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  1. This is genius! The problem I had trimming Mav's feet this time is that he got bored and no amount of distracting peanut butter could make up for my slow-snipping self! Thanks for the idea!
  2. Thanks everyone for all the great advice! We've trimmed out the worst of the sappy hair and I used cooking oil to work most of the rest off (we were out of butter). Maverick is much happier now!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can advise here - Our very-recently adopted BC Maverick has a deep affinity for kicking/scratching his paws as a marking maneuver. Apparently this morning on his walk, he must have kicked over a pine cone or something similar as I found him nibbling at his back foot and found something sticky-resiny-sappy coated over one of his pads and matted in the hair between pads. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning pine sap off a dog's paws? Also, would it be okay to trim out the matted hair between his pads? I'd have to trim the hair down pretty far and I want to make sure it wouldn't make Maverick's paw more vulnerable to damage. We live in Arizona and while it's cooling down now and we try and keep off of blacktop/cement, I just want to make sure that trimming the hair out wouldn't compromise anything. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. I've been reading these boards for months, but I have never posted before. I wish my first post could say something more comforting, but all I can tell you is that I too have been following Trooper's story and had to take a deep breath before opening this thread. All I can say is that I am sending condolences and sympathy from another person who was rooting for you and Trooper from afar.
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