cat brings in the yard - yuck. I have my classes this week and am going to try to do some work before we go. I might also try to limit the time we work with the other dogs and do similar things with her... go work on a contact, put the leash on her, leave the ring, play, scratch, treat... return...one of the instructors thought she ran away one time because she knew she was going to leave the ring and didn't want to leave so she ran off.
  8. I did think that part of the original problem was that I was at work all day and then we'd go outside for a bit and straight to class... so she really didn't have time to blow off steam. but when I worked from home one day and took her for the private, i still lost her attention and she took off to visit people and dogs outside of the ring. Is this a phase we are going through .? Teenager stuff? My other dogs have done different things at young ages, but they have all had excellent recalls/focus. Its a new world I guess with BC's...
  9. Yes, I thought that I was punishing her sit and not the running. I guess I could put her on lead, walk her to the area we do stuff and let her off lead to run and play. Good idea. The hard part is often this starts during times i'm only wearing socks. lol. So I probably need to be more prepared and wear shoes. I'm not sure exactly if its the same thing with the agility classes, but a good thought. It would be frowned on in class even though she's very social. She will go visit and try to play. My standard poodle is kind of like your dog. She used to come into the ring and start out super fast and then get the zoomies. Once around and she was done and worked well the rest of the time.
  10. I was going to post this in agility section, but this carries over to our home life as well. My bc is 17 mos old and has been in classes since she was a puppy and very socialized. She's gone through the CGC and all the foundation classes at my club. She had and can have very good handler focus. Almost too good at times as one trainer i've recently started working with thought both my dogs had too much handler focus. Fast forward to the handling classes. Lots of other dogs around running while we are working. I've started to encounter my BC running off after other dogs or even in big circles to sniff. I've been working with engagement and have tried a multitude of things. Recently one of my trainers took toys and treats away and we worked on me being way more exciting than anything else... once I got her attention again, she actually ran much better than before. At home in the fenced yard, she tries to herd one of the cats who runs. I can often train around the cat coming into the yard and work hard at it, but the newest behavior is when its time to go inside the house. The other dogs will come in, my BC will think about it and then act like she's herding the cat. If I walk towards her, she takes off. I used to just ignore her and go in the house and do my thing. Later she'd be at the door or near it and if she saw me walking to the door, she'd take off so I didn't open it. At some point, she would come in or bark. Then I think she may have been rewarded because she barked and got to come in. Trainers have been working with me and have suggested mini bootcamp. put her on a long line and work recalls and get her to earn off leash in the yard. I do that, however, when I test the waters and take her offleash, she's fine for awhile but then upped the ante. Now instead of rewarding by bringing her in, I get her lead and wait while she's running around. I will ask for a sit and when she's done, I get her put on lead and put her in the house and sometimes the crate... but I'm feeling like I'm punishing her sit and not her running away. Am I? Or are the BC's smart enough to know that what Im' doing is taking away the freedom? Any other suggestions? Keeping her on lead all the time at home is hard on me..i've injured myself so negotiating the stairs on the deck with dogs is tough. Especially if I have to do it multiple times a day.... Currently she is working agility classes 2x a week for an hour (not working the whole time as we are in shifts or turns), then we do a private for an hour but that is often shared with my other dog. I try to work in small short increments at home and since I can't walk far now, I play fetch with her in the yard as well. We do not work every day. Need to get through this... I've been told its not uncommon to have some issues... and I work extremely hard at keeping her focus... but I'm not always successful and its not only embarrassing but its disruptive to the classes. I need to fix this. Ideas?
  11. thoughts the mods could move it but i'll retype it. thanks.
  12. mods - this might need to go in agility discussion or general? I didn't realize where i put it...move if you feel its better located. thanks.
  13. Added to say that she is in a fenced yard at home so no chance of getting too far away. And I try not to ask her to come unless I'm pretty sure she is going to come. Sometimes though if I've gone in the house ahead of the dogs and then come towards the door to come outside, she will see me and take off down the stairs. She is in a class 3 nights a week and I try to do mini training sessions on other days and play fetch as well to keep her busy...I also take her everywhere on the weekends just so that she's got something to do... Is this just a teenager phase? Or what???
  14. My border collie is relatively young at about 15 mos old. She has been in training since puppy school through our first handling classes. I've also had someone that worked with her on sheep for a few months this summer. Recently in handling classes, I've lost her focus which was stellar before. Now though, there are running dogs in several rings nearby. I have worked with my trainers on furthering the engagement and have had some success but I have to really be on top of the situation to keep her with me. I think though that she has learned some of the holes and might be using it as an excuse if she's bored. We are working 3 days a week in 3 different classes - one is a private and there are not too many distractions... yet she took off from me during a sequence. We worked with trainer and once I was able to re-engage her she did better than she's ever done, but its a lot of work (which is ok - its just more than I'm used to - first border collie - previous poodle owner). At home, she will occasionally blow me off too by not coming in and will run around the yard. Trainers want me to send her to bootcamp and put her on the long line which I've done... when I feel she's earned the right to come off or am trying to work her in the yard on something, I take it off. And then sometimes I take it off to test the waters. If she's good, I've left it off, but after a day or two off, she has blatantly blown me off and runs away. I've gone back in teh house and gotten a lead and then wait it out. Put her on lead and put her in the house or sometimes in her crate in the kitchen. is there another way to deal with this? She was very good until we upped the handling activity. As a matter of fact, my trainer thought she could be too handler focused at times. So what is happening here that my engagement is not consistent. I have tried different toys, upped the treats... and then taken away everything and totally played hard with her... that helped when working, but not in the yard. I'm trying to fix this, but right now I'm also dealing with an injury myself so getting up/down the deck stairs to deal with her is painful. I had to let her out with the other dogs last night but after she had been brought in on the line earlier in the day, she was perfect in her listening to me. Is this enough what I'm doing? Will she figure out that running from me and then getting put on the leash to go inside or in the crate is her punishment? The only way i'm catching her is eventually she will sit or go to a down when I tell her and then she will let me come get her... Thoughts? Suggestions?
  15. That is what i'm worried about. Initially I think the incorrect anti-biotics were used. After the first culture, we used what should have worked, but after 10 days (might have been 14, can't remember), the infection came back. We then used a different med because the other vet in the office thought the one she was on wouldn't be safe for puppies longer term. That didn't work and then it came back after the dosage was done.. so we did another culture which showed some similarities and we chose another drug for a much longer period. The vet did not think she was conformationally challenged back there, but did think that maybe after her first heat cycle she will be ok. Between the heat cycle and longer term antibiotics. the vet thought it was because she got a nasty strain when she was too young - this started before she had all her shots. So... I guess next question would be if it was a poor immune system because of her young age and now does not come back, would breeding be a possibility? If this does come back, I will driving her to either New Bolton or Roanoke/Blacksburg for an appointment with a specialist. I'm hoping we will be done after this.
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