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  1. Thank you! She is certainly a looker Yes I have definitely mentioned it to the vet. She has run about as much as she can think of (including heart worm). All of her vitals check out just fine and there is nothing that seems askew. We just did our check up heart worm test last month and it came back clean. In terms of heat she is doing a bit better. It is supposed to be miserable next week so that will be the true test. But she is figuring out that water is okay (though not in hose form or in bath form). I also got her a pressure activated cooling mat which she is highly suspicious of but once it gets really hot at night I think she will figure out it is a good thing. So far so good!
  2. This is the only one it will let me upload for some reason. Her back paws have the same marking as her front paws. She's a big girl! She stands about 1 1/2 feet high at her shoulders. Her back (from the back of her neck to the beginning of her tail) is almost 2 feet in length. She weighs 58 lbs.
  3. Good to know on the treat suggestions and giardia. We just came back from a weeks of hiking in Montana so I will get her checked for that. We do already have a few pup friends she loves and is completely comfortable with! I have had them come to our house to play with her and then we have gone to her house to play as well. It does help with her meeting new people for sure! Pics to come in a minute. I've been struggling with the uploader for the past 20 minutes.
  4. Oh awesome! Thanks for the recipe, that will work great. Good to know on the life jacket. We will have to see if she learns to swim next week when it gets really hot.
  5. Thanks for the tips! My vet insisted on doing a full blood work up when I brought her in for a "shelter check" after I first adopted her. She said she has seen a lot of things come up in dogs brought up from KY so we went through all of that and everything checked out fine. We've been back a few times for various odds and ends and the vet has stayed pretty up to date. We did a blood work test last time and everything checked out well. Thanks for the advice on the flirt pole! I will give that a shot and see. She does like watching fast moving objects; she just doesn't chase or do much in reactions. I have been very fascinated by how inquisitive and watchful she is. Fair point on using the term lazy. I guess I went for that one because when she does eat if I am awake she will sometimes actually drag her bowl across the floor with her paw and eat out of it lying down. That or she will just crawl along the floor until she can get to the bowl. I've never seen a dog do that before! Her legs are so long that she will just kind of paw out for things as she wants them but often times if she can't reach them she just stares at them instead of getting up to get them.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts! I adopted her in January of this year. In terms of her background: She was a little under 1 year old when she was picked up in Kentucky and thrown into a shelter. A rescue organization from MN that brings all their dogs up from the south found her and decided to bring her up for adoption because she was up for being euthanized in the near future. When she was found in Kentucky she actually was micro-chipped with information. However all of the owner's contact information was invalid. She is not hand or foot shy, but completely people shy. She likes other dogs, all animals (including cats and bunnies), and kids. She is very afraid of guys; especially guys with beards and deep voices. At first she was also terrified to go on a 15 ft chain at work (she comes to work with me!). However we have slowly gotten over that and now she has no problems. She is more accepting of women who have another dog with them and will take to them more quickly. I definitely understand she just may be a more timid and quiet BC and that is absolutely fine! I just want to make sure I am not missing anything (in particular with a bc) that you folks might be noticing.
  7. Hey everyone, I have a rescue BC Mix (we think bc/aussie) named Kaze. She is about 1 year and 8 months old and probably the laziest and most uninterested dog I have ever met! She will run with me for about 3 blocks but then she gives up and would rather walk instead. I've taken her hiking and she does fine but she gets bored after a while. She is also not very into toys, bones, or food toys. She will lick her soft plush toys with squeakers and then line them up in her bed around the edges. She doesn't like fetch either! It took her over a week to start chewing on a cow rib bone that I gave her. Even now it is still mostly intact after a few weeks. I gave her a cheese filled bone (cheese is her favorite) and it also took her at least a week to start on it! The only food toy she is interested in is this disc top that gives her pieces of kibble when she nudges it. I tried giving her some new food toys and she is bored by them. She loves going to the dog park more than anything and she enjoys running around. She will interact with other dogs but she is not great at instigating play time with them. Many of the dogs are a little too aggressive for her so she just lays down and submits a lot of the time. In terms of treats, she will eat them but I cannot use them to food train her. She isn't interested in working for food at all. Essentially, I am a new BC owner. I've always grown up with Corgis. She seems pretty content and I try to interact with her with toys, but she just seeks affirmation from me instead. She also will not touch her food until after I go to bed because she seems to know I won't be able to pay attention to her then. Is this something that rescues tend to do? It seems very abnormal for a BC from all the research I have done that she would be so lazy so consistently. I am posting this because I just want her to be very happy and make sure she is happy! Any advice on rescues, BCs, ideas or toys I have not tried are all welcome.
  8. Thanks everyone for all of the advice! We have finally succeeded. She figured out wading is fun. Not into swimming, but she at least if figuring things out. Dog ice cream starts next week!
  9. I've been looking for the ice cream all over the place and haven't been able to find it. But I will definitely try some yogurt and see if that helps at all!
  10. Thanks for the tips everyone! A few follow ups and clarifications on my part as well as her background. This may help a little bit more! Kaze is a rescue who was found micro-chipped and very nervous in Kentucky. The info on her chip was already invalid when they checked it and tried to reach out to the owners over the course of a month without success. When I first got her in January she would not leave my bedroom, was afraid of long leashes (more than 6 feet), and is still very wary of men she doesn't know or who have deep voices. My vet says she is one of the few percentage of rescue dogs that just tremble and cower when they are anxious or fearful instead of snarling or running away. If anyone new approaches her then she will just shake but let them pet her with no problems. However when she is with other dogs she is completely fine and acts like a happy pup and will meet anyone who comes up to her. She is not food driven and when doing obedience with her she will not take treats from me. She prefers human stimulation such as ear scratches. This is great except when we work on more difficult situations, like deeper water and new people, then she cannot even be motivated for that reward. At the vet she will sit on the floor and push her face into my chest and just tremble until it is over. In terms of toys, she is not very playful either. She has many toys but she only plays with them when she is alone. She does not like fetch nor playing with toys with me. Tug toys are also not enticing to her! Kongs bore her too, even if made challenging. I've been trying to work on some difficult feed toys and she does like those a lot if they require being nudged with a nose or paw. She shows a lot of expression through her feet and paws and has only barked about 10 times since I got her at the beginning of the year. As for water: she easily and comfortably goes into the water up until she thinks it is too deep and then she will stop moving further. But she will at least go into shallows on her own! Thanks again for this advice and whatever else moving forward. I will trim her belly hair tonight and hopefully that will help her out a little more!
  11. Hi everyone! I have a Border Aussie that is 18-ish months and a rescue. She is a lovely lady but she is having some issues with the Midwest heat in MN. She always seems a little distressed over the heat. I have a list of everything I have been doing below, but I am not sure if I can be doing anything else to help her. She does not sit outside for extended periods of time and she spends a lot of the day at work with me in the air condition with a cool tile floor. I know people recommend not to shave and I don't want to do that. But would it be helpful to trim her a little bit at all? She has so much hair around her neck, ears, and belly! All thoughts are appreciated. Tried and currently doing list - - She drinks plenty of water when she wants; 4 cup water bowl in every room of the house and at work (she comes to work with me) that are constantly full. - Access to a river at the dog park but she is afraid to get in any further once it touches her belly. - Terrified of bath tubs and showers - Cool, wet bandanas are not helping too much - Tried a Cool-a-roo bed and she absolutely hated it. - Terrified of fans - Has zero interest in ice
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