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  1. I know. I never go into a store if I can get it online for about the same price. I've not had one for this long. Several days more won't make much difference in this case. Good analogy with a pre-schooler. WE (I) tend to forget what the last dog was like. Molly, at 3-1/2, is a sweet well-behaved (in a Border Collie sense) girl. My daughter hated her and wanted to take her back more than once. Yesterday, she expressed the same feelings about Bear when he wasn't on his best behavior when we took him someplace. For me, it's not so much frustration as just trying to train him
  2. Baby gate can't come soon enough Yesterday's adventures with Bear included: We had a bowl with fudge broken pieces sitting wayyyyyyy back on the counter. Not any more. I know chocolate is real bad but he isn't showing any bad signs. Bear also loves bananas. I had several banana peels on the counter that I hadn't, yet, fed my composting worms. Bear got them. When we get a bunch of bananas, we need to find higher ground. The boy can't be hungry. At 6 months, I'm sure he's over 40 #s.. My 3-1/2 year old girl is only @ 31#s.
  3. I confess that we're not the tidiest house, Sue R. Baby gate's ordered. The counter surfing is a little more challenging. I had considered making his back legs Corgi length
  4. Thanks for the info, Gloria. He does have a crate. Mostly, he just sleeps in it but, occasionally, he gets some time when he starts to drive me nuts. Never fed him, or any of my dogs in the crate. In 45 years of dogs, I've let the dogs have free run in the house, generally. All have had rare incidents like Bear's but were quite easy to break. However, he's the first male. I believe that makes a difference in a lot of behaviors. I think I'll start with restricting him to one room where he can't get in too much trouble and still be with us
  5. At 6 months, Bear is a challenge. He has no shortage of chews and toys or attention. However, he takes shoes, socks, my wife's yarn and he counter surfs. It's difficult to Bear-proof our house. It was easier with children. My children didn't chew my shoes and socks and were too short to counter surf. He doesn't discriminate. He will take things from any of us. Once again, I find myself asking for training suggestions. Thank you
  6. Just wondering out loud if it may be possessiveness
  7. I hadn't started any training yet. This was normal, usual behavior. She wasn't on a leash She only does it to me
  8. She is excited to go out and will bounce around waiting for the door. We do make both dogs sit and wait for a release to go out. She will hold a stay before being allowed outside (reluctantly ) This morning I let her out to go to the chickens with me. She went into the crouch. I saw a stick by the edge of the porch and got her to grab the stick which diverted her attention from me. She, happily grabbed it and ran off. No "attack" on me.
  9. This behavior only last for a few seconds. I let her out and then step onto the porch. She goes into the crouch and waits for me to step off. She circles, gives a little growl, jumps and nips my forearm and then runs off. Rest of the time outside, she doesn't do anything like that.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions on the pad. He took a bit of a chunk out. We've been applying antibiotic cream, wrapping with gauze and covering it with an elastic bandage. When he goes out, we wrap that in some kind of waterproof plastic. Saran wrap, plastic shopping bag or sandwich bags are some of the things we've used
  11. Those are all great suggestions to try and I appreciate them. I'll give the leash a try. Strong "Nos" while she's thinking about it have had minimal success. It makes sense to me that changing the routine may change the behavior. Writing makes it difficult to explain clearly what is happening. I may see if my daughter can video this if I can upload it here. Thanks, again. I'll keep an update of our progress.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I get where you're coming from but she hasn't received mild correction She's been kicked in mid-lunge, back-handed. These are things I hate to do. I have carried a "walking stick" to keep her away. She's pretty fast. I'd like to see someone grab her in the act. Several evenings ago, I caught her with a solid back hand that I knew hurt because she stayed away and to be coaxed to get in the truck for her ride. These aren't mild corrections. After that, she continued. I am the only one she does this to.
  13. Mollie is the sweetest girl there is. Except for one thing. When we go outside, she goes into a crouch and waits for me to step off the porch. At that time, she circles me, growls and yips, and nips and grabs my arm. I believe she's herding me. It doesn't matter if I tell her we're going for a ride (which she loves) or going to the chickens. I can sometimes distract her by telling her to find a stick. Sometimes I turn my back to her and walk backwards. Sometimes a squirt gun will keep her back Never happens in the house and, usually, only happens when we first go out. Aft
  14. We've moved on from the dog farts crisis, temporarily, to a new crisis. Somehow, Bear took a chuck out of one of his foot pads. Antibiotic creams and multiple times daily foot wrapping with a sealant of some kind for when he goes out. Presently using plastic shopping bags over the wrapping
  15. Update. I'm a dunderhead. (Announcing this just in case you didn't notice) I had the wrong day for Bear's appointment. Since it's primarily for shots they set me out after the first of the year. He has only sporadic gas attacks the last few days and the loose stool was only a one time thing
  16. Thanks, again, for offering all the good advice and suggestions. Without changing anything yet, the gas warfare has diminished for the last couple days. I'm going to wait until Bear's vet appointment on Wednesday and ask some questions before changing much
  17. I'm not qualified to comment on this other than to say that it would seem there would be very few border collies with this criteria
  18. My daughter and I have these pretend Mollie conversations where Mollie is " talking". Lately she has been telling us that she has me really spoiled instead of me spoiling her. That she lets me rub her belly because I like it or that she cuddles me instead of me cuddling her. Those kind of things are what Mollie excels at.
  19. I've always kept my dogs on puppy chow a lot longer than 3 or 4 months. I can check the ingredients on the adult food Mollie is getting. They steal each others' food so he gets some of that anyhow. Glad I found this place. Lots of great helpful people I've never seen him bother with any other animal's droppings. My last shepherd would eat any she would find
  20. I see those brads are available from chewy.com
  21. Thanks for sticking with me on this. Vet won't do a stool sample yet. They want at least 6 weeks since last worming. We tried to take one a week or two ago when we saw worms a month after the last worming. I'll talk to them about probiotics, coccidia and giardia when we go this upcoming week. Tommy Coyote, I never heard of those brands. May not be available locally
  22. Thanks for your input, D'Elle. Please be assured that we are quite serious about this even though I attempted to inject a little levity and humor due to the subject matter. Just some info that may clarify. All the wormings were vet prescribed. Also, he has an appointment this upcoming week and we will discuss these issues. We can change food. Just a matter of finding a quality puppy chow. I won't use Blue because it's been recalled a few times. I can try Purina and see if that helps. Any other good brands you'd suggest? Regarding the bloody, runny stool, I believe t
  23. Thanks for all the responses He has had 4health brand puppy food since we got him in August. We wanted to get a good food for him and that seemed to be a pretty good one. He get's an occasional bite from us. He has always been a gas emitter but it seems more lately. The breeder isn't someone I would go to for advice. She didn't care enough to worm the puppies and we are still suffering the consequences of that. He has a vet appointment next week. I will ask then.. Feeding the same brand (but not puppy chow) to Mollie without these same symptoms We have outside ca
  24. I have never been around a dog that passes as much gas as our Bear. If we were in California, Bear would be regulated for methane emissions. Seriously, is this a sign of a health problem? Are there any suggestions to alleviate this? This is an almost all day thing. Thanks
  25. Nice. Thanks for sharing. Looks like that will be a good dog
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