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  1. Hi everyone~ Last time I posted was right around when Nalu turned 9 months old. Two weeks later, he and I were both in a severe head-on collision (a bank robber running from police drove into oncoming traffic and hit us going 90mph). Amazingly, we both survived. Me with severe injuries that took a year to heal from, and Nalu with bruising and some puppy PTSD. We were incredibly lucky. Nalu had to be taken care of by family for the next 3 months, and walked by others for the next year. He is now 2 years old, and we are both doing very well. Here's some more background info before I get to m
  2. My boy Nalu is coming up on 9 months old. So crazy how fast they grow. But I've recently done research and had discussions about food with my vet and others, and am getting conflicting answers. So, of course, I come here, to the real experts. My vet is telling me to transition him into adult food now, and if I want to change his food brand, now is a good time to do it. He has been eating Science Diet since I first got him, and hasn't had issues with it. Though I've read somewhere that a grain-free diet is better for border collies since they need the protein, and it also helps alleviate a
  3. This is exactly what I do to brush Nalu! ha. Works like a charm. Otherwise, he thinks the brush is a chew toy. My BC is about 5 months old now, so I feel your frustration. So much good advice on here already given though. Great stuff. The crate training down time/naps were a game-changer for me. Helped a ton. Also, I know that there are some people that aren't a fan of his, but I recently listened to Cesar Chavez's (the dog whisperer) book "Cesar Milan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog" on audible. I got a lot of good insight out of it...mostly for my own behaviors. One thing that I took away
  4. Thanks for all the help everyone. I hope I'm not taking advantage of the ease of this site by asking so many questions, but it's been so helpful so far, so if anyone is willing to keep helping me out, it's greatly appreciated. 1) I think Nalu has a mild eye infection. I asked my vet about it two weeks ago when I was in there getting his last set of shots (his right eye is abnormally goopy), but the vet said they looked normal to him. Since then, the eye has reddened when I pull the bottom lid down, and the goopiness has worsened. It doesn't look terrible, and he's not scratching at it or an
  5. I'm a new BC owner as well! These discussion boards have been awesome for help in learning how to raise and train him properly. I'm in Utah, and with the snow and rain lately I've had to figure out ways to keep his energy satisfied as well. Mine is 4 months old now, but I know about the 'zoomies'. ha. One thing that was mentioned in a question I had asked on here was to teach him 'down-time' with his crate. The crate training has been incredibly helpful. I initially thought of crate training just as potty training, but have realized it is a little den for him, and calms him down when put in t
  6. I just took some time to re-read all of these posts. This board has given me more info than any research I've done. I've taken the advice to heart, and am taking it easy on him, and trying the daily trick-training. And have been using his crate for down-time as well...which has helped immensely. But in the interim, until he has fully developed, how much walking is okay? I have him on this schedule right now: Short walk in the morning (20-30 minutes, exploring different routes each day to keep things interesting). Then I go to work, keeping Nalu in the kitchen with a dog gate up and water an
  7. Thank you all so much! This was so helpful. My vet was the one that told me to run him! Glad I found this site to talk to some Border Collie experts! Almost seems like it was a blessing in disguise that I got sick, otherwise I think I would have injured little Nalu! I do have a crate, and used it to potty train him, and he sleeps in it at night. I'll definitely try out the crate training for his down time as well. He usually stays in my kitchen with his chew toys and water for a few hours at a time while I'm at work, and I assume he plays and sleeps until I come back at lunch. I did discove
  8. Hi! I'm new to this site...but excited I found it. My border collie, Nalu, is 4 months old (male). I've had him since he was about 7 weeks old. Having grown up with a bc, and just moved into a house with a large yard, and being a runner, I thought having a bc would be something I could handle...until I got walking pneumonia. It's just me and him in the house. This past month has been painful with such an energetic dog. I couldn't even walk, let alone take him for runs. The most I could handle was throwing a frisbee for him in my backyard, trying to teach him new tricks, and tossing his mini so
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