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  1. Gotcha, thank you! That makes a lot of sense. I am definitely not looking for a high-drive BC - moderate drive would be OK for me.
  2. Hah, I've actually had the GHF adoption application open on my computer for the last few days now. I'm definitely considering it...
  3. We're currently in Connecticut, but we by the time we are ready for a puppy (July of 2017), we will have moved to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately March or April would be a bit too early for us! Thank you so much for your insight. Those are all valid points. After all, it's very common for BCs to get dumped at shelters because new owners find they are in way over their heads. I'm definitely not planning on keeping the dog outside all the time (our current dog is an indoor-only dog since we currently don't have a yard), and mental exercise is a high priority for us. My current dog and I are
  4. Thank you all! I've officially gotten the OK from my husband to start our search. However, this is pretty late in the game, since we'll ideally want a puppy by mid-July. I don't have my expectations set too high since I'm sure many litters are already be spoken for at this point, but I'm going to give it a shot. I wanted to visit some trials to get a sense of the breeders in the area, but it doesn't look like there will be any USBCHA events in our neck of the woods for months. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I was wondering if you could give me some friendly advice. My husband and I are planning for our next dog, and we've had our eye on Border Collies. We currently have a Smooth Collie; she is a wonderful companion and hiking partner - just an absolute dream of a dog, and we couldn't ask for a better friend and pet. However, for our next dog, we'd like a breed that has more drive, a bit more "oomph" and intensity, and more athleticism. Our Smooth Collie is a sweet, mellow weekend warrior with low-moderate energy and low drive. I'm struggling with whet
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