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  1. That's what I have and will continue to be doing with her then! She's still a puppy and there's a lot more for her to learn. When she gets old enough, I want her to be able to run with me so to stop running completely isn't really an option. Just hoping to find perhaps a more efficient training method.
  2. Thank you for all the wonderful advice! A brief update of my now 5-month old girl Ailee - She's learning a lot of tricks and her biting has gone down quite a lot. She still barks sometimes but definitely not as much. It's been over a month since she's been spayed and she's doing fine. She's even walking around the apartments and pretty much anywhere now. One concern - whenever I take her out for a walk it starts off completely fine, and then suddenly she gets this huge burst of energy and starts to run around me quickly and jumps side to side. I try to calm her down and she will calm down for a few seconds and then have another burst of energy. This worries me because I don't want her to get a sudden burst of energy and attempt to run into the street. Keep in mind I do have her harness and leash on, but it's still a scary thought. She also has attempted twice to run after a car. And while I now know to not run with her I will jog a few yards to try and get her used to that feeling, and she will begin to herd me. A few people have recommended a spray bottle because they say that really nips it in the butt. More patience and training or spray bottle? Other than those couple of things she's doing fantastic! Plays fetch pretty well and likes to go out and socialize. Big dogs still scare her, but she's still a baby! Sometimes she'll get a bit territorial with other dogs, for example, if I have my bag on the ground and a dog comes over to sniff the bag Ailee will walk over and smack the dog with her paw or jump on the other dog. Not really aggressive but kind of saying "Hey that's mine!" Is this something I should be worried about? Like I said it's not necessarily aggressive. Thanks!
  3. How did you teach him to play hide and seek? I would really love to do that with my 4 moth old puppy. I've also been teaching my puppy, Ailee, to roll over and each of her toys. I'm also looking for different kind of games and and tricks to play with her to get her energy out as well!
  4. I do have a concern. Has anyone's border collie ever gotten aggressive as they got older? Ailee is almost 4 months old and of course she play bites and things, but she seems to be getting aggressive. Particularly if she has something she knows she isn't suppose to have. For example, when she gets into my roommates dogs food and someone tries to take her away from it she snarls and bites harder than normal, not to me, but to people she doesn't know. Another example, today she had gotten hold of a paper towel I had on my dresser and when I tried to retrieve it from her she hid under the bed next when I tried to grab the paper towel from her she would growl and snarl and bite. I do not want her getting aggressive at all. Does this go away with time? Is it a puppy thing? A border collie thing? What can I do from preventing it? Also, she's getting big enough to stand up and grab things from the dresser or counter. What's a good way to prevent that? Grab her and say no and put her in time out? Very new puppy owner here! I just want her to be happy and healthy and for her not to be aggressive... Thanks!
  5. We actually had a vet appointment a couple of days later! He said the stitches looked fantastic!
  6. Thank you all so much for the advice! A new question: How long did it take for your dog to heal after being spayed of neutered? Thanks!
  7. Patience is a virtue.... I have tried the whole yelping and stopping the play, etc. She is just a stubborn pup I think because whenever I yelp and go limp she continues to bite and when I stop playing and walk away she'll chase me, tail wagging, and continuing to bite. And when I go where she can't reach me she begins to bark. It's definitely a learning process for the both of us!
  8. How old is your puppy? Also thanks for the training book recommendation!
  9. Thank you all so much for the advice! I understand that she is still a baby and still learning, but I'm just trying to get some advice and tips on how to nip these bad habits in the butt early on. I do have a crate for her and I feed her in it as well and put her in it when I leave to go to work. She only really stays in my room because I don't want her to chew on any wires throughout the apartment. That being said she isn't always badgering my roommates older dog. Thank you for letting me know about the plates thing! I was not aware of that. I have tried to put toys in front of her so she will chew on those instead of me, but she completely ignores them! Patience is truly a virtue. Thank you for all the advice! Was there any book or videos that specifically helped anyone with the training of their border collie puppy?
  10. I got my baby girl Ailee a month ago and she's adorable! She's really good with people and she's okay with other dogs; I'm socializing her as much as possible. She is now 3 months old and I'm having a bit of trouble with her biting and barking. She barks when she wants attention and or needs to go outside and I take of those situations properly, but how do I stop barking when she plays though? Or when I'm eating my dinner? She will attempt to play with my roommates 6 year old dog and she just keeps barking. I'm wondering if it's just because the older doesn't want to play? Also when she plays she starts biting and growling. I have tried to squeal and yell Ow and ignore her, but it doesn't work. She just keeps going and when I ignore her because of the bitingshe begins barking. Another thing! I live in an apartment and I understand collies need a lot of excercise. However, when I take her outside the farthest she will go is Out of my apartment gates and turn a corner and then she'll lay down and not move and or roll over for a belly rub. Only once has she gone around the entire block. I've attempted to jog a bit with her, but she will run for about 2 seconds then turn around and cuts in front of me and I almost trip on her. Sometimes she will begin biting at my feet. I really want to be able to run with her. Please, any advice would be helpful!!!!! Thanks!
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