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  1. Thanks - glad to hear that we're (hopefully!) just going through a teenage phase and that yours grew out of it with some work. After our basics class, we are enrolling in a reflex control class where they bring in kids, skateboards, small animals, and a variety of stimuli. Looking forward to that insanity...might need a xanax for myself for that session of classes! Hah!
  2. Just a little Kira update here. She's 13 months now and we survived our first year together (including hosting a 10 person Thanksgiving dinner with all the smells in the house). I'm pretty sure raising a baby would have been easier for the first year... but alas, we love her. We are back in obedience classes now that we've spent a few months on some confidence building work. We're doing Basic Manners to start (because even though she knows all the basics, it's great to work with distractions/people/dogs in class) and we had our first class today. She did great. Only had 1 small reactive
  3. Just a quick update as I realize it's been a while. Kira and I have met with a behaviorist that we both like and have a good plan in place to slowly but steadily build up her confidence. It involves working on her impulse control, lots of Counter Conditioning, Targeting, LAT, and desensitization at distances where she is showing she's way under threshold. Also working on 1/4 turns, playing some obedience games/tug games in new places, and emergency u-turns. I've seen some good progress and of course we continue to see some reactivity in various settings (mostly when things surprise u
  4. A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who's responded. I'm glad that I paused in my training for a moment to reach out and ask your advice and opinions. Much appreciated. I try and follow my gut instincts, but sometimes I need to be reassured that I'm not losing my mind. SO again, thank you for everyone's input. I've read in detail almost every thread on here about other members reactive dogs, so thank you for sharing your stories on the boards. Super helpful. I may get another harness with the patches saying "don't look/touch" so we don't have people approaching us without our permission. Then
  5. Warning, long winded post ahead: Hi Guys. Hoping to get some referrals or advice for training and behavioral problems starting to pop up with my now 8 mo. old girl Kira. I used the search feature to try and find some referrals before putting up a thread, but came up empty. So here is some background and would love to learn if this is simply adolescent stuff, or even better, if you happen to have an excellent referral for a Utah located trainer w/ breed specific experience. My fingers are crossed that this is just a puppy-stage, but I'm concerned it's something more. I've always had adult r
  6. Yeah super similar! The vets guess is that she'll remain pretty petite, somewhere 35 or under. Perfect size for being able to scoop her up .
  7. Kira is also just a mini thing... 8 weeks: 4.5lbs 9 weeks: 6lbs 10 weeks: 11 lbs (whoa growth week!) 12 weeks: 12lbs 14 weeks: 15lbs 16 weeks: 18lbs 18 weeks: 22lbs 20 weeks: 24 lbs 22 weeks: 25lbs (seemed to pause for 2 weeks) 23 weeks: 26 lbs
  8. While Kira is still in big time puppy mode (just hit 5 month mark), her problem solving skills blow me away daily. I have a feeling I'm in for quite a ride with her . #1: We have a dog gate in the back of our car (a hatchback) so Kira will stay in the back and not destroy the car seats. The gate only blocks the top open part above the seats as the back of the rear seats block the rest. The rear seats have a middle compartment that can be folded down, but only if you pull up on it's top strap while pushing the seat at the same time. Well, when Kira was about 4 months old, I secured her in
  9. Sounds to me like a typical puppy. I'm still in the midst of a super mouthy puppy as well. We got Kira at just over 8 weeks old and she was a land shark/vampire attacking all clothing and ankles and jumping up to nip everything (ruined a fair amount of shirts/jackets) for the first few weeks we had her. Also LOVED attacking shoe laces on our shoes or any bare feet Redirection and lots of patience has worked and now at 22 weeks, she has seemed to finally stop (for the most part) attacking feet and jumping up to nip. That said, she's still SUPER mouthy and it seems to be pretty normal pup
  10. I haven't done any road or street biking with a dog, but I do a TON of mountain biking with my parents dog, named Jude, and will be planning to mountain bike with Kira once she's older. That said, when mountain biking we never have the dog on a lead and they're always off leash as it's safer for all parties as there is no cars. But, training is similar I imagine to stop the pulling. Jude is a Kelpie, so has a ton of energy and similar herding issues with a bike (aka chasing/biting tires trying to herd it) or just sprinting in general. We started him off by having 1 person walk with the bik
  11. We're in the same boat, just got a BC/Aussie mix who is just about 20 weeks old today. Our pups looks like they are twins! We got her when she was about 8 weeks old and was super teenie, about 5 lbs. Vet weighed her today and she's 24 lbs, so will be likely be smaller than your boy. Mouthing/Nipping: Kira is the mouthiest pup I've ever met/owned, so I can totally relate. Her heel nipping and clothing pulling was out of control for the first 2 - 3 weeks, and she was basically a landshark vampire with skin. Everything I read about saying "ouch" or yelping or ignoring her just amped her up e
  12. Not to sideline the thread... but: Just was reading through this and noticed you are in SLC area w/ a new pup! I am too, would love to meet up for some puppy play dates!
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