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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-24839612 And again I've no idea what the process is for US but I'm still amazed this was able to happen to this poor kid. The dog had had six previous owners, and the last one had kept it for less than 24 hours before it attacked another dog, leaving him fearing for the safety of his children but he didn't want to pay a fee so lied and said it was a stray he'd found and then the dog warden would take it free It went to kennels and Mum said she had seen that it was not suitable for a home with toddlers but one of the staff said
  2. It is hard to get a true sort of overall picture to be honest and depending on where you are in the county and who is recording and then publishing information it can be hard work cos you do need to go digging and cross referencing info and then ruling stuff out it's a pain in the arse. Things do tend to come in waves and trends though. I live in a rural area with farms and sheepdogs and collies but Huskies are fast becoming the devil here. In five year three Huskies and a Spitz have been shot dead for attacking sheep within 20 miles. Another Spitz has been missing over a year which I suspec
  3. The eldest had a thing for rolling on the most random stuff. Bits of paper or a tiny bit of popcorn or a mushroom or pea she found right behind the bin and pulled out to go and play with. When I'm shopping I'll have a quick glance to see what might have really high rollage value (lavender, fresh mint leaves and that sort of thing drives her nuts) Lemon. I bought a lemon, sliced and stuck it in a little pouch thing my God she was there a good hour.
  4. I can reason it in my mind sort of standing with arms almost physically moving like you say to think of simple but I have appalling discalcuai (number dyslexia) and honestly it can take me so long to try and get tings worked out in my brain so it makes sense to me, I'd be there for half an hour it just isn't worth it. Would love to do agility though but again for the same reason I cannot get myself orientated and think on my fast like that. Too much going on in a small space gets me flustered and then I'm just a viral clip waiting to happen. I got disqualified from show-jumping ye
  5. Woo I didn't' even see all these posts until just now need to go back read them rest and then come back Just to touch on a few things whilst I am here though. This behaviour is found in many types of dogs, both pure-bred and mixes, and is simply bad behaviour often exhibited by puppies. You're right that many dogs in fact pretty much any dog will chase and nip and get overexcited Puppies are a pain in the arse actually. It can certainly be trained out probably more easily with a border collie than with most other dogs simply because they are biddable and learn fast. Y
  6. Also re: Your trainer making it all look like a beautiful dance. That's one thing that fascinates and frustrates me in equal measures. A handler from border collie rescue just looks like she's turned herself into a nice fluid swirling and moving around with sheep it's like she just flat out showing off. Note the little dance into a big ball or swirling sheep around the 1.30 mark it's like she's doing performing arts training "OK moving outside then back inside graciously... swirling with the ball of sheep now... let's have the dog move here... now hold the sheep there again beaut
  7. You're not kidding it isn't easy but props to you for taking lessons! I'm fine with the commands and directions if we're both in the same position it's when we're facing one another and it reverses and I have to try and remember it's... OK right so my "Away" will be her "Come-by" Meanwhile dog has long since gone for fish and chips cos I could be there all day. Robin Dean is the the farmer we got Fleet from and I think he's won the international brace championships two or three times - brace being where they run two dogs at once. He has training kennels at his place too and there
  8. Found this clip of him bouncing and bounding around with a tennis ball the same day he learned the river is not a hard surface upon which he could run. He sprinted in behind our eldest dog then "dunk!" CHARLOTTE.... THAT GROUND HAS GONE CHARLOTTE!!!!" then panic swam in a few circles, got himself back to the riverbank where I was howling with laughter then ran up and down super fast with zoomies and decided that was ace fun so jumped a good 6ft straight into the middle of the river again. Oh bless him I cried laughing when he tried to run across the water and it didn't work out t
  9. How interesting. There's nothing wrong with it and I don't need to know because I'm concerned or anything he really is a happy little chap I just tend to sit and watch my dogs and horses generally and when something gets my attention I'll sit a bit longer and quietly watch thinking "Wonder what that's for?" Amazed how much I learned about one or two dogs just from doing that. Something so out of character would make me "Whoa what was that about? Not like her at all" then suddenly i'd hear the sound of a thousand pennies dropping "Ohhh.. No way I know why she does that thing!!!"
  10. I thought this too - figured it was something he'd started back on the farm but then realised he didn't have a single blanket or toy when he was in those kennels. Nothing. Actually when we met him he was so startled when I chucked a tennis ball he ran off tail between his legs "What the hell...What was that?" Just a concrete floor, handful of shavings, concrete water bowl and rats getting in through the front staling what little food he had. Sure it's just something he just finds comforting the same way kids have a favorite blanket, toy or label but it's so funny and bizarre wat
  11. I need to come back and bounce off a few questions about agility I'm clueless and can't manage my way around an empty car park never mind anything else. Just looking at the KC judges guide was enough. I'd be "Tell you what.. I'll stand here in the middle and give the dog voice and hand signals to tell her which way to go how about that?" "Dog - this way!! Under!!! Hup hup hup!!!!" "Frame!!! Tunnel!!!! Over that!! The thing there the... THAT THERE!!! Poles!!!!" Otherwise I'm out.
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