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  1. Been a while since I posted about Yoti. I had to leave him with my maw maw for over the Spring & Summer. Well I went to check on him a few days ago (He will be returning to be with me shortly). He did turn out to have a descent length and very thick fur. When I went to check on him she didn't do to good of job to keep his fur brushed out. She loves the dog and kept him fed really good but the brushing must have never occurred to her & to be honest I forgot to tell her, which makes me mad at myself. It was matted pretty good on his tail and around his ears (That's the only p
  2. I've come specifically back here because y'all have more knowledge on our breeds. Yoti just turned a year old 2 weeks ago. In the last 3 weeks or so he has started to cross the road to go play with our neighbors older lab. It's good that he is sociable. Something I worked on for the past year. He does like to eat alone but I can play/pull him off his food no problem. Good issues are not my problem. Some of you may remember me being scared he was going to chase cars. Well I broke him of what little chasing/trotting he did do. The only time he acts like he wants to go toward a car/truck
  3. ^ Julie I was born and raised I the hills of NC. I don't know about my wording just me making sentences about something I'm learning about. ^ Gentlelake I have no idea what I'm really talking about haha. When I say show room I'm referring to those border collie with the blow dried hair and double black patches. I've never seen a "show room" picture with half white face but once again I have no idea what I'm talking about. Hope that answers your question. PS: does anyone know when the dog shows come on TV? Is it only once a year?
  4. Okay I understand now. A working breed BC can look just a showroom (I've seen pictures) but he's still a working breed. Or a working breed can be anything in between a smooth and showroom type and still be a working breed. A showroom always looks like a showroom but is never a working breed. I will say BC may be one of the most interesting breeds. I'm really glad I have Yoti. He's most certainly a working breed though he's got a good bit of hair at 10 months so still waiting to see exactly how get turns out. He's a half white half black face so he couldn't get the club anyway haha.
  5. LizP I never knew that and is very interesting. So when I see a BC with a lot of hair like those showrooms they are technically a different breed? Or it just all USA BC's are different than the European dogs and looks play no role? Still slightly confused.
  6. Border Collies at showrooms are really not the same breed? Why do y'all say this? What's the deal?
  7. Dang. From my understanding your BC is not mean just leery of strange people in his space until you introduce them and they are acquaintanced. That seems somewhat normal with BC's from my experience with them. Yoti has never bitten anyone (10 months old). He will bark at strang cars that comes to our house and when they get out. If I go out and say "Yoti" he will come to me and I'll pat his head. Then if I walk him to the purpose it's love fest 2016. The other day a road work truck stopped in the road directly infrint of our house and Yoti didn't bark but in ran up our drive way and s
  8. That's MR. Chick-N-Picker haha. The name comes from a guitar style (country) that I primarily play. Thank you for the advice. I'm doing 1-2 sessions a day and it appears to be working.
  9. I think I like clicker training. I've only done 4 sessions with Yoti working on staying in down/sit position until released. I'm using the method from the video (kikopup) where you tell them down and train them to only get up when released thus teaching an even better version of stay. I've down 2 session in doors and 2 out doors. I'm working on distance first (the easiest). I'll either back up or step beside him. Alto day I backed up 50 feet or more. Something I could have never done 5 days ago. I'm just scratching the surface but I and (he) appear to like it. It's quick, easy
  10. Thank you but I actually found a little store that sells a real clicker for 97 cents haha. I'm really wanting to get serious with training Yoti like the dogs in the video posted on page 1.
  11. This is probably a dumb question but can I use an app dog clicker to start training Yoti. I live 45 minutes from the nearest real pet store and Walmart don't sell them. I was going to order one online but it will take a week or so to get here. The app one is free and I'd like to get started trying to train him with this method but if the click needs to come from actual clicker then ill wait. If your done laughing at my question, thank you for the answer. haha
  12. Haha. Not funny but I know exactly what you mean. Yoti likes to jump some. Not always. I've been teaching him TO jump when asked to and working on not jumping. I've read that the most important thing to teach not jumping is ignore, ignore. Because any attention will teach him jumping gets him noticed. I've told my family that and they ignore me instead and scold him or shake keys st him. WHAT? Its annoying. I think I'm going to go get a clicker but how do I introduce him to the clicker sound means he's doing the correct behavior? I understand what the clicker does but how do I get hi
  13. Not confusing at all. It's a big help. Everyone's response. The book I got my method out didn't even say to release after each "stay" so I was ignorantly do them back to back without releasing my dog, except after 4-5 stays. I didn't know. Yoti would have probably never have learned stay. I'm glad I didn't continue on and felt something wasn't right. I'll start using the method above and see how much progress we can make and come back and let you know. PS I really like the idea of using a door to help. Because a dog's first impulse is to want to go through a freshly opened door
  14. The method I'm using I got from a "recent" dog training book. I thought it seemed strange. I would think it's more of a focus exercise than stay. He's not looking away from the treat but instead going from his nose to mine so he'll look at my eyes. I will now have to go back and change my method. Hopefully he'll pick up fairly quick. Because I'm like you. I want him to stay when I stay.
  15. Not sure if this goes in training or is that for only sheep herding? Anyway, I want to teach Yoti to stay in place for all the benefits it can bring. I think it's all around one of the most useful commands. However I've read many different ways to teach this and the method I'm trying doesn't seem to be really teaching the stay command. The method I was trying is to stand in front if the dog. Hold out your palm and say stay. Then touch a treat to the dogs nose and move from his nose to your nose so the dog looks at your eyes. Then count and repeat this adding more seconds every repe
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