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  1. Yes I am. I try to look at my shelter as well but they mostly have pit bulls and pit mixes. I think I'll go next weekend to look again.
  2. Unfortunately things fell through with her and I won't be getting her.
  3. That's so funny! My new house won't be ready to move in until the 1st. I wasn't planning on finding a dog before then but I fell in love with her lol
  4. Does anyone know of a good place I could find a cheap kennel? Anywhere online? I've looked at stores here and craigslist and they're all over priced or not the right size. Thank you!
  5. Thank you everyone. I was told she is about 3yrs old and her name is Little Anne. From what I've seen of her, she looks more BC with her longer hair and skinny body, she's not as thick as heelers lol. She has more Heeler coloring though, almost Dalmatian looking with a couple big black spots. I'll keep you all updated once I bring her home. Just a few more weeks!!
  6. Thank you so much. My previous dogs could handle maybe 5mins of training and then they would stop responding and look at me as if to say no mom were done lol. I've read so many things that say BCs want to go go go and I figured she's going to need a lot of mental/physical stimulation. My Heeler mix wanted to be inside my skin lol, she was so clingy, I couldn't walk to the other side of my bedroom without her following me, but I'll admit I really did enjoy her Velcro habits. Thank you again, I'm looking forward to bringing her home.
  7. Hello everyone! I am new to borders, although I have been researching them for months. I recently came across a young female BC Heeler mix and if everything goes to plan, I'll be picking her up March 1st. I don't know too much about her except; she lives outside on a farm, she's shy with men, she's protective and active. I have owned two purebred Aussie Shepherds before as well as a Aussie Heeler mix, so I am familiar with herding breeds. However, I am getting nervous that I may not be able to keep her entertained and mentally/physically active enough. I've read a lot of how ocd/neurotic BCs can be and how constantly energized they are. Maybe I was lucky with my previous dogs but they were fairly calm, they could go non stop if I was, but they'd also lay next to me all day if I were sick or a storm prevented us from getting them out to run off steam. I'm not sure if she's house trained as she lives outside, I've never had to house train an adult dog, is it the same as a puppy? Is kennel training an adult the same process as for a puppy? Will a 30-60min walk with a few hours of training be enough for the average BC? Are BC generally Velcro dogs? I love having my dog at my side all day, it's my favorite thing of herding breeds! I know it will be hard to answer my questions since I don't know her but hopefully some general ideas will be helpful. Thank you.
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