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  1. Cheers Ruth. I'll try them. Lately ive been putting a chair and a suitcase out side my bedroom door to keep both of mine out when im not at home. Luckly enough none of my dogs sleep in my bed when im in it!
  2. Is any one having problems with there dogs chewing duvets at all? Got one the other week and its got a few holes in it. I suspect its my 3 year old! His last owners said he used to chew a lot. Any one got any idears at all on how to correct the problem?
  3. He's almost a spitting image of my crazy 3 year old!
  4. My 6 year old used to do that when she was a pup. Used to be terrified of going out. Ended up takeing her for rides in the car and the train. Shes fine now, but is still frightened of fireworks and thunder and lightening.
  5. Owner of 2 crazy border collies.
    Ben tot and Boppy Cassie.

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