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  1. No the owner does not expect me to train her dog . She is open about letting me try things myself . Maybe after she sees that its working , she will follow . Its up to her . If i can get the dog to obey me , i see no harm and it will make it nicer for me . I heard these are very smart .
  2. Thanks again all of you who have taken the time to help here . I have been using the skills shown here one at a time on this dog myself . When i am aloan with the dog i have seen some pretty surprising results . When she jumps i turn away . and she stops and walks away . I have gotten her to sit several times by simply saying ''sit'' then pet her and test the sit for length . Also i believe possibly some of this bad behavior was me coming into the picture and disturbing the dogs normal routine . I have noticed she has calmed down a bit as she gets used to me being there once a week . This dog still is a bit out of control for its owner because she does not try to train it . I need to work on the pulling issue next .
  3. The owner of the dog does recognize all of the problems . She is willing to let me do whatever i can to help . This is why i am here on this forum . I have not used any devices or choke collars because i dont want to make things worse and i know nothing about training this dog . I have read hours of info on the net about these dogs though . I called a local dog trainer and offered the owner the info and half of the cost of training . She listened and is interested but has not done anything yet . I already know i cannot train the dog if she wont participate too and i have told her that . About the dogs bad habits and me . If i am sitting on a couch and the dog puts its paws on the couch in front of me and starts licking how am i supposed to ignore that ? if i look away and pull my hands away from it , it just climbs up more till it can reach my face . If i turn my face away it will lick the back of my neck or ear . The only way out of it is to push it away either with my hand or foot . When i am standing and it jumps on me i will turn around and ignore it but the minute i turn back around its back on me again . If i stay turned around longer it will lick my hands and follow me as i turn . About the only way to stop it is to push it away or bring a knee up as it jumps . I feel this may be impossible . thanks for all the help .
  4. Hi i recently met a new friend with a border collie . This dog is from a shelter so it has been all treated . She is 3 years old now . After reading about this kind of dog , i believe this dog fits into the medium hyper range . Problem is this dog has never been trained . One thing she does very well is come back to its owner when called . One thing i need to bring up is the fact my friend uses this dog as a friend and cuddly toy , treats it like a little kid and babies it like its a poodle or something . The problems i see are she jumps on people and during walks constantly pulls froward on the leash . In the evening around the same time this dog will not leave me or her aloan and keeps trying to climb up onto us with constant licking . we have to force push her away for a good 15 minutes before she will quit . Otherwise she is a pretty good dog . I have contacted local training but the owner will not respond to my findings . Is there any online help or suggestions from those here that i can apply to try to help fix these problems myself ? I have tried to shorten the leash and tug back when she pulls forward but this only results in the dog constantly jumping up at me . Do i use a choke collar or an ultrasonic device or ??
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