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  1. She just started doing it, for one day. How long is it supposed to take? I've asked this question numerous times and have yet to receive a response. People just keep saying 'if it's still happening, what they're doing isn't working'. Are 4 month old puppies supposed to learn things in one day and if they don't then it's failing?
  2. Thank you Gloria for your response. I felt like a lot of assumptions were being made by people on here and advice was given based on those assumptions. She was put in with the older dogs for only part of the day one time. How long should I wait to see if the behavior is stopped? I feel like the expectation is it should be immediate but that seems unrealistic to me. There are so many border collies and aussies at this daycare I feel confident that they have a good understanding of herding issues. They're also in contact with trainers that I've used personally to help them with behavioral issues with any dogs. It's hard for me to think that daycare is bad when the trainers I used with my puppy are the same trainers working with the daycare staff who are also working with my puppy.
  3. I do not know any well behaved dogs and the dogs in my neighborhood are aggressive and untrained and I do not want my puppy around them. Daycare is the only place that she can be around other dogs.
  4. The dog to human ratio is 10:2. They interrupt her, remove her, work with her to calm down and only let her back when she has. The dogs do get breaks separately and there are numerous times when the dogs nap all at the same time. She is in a puppy obedience class and is doing extremely well. I feel completely judged about this and don't feel like this group is very supportive. The advice might be right, but the delivery isn't. There are other threads on this forum that praise daycare so it's very confusing.
  5. Wolves for a bazillion years did without doggy daycare. Border collies have been around for only a couple hundred years and way less than that as purely a pet. I don't think doggy daycare should be viewed as bad in anyway, that's completely unfair to its whole purpose. Ive had nothing but positive experiences with it, it's helped with her socialization of other dogs and people, being away from me and bite inhibition. The nipping at other dogs just started, they told me immediately and I came here for answers immediately. If it's been going on for only a short while, are they really failing at correcting her? How long is it supposed to take a puppy to learn that nipping isn't okay? Immediately? It's unfortunate that most people here view doggy daycare as negative when it's supposed to be a tool to help you and your dog. I guess I came here to find help, not for people to just say 'don't take her there anymore' with vertualy no follow up or alternatives. That's not very helpful.
  6. I have an hour with her already in the morning and take her for a 20 minute walk, a little play, training and stuffed kong and I leave. Literally what you said is what I've been doing. I'm able to come home at lunch for an hour so no need for a dog walker. I did the daycare initially for socialization since I got her so young and it's helped a lot for bite inhibition. She seemed to like it so much I didn't want to just stop cold turkey so maybe I'll wean her off and transition her to being at home every day while I work. That was the original plan anyways, just wanted to wait until she was 6 months old. How old can she be until I can leave her for a full 8 hours? She's been able to go through the night without pottying since she was 7 weeks old.
  7. She's pretty good at relaxing on her own for how old she is. On the weekdays she's not at daycare, she's crated 3-4 hours at a time and I come home at lunch for an hour. In the evenings, I take her to different places to walk her and expose her to new things. My issue is the mornings after she's had a day at home, she has so much energy I hate putting her back in the crate for another day in there. Do you think that putting her in her crate anyways would help her learn even more to relax on her own?
  8. What exercises do you recommend for a puppy? My previous border collies loved the chuck it and very long walks but I can't do that with the puppy yet. The vet said 20 minute walks max, I play with her with her toys and I do active mental work like training to go to place, target, jump over 2 inch high hurdles. It just doesn't seem to be enough with her puppy energy.
  9. They do catch it every time as there are multiple people in the play area with the dogs. My question was how to help her stop it on my end. I only see my boyfriend on the weekend and since she doesn't nip at me it's hard to correct a behavior I rarely see happen. I'd rather not take her out of day care because it's hard to fulfill her exercise needs when I can't run her yet bc she's too young. My plan was to have her in daycare until she's old enough where I can exercise her myself. Is taking her out of daycare really the ONLY option?
  10. They are very good about interrupting her and redirecting. They're used to border collies doing this, but just concerned since she's small and a puppy. It's hard bc she's a puppy and has minimal impulse control in such high stimulating places. When she does it to my boyfriend, 'calling her off' doesn't really work. She does it once or twice and by the time we call her off she's already done so we basically miss the opportunity to catch the behavior in the moment.
  11. I have a 4 month old female BC puppy. I take her to doggy daycare 2 days a week and she loves it. The place is divided between small and big dogs. Since she's a puppy, she was in the small dog area. They told me yesterday that she's been nipping the heels of the small poodles and they can't handle it so they moved her to the big dog area to see how she did. They said she's super confident with them and had a great time but is still nipping. They're main concern is her nipping a bigger dog and it corrects her too harshly and ruins her confidence of big dogs. She doesn't nip my ankles but I also don't run around creating the opportunity for her to do so. She does nip my boyfriends ankles when he's just walking normally. How do I correct this if she doesn't really do it to me?
  12. I have a 13 week old puppy who I've been training since I got her at 7 weeks. First was housetraining and crate training. She was able to sleep through the night at 8 weeks and comes up to me when she has to potty during the day if she's outside of her crate. She can guzzle water right before bed and sleep 9 hours straight. She also learned to sit for things she wanted (food, toys) in her first week home with me. We've been working on down, look, touch, leave it, recall for the past several weeks. I just started duration work with her. She's doing very well and picks up everything quickly. She was good on a leash when I first started walking her around 9 weeks. She is learning how to be calm around people passing by and people greeting her. She's good in the crate in my car and at my house. She's well socialized with dogs and puppies at a doggie day care. They tell me she's confident and will play with any sized dog. I take her to cafes and coffee shops all the time and she does great. I'm honestly not experiencing any huge issues with her. Just training good behavior and teaching her what's acceptable and what's not. I feel like she's too good to be true and I'm going to jinx myself or something! Did anyone else have a very good puppy, but things went downhill for whatever reason? Just curious if this is an indicator of fewer issues down the road or if it's completely hit or miss.
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