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  1. The NCA trials will be open trials to all breeds, just like the USBCHA trials are now. The work required at finals will be such, just like the USBCHA finals now that it will emphasize the working traits of the border collie. Every single member of the board has only border collies that they use on cattle. No crosses, no other breeds. We will not exclude other breeds from participating, but I believe that border collies are sufficiently superior in their working ability that they will remain dominant. This really is no different than the current USBCHA system now, minus some border collie language. Eileen, you may be right about the 501c3, that is more Bob Wagner's department than mine. He is working with his attorney on this, and his wife has recently formed a nonprofit. We are going to give it a shot. Jeff
  2. Thank you for the questions Diane, I really appreciate the opportunity to address these rumors. It seems that they are flying fast and furious, which may in part be our fault for failing in the PR department. I will begin by saying that no discussions have ensued regarding specific finals courses, but they are on the agenda and will be dealt with soon. I will nonetheless offer my personal opinion which I believe is fairly representative of the group. I expect our sanctioning policy to be the same as current USBCHA policy of allowing trial hosts to determine their own formats completely. We will sanction fully judged, points and time, open field, and arena trials and any combination thereof. I would not support getting rid of driving. Last year at the finals we did take the drive out the first day because we had serious concerns about the ability to get the cattle back if you made a long drive out toward the setout alot of sets would have taken off. We made a more difficult sort obstacle where you had to have the dog do a lot of the work and another at hand obstacle instead, few handlers lost their cattle, and I did not hear any complaints. The drive was implemented the second day of qualifying and for the final day as usual. The USBCHA cattledog program does not currently have a judged drive, and I do not expect an NCA finals to have one either. I would expect the cattle to be broke, I like them to know what a dog is but not be dead broke to the point that they do not test the dogs. There is a point between disaster and a cakewalk, I believe we will find that balance for Finals cattle. Sorting-- there is no set plan for what type of sorting will be done at an NCA finals, but I know the group well enough that there will be an big emphasis placed upon maximizing the quality of the dog work and minimizing handler influence. Judged vs. points and time is yet to be decided, but it will not surprise me if it goes toward the point and time side. There is room for either to occur, but what will evolve over time is a scoring system that is supported by the majority of NCA members. I am pretty sure that the handler will be restricted during all outwork. Even in arena trials in the midwest that I have been involved with running, I like to put the handler in the pen which is the final obstacle, and make the dog run the whole course without the handler influencing the cattle at all, the handler can only come out of the pen to put the cattle in. The balance of arena/field is yet to be determined, but I can almost guarantee that we will work hard to make both very demanding. In summation, if you here anything regarding a finals course, it is a rumor. I also heard a rumor that I was pulling out of the 2012 finals, from a handler on the west coast. This is also completely untrue, I fully intend on doing everything I can to make the 2012 USBCHA Cattledog Finals a success. I understand your concerns, and we are currently working on these issues, as well as a site for the 2013 NCA Finals. Jeff PS Thanks Amelia, did you ever think we would agree on a cattledog issue?
  3. Thank you for your questions, I will do my best to answer them. First, I will address the question of why as succinctly as I can, this is my personal opinion and motivation for being a part of this move. In any organization you have authority to make decisions, and responsibility for getting things done. It is always best if the same group holds both authority and responsibility within an organization. If authority and responsibility are not held by a single group, it tends to make for a very dysfunctional organization dynamic, those in authority usually see no problem, while those with responsibility get frustrated because they are powerless to effect change outside of politicking those in authority. I believe that this dynamic is a fair characterization of the USBCHA Cattledog program. The authority and responsibility are split, the program is plagued with inherent dysfunction, and we are offering this as a solution. I do not believe that the USBCHA program will persist as it is. The goal of the NCA formation is so that the cattledog handlers who shoulder the responsibility making the program work are empowered with the authority to make decisions. In regards to the location of directors, they are not evenly spread across the country, but neither are the cattledog trials. I do not have the information to say for sure, but I do believe that the majority of the cattle trials are in the central US, and are therefore funding the current program. Even if the current directors are inequitably concentrated, the NCA elections should deal with this inequity in 2013. NCA BOD structure is designed with 9 directors, 6 from geographic districts that will include all parts of the country, and 3 which will be at large directors elected by the county as a whole. If the east coast cattledog handlers outnumber other areas they will have 1 or 2 set district directors and elect 3 at large directors and run the association. That will be decided by the membership of the NCA as it evolves. As to why the NCA asked the USBCHA to turn the cattledog program over to the NCA, that is pretty simple. The USBCHA cattledog program has struggled for years, and has only survived on the backs of a very small minority of handlers who have done all the work and have only advisory input about how things get done. The cattledog pie is not big enough to split. If this happens a game of chicken will ensue to see who can garner the most sanctioning money and afford to put on a finals. Possibly to the destruction of both. It has not yet been decided, or even discussed among the NCA BOD what the 2013 finals format will be, so I don't think that it is fair to make assumptions about the effect upon the dogs at this point. The NCA has no intention of telling individual trial hosts how to run their trial, just like the USBCHA policy now. We will have no approved judges, etc, so I think it is safe to say that the NCA trials will be just like the USBCHA trials now, and have nothing in common with the other organizations mentioned. I personally feel though, that there is no way that it will be an arena trial Finals. But there may be more variety in the course design than a standard ISDS course. And I think that would be a great thing for the dogs. Jeff
  4. Below is a some information about the National Cattledog Association, a new organization that is currently asking the USBCHA board to end sanctioning of cattledog trials. If you have any questions about our organization I would be more than happy to answer them here. NATIONAL CATTLEDOG ASSOCIATION What is the National Cattledog Association (NCA)? The NCA is a non-profit organization of cattledog users, handlers, trialers and enthusiasts and is dedicated to encouraging the use of cattledogs on the farm and ranch. The NCA will also sanction cattledog trials and sponsor the National Cattledog Finals. The NCA expects to become a 501©(3), which will allow it to accept tax deductible donations. The NCA was conceived and incorporated in December of 2011. The headquarters of the NCA is located at: 1175 58th Ave. Suite 100 Greeley, CO 80634 The NCA phone number is 970 224-2437. The NCA website is nationalcattledog.com. The Executive Secretary of the NCA is Tresea Briggs. The NCA office is open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. The initial NCA Board of Directors includes representatives from across the country: Juan Reyes, WY President Tim Gifford, NE Vice President Bob Wagner, CO Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Mundorf, IA Jimmy Walker, TX Lyle East, MO Dan Gill, MS Loren Holmes, CA Robin Nuffer, ID Elections for Directors will be held next year. The NCA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are available on the website: nationalcattledog.com Why should the NCA assume responsibility for cattledog trials from the USBCHA? The USBCHA was founded in 1979 and held the first National Sheepdog Finals the same year. Sheepdog trialing has a long history and a solid tradition, going all the way back to 1867. Most of the USBCHA's 800+ members are sheepdog enthusiasts and most of the sanctioned USBCHA trials are sheepdog trials. Cattledog trialing is a much more recent development and the USBCHA only began sanctioning cattledog trials in 2001. Cattledog trialing has much less tradition than sheepdog trialing and is, in fact, still early in its development and evolution. Unlike in sheepdog trialing, there is little consensus regarding the conduct of cattledog trials (judged vs time and points, nature of obstacles, etc.). It seems most reasonable that such issues should be dealt with by the participants. A body of representatives drawn from the population of cattledog handlers would seem the logical group to make such decisions and to conduct the “experiments” necessary to determine the future of cattledog trialing. Therein lies the problem with the USBCHA. The vast majority of USBCHA members are sheepdog enthusiasts and the USBCHA Bylaws do not allow for a committee to be elected by a subset of the members, as a cattledog committee would need to be in order to be truly representative. The idea for the formation of the NCA actually came about as a result of discussions including Directors and officers of the USBCHA, who suggested that a separate organization might be the best way to ensure the continued survival and growth of cattledog trialing. The NCA has provisions in its Bylaws (see nationalcattledog.com) for the election of cattledog handlers from districts encompassing the entire country to serve as officers and Directors. All Directors must be active cattledog trialers, as must all voting members. It is the intent of the Board to establish guidelines and suggestions, but no strict rules restricting conduct of sanctioned trials (other than ages of dogs allowed in Nursery classes). The rules for the National Cattledog Finals will be established and reexamined yearly by a committee comprised of both Directors and other members. Directors and officers are term limited by the Bylaws to encourage involvement of as many members of as many viewpoints as possible. It is the overriding intent of the NCA to allow cattledog trialing to continue to grow, evolve and develop its own traditions. How will the NCA be funded? The main sources of funding will be member dues, sanctioning fees and donations. As indicated above, the NCA plans to become a 501©(3) non-profit, which will allow donations to be tax deductible. What about the ABCA support of the National Cattledog Finals? The ABCA has been a very strong supporter of the National Cattledog Finals and the NCA sincerely hopes and expects to continue to receive their support for upcoming National Cattledog Finals. One of the key reasons for having a friendly separation from the USBCHA and for avoiding any competition with the USBCHA is to ensure continuation of this funding. Jeff Mundorf
  5. The video production for the inaugural National Television Show of the National Cattledog Finals is now complete. The program will air on Sept 5 at 8PM EST and on Sept 6 at 11AM. I am happy with how the show turned out, and really enjoyed working on it. Feel free to send this link of the RFDTV commercial to anyone you know. Jeff Mundorf Red Oak IA
  6. Cattledog Finals special will air on National Television “Under the Hat Family” and RFDTV are major sponsors The United States Border Border Collie Handler’s Association (USBCHA) Tenth Annual National Cattledog Finals is excited to announce the first ever national television broadcast show highlighting the Finals trial. The USBCHA Cattledog Finals will be held in Redding, Iowa on May 26-29 2011. On September 5 at 8pm EST a one-hour special highlight show will be broadcast on RFD-TV’s nationwide cable network. RFD-TV became a major sponsor of the Cattledog Finals in 2010. For 2011 the Cattledog Committee has secured sponsorship from the “Under the Hat Family” of companies that include Titan Trailer Inc. of Waterville,KS, Titan West Inc. Linn, KS, and Logan Coach Trailers Inc. of Logan, UT. Other sponsors include the American Border Collie Association, Hoover Angus of Tingley, IA, and Silver Spur Ranches of Saratoga, WY. The purpose of the broadcast is twofold. We will educate and entertain a national audience about the valuable skills and abilities of border collies to herd livestock. We will also show and explain cattle handling in a humane, realistic, attractive manner that will enhance the image of the Border Collie, the American cattleman, and the beef industry for all viewers. AA Productions of Omaha, NE will film the final day of competition with a four-camera crew. On hand to announce and commentate on the action will be Amanda Radke of Mitchell, SD and Dan Gill of Hernando,MS. Amanda Radke is the Editor of Beef Daily, a blog that features Beef industry news as the daily web news edition of BEEF magazine. Her blog goes out to 37,000 readers Monday through Thursday each week. Amanda is also active in her family’s South Dakota ranching operation. She has an Ag Journalism degree from South Dakota State University, and is an outspoken advocate for American Beef Producers. Dan Gill has used Border Collies on his family ranching operation for twenty-two years. Dan helped to start the Cattledog Finals in 2001 and has judged the competition twice in the past. He has served two terms as Vice President of the USBCHA and two terms and an ABCA director. His family sponsors the current Open Trophy. The broadcast will include interviews, trial footage, and award ceremony presentations. Video footage shot the final day will also be edited into a multi-hour DVD that will feature more complete trial runs, with extended commentary and interview footage with many more competitors than we will be able to feature in the hour long television special. The DVD will be available for sale in early September. Links of Interest http://www.titantrailer.com http://www.titanwestinc.com http://www.logancoach.com http://www.americanbordercollie.org http://www.hooverangus.com http://www.spurranches.com http://blog.beefmagazine.com/beef_daily/?author=4
  7. I will try to answer these questions the best that I can. I am not a scientist, I am a farmer. Diane- They do have a human form of the product that they market as well. I have been told the exact formulation is somewhat species specific though, so don't drink the canine form yourself. Pearse- Although I have a brother named Jim, my name is Jeff. I do not personally know of any independent peer reviewed science. As I said I am not a scientist, I do have an Animal Science degree but I know quite a bit more about genetics and reproduction than physiology. All that I know for sure is that the product has produced in my dogs as advertised, and that I have spoken to the owner of a racing greyhound kennel who buys the stuff by the gallon. He has seen a significant decrease in race times, increased winning percentage for his kennel, and a significant decrease in dogs tieing up and not being able to urinate after they run. They have experimented with the product quite a bit. At first they put the product in their second tier dogs because they were skeptical about it. When their second tier dogs started beating their top tier dogs their skepticism ended, and they put the product in their top tier dogs. Sheeptramp- If you want a response ask an intelligent question like Pearse did and sign your name to it. The only thing I know for sure is that my unscientific experience with this product has been wholly positive. I do not understand how it works completely, but I believe my observations are pretty fair. I hope people keep an open mind an some folks try the product. I would love to hear the results of a blind study as Pearse described. Thanks for your comments and interest. Jeff Mundorf Twin Pines Farms Red Oak IA
  8. THE EDGE powered by AQUA OXYGEN is the USBCHA's newest sponsor. THE EDGE is a liquid water additive that I have used in my dogs for almost two years. I personally feed THE EDGE in a feed slurry once a day with the same effects as a drinking water supplement. After using this product in preparation for the 2008 National Cattledog Finals I talked them into sponsoring my dog to those finals and they have now come on board as an official USBCHA sponsor. Tim Gifford's dog Tip, USBCHA National Finals Nursery Reserve Champion has been receiving THE EDGE for over a year, and Herbert Holmes, USBCHA president has had a dog on THE EDGE this summer and has been pleased with the results. When mixed with your dog’s daily drinking water, THE EDGE Powered by AQUA OXYGEN begins to work immediately after your dog takes its first drink. The proprietary water-splitting technology provides safe and bio-available Oxygen and Hydrogen to every cell in the animal’s body. This quenches vital biological needs of your animal to allow for peak performance and recovery. Above and beyond oxygen and hydrogen, THE EDGE Powered by AQUA OXYGEN provides essential minerals and other trace elements to balance the dog’s anabolic and catabolic processes… ensuring that your dog’s metabolism is properly balanced which results in ultimate nutritional efficiency. In order to see the maximum benefits of THE EDGE an individual dog must be receiving it daily for a minimum of 30 days. The greatest benefits that I have observed in my own dogs are increased stamina, speed, and heat tolerance. To read more about my personal experiences go to www.twinpinesfarms.com/edge Or to go find out more about THE EDGE at www.theedgecanine.com This page is the official USBCHA purchase site. 10% of the gross sales price of every purchase goes directly to USBCHA coffers. Questions are welcome, check it out! Jeff Mundorf Twin Pines Farms Red Oak IA www.twinpinesfarms.com PS Special thanks to Eileen for allowing me to post this notice here!
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