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  1. How rad! I'm jealous. We've talked about turning in my E46 330Ci for an E46 M3 (in Laguna Seca blue, of course), but then I realized it'll only be a little faster and not any more pup friendly... haha!
  2. This sounds like my life. I have two border collies in an apartment and we're styling in a two door BMW coupe. Just throw down the back seats, take an old comforter and cover the seats and floor, throw dog in soft travel crate. Bam.
  3. To me, it doesn't really sound like anything that a normal, young BC wouldn't have done. The dog park closest to me ALWAYS has people that bring their screaming, running children into it and I will never put my dogs in there then. Why? 99% chance their motion sensitive ninniness will have them chasing down the kid and probably nipping them. That's the main reason why I work on engagement activities outside of the park and never go in. It stinks that this happened, but is your dog regularly around children otherwise? If she isn't, personally I wouldn't worry too much. But if it's important to you, I would maybe read up on Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) and playing Look At That (LAT). I know there's a Facebook group, but I'll try to find the link.
  4. And Root Beer, that reply meant a lot to me. I've tried remembering to have fun and enjoy his puppy stage while it lasts!
  5. Thanks for the reply, Vireyda! I guess I should update now that we've had Aero about two months. This little dude has made absolute leaps and bounds. We've really dimished the neurotic behaviors and have redirected them to a toy obsession. If I have to pick one or the other, I'll pick toys. When we got him I thought he had cotton candy brains with no focus or drive at all. After working with him daily and doing lots of enagement stuff, he loves to work. Who knew? Chase and Aero have become BFFs. The first week was a little shady (as Chase was guarding all of his resources), but they love each other. Chase even initiates the play 65% of the time!
  6. Update: I've started with just saying "bye!" and turning away when he makes a grab for things, and it's worked WONDERS. He caught on pretty quickly that I wasn't gonna play if he was gonna threaten my fingers. That worked amazingly, seriously. I'm gonna try the other games as well!
  7. I see what you mean. It's always just good to look at alternatives, so I am planning to research it pretty thouroughly.
  8. And thank you for the words Diane! It's always good to know you're not the only owner of a pup with issues like that
  9. I think we are getting the cortezoid (sp) cream for his nose this week through the vet. Real quick, are the cannabis edibles through the vet? That stuff is easy to get here where it's legal, hehe. So wondering if you can get that kind of stuff in dog safe human edibles or in pure form for dogs?
  10. Those are great ideas! I should have mentioned, we are going to go over those x-rays with our local orthopedic specialist and see what he thinks as well next week.
  11. Chase had his annual exam today so I could have his prednisolone acetate rx renewed for his pannus, and to follow up on his discoveries from earlier this summer. About a year ago, when he was six and a half, he started having mobility issues in his rear legs. Couldn't get up, had to be carried up the stairs, etc. Took him to his primary vet and they x-rayed his hips. They took a look, said "idk lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" and I was sent off. I had no idea if it was orthopedic or neurological. This summer he started dropping fecal nuggets in his sleep, so I called the neurologist for a consult. Two hours in his office and luckily, all his findings were orthopedic. He was diagnosed with two partially torn ACLs and a groin strain on both sides. Was recommended crate rest for six weeks. It really didn't seem to improve anything. Today we took x-rays on his hips, knees, and back to see where he was at. Knees look what we expected them to, swollen with some fluid. Bad news, his upper back has the beginning of arthritis and the vertebrae are starting to spur and narrow. His lower back already has advanced arthritis. Vet said his x-rays look like that of a fourteen year old dog. She also said we couldn't do anything about it at this point, and from here on out it will be all about pain medication and keeping him happy. He's been on glucosamine supplements since this summer and finally got his Rimadyl prescription today, anyone else have awesome arthritis remedies for active pups?? In addition to all this, he was finally diagnosed with discoid lupus erythematosus. He's had his nose sunburnt for most of his life and I'm glad we finally have an answer for that and the tissue erosion that's happening on one side of his nose. I had to laugh instead of cry when the vet said, "no offense, but he's kind of a genetic disaster." If he was older, it wouldn't all have come as such a shock. It just sucks when they're so young.
  12. I don't think I could find a thread on this one, but punch me if there is one. We've had Aero for a month now and most of his house manners have improved by leaps and bounds. One thing he hasn't grown out of is surrendering items when he wants us to throw them. If he brings the frisbee or ball back and drops it at my feet, he snaps for it as soon as I start picking it up off the ground. Or when I'm not looking and I have it in my hand, he'll snag it from my hand. My main thing is I hate worrying about him chomping my hand when I reach for something. I'm still working on his "don't" command (our version of "leave it"), and praising him profusely when he doesn't make a pass for something I pick up in front of him. When he does make a pass (and actually lets go instead of trying to initiate tug of war, still working on his "drop it" as well), I just say "DONT" harshly and won't initiate until he lets go. Any helpful tips? Anything I'm forgetting? My other one has always respected our space with items and other things, I think Aero has this issue just because nobody has ever taught him any boundaries, it seems.
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