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  1. SEMO herding club has fun days! Short lessons on either sheep and or calves. 10.00 per lesson. Away2Me farms in Puxico, MO. Check out our Facebook page, SEMO herding club. Trials and clinics coming in 2016. Next fun day will be in early December, check our Facebook page for exact date.
  2. She is literally whelping puppies today from one of Nyles bitches. I just saw this post. I know it's over a year old. But just fyi.
  3. Does anyone have Judith's number? or where Stuart Ballantyne lives? Does bruce still live in Indiana? I live in the bootheel of Missouri and and looking for the closest breeder still using those lines.
  4. I thought I would be getting an email notification when I would receive a reply....shoot guess not! My dogs came from Judith Kelly in Iowa. Yes, the dell dog is from Bruce Foyt. I thank you for the contact information. Kristin
  5. I am looking to get a dog from the Dell line. My last Dell line dog has passed away. My last working dog still able to work is now 11. I am looking for a female, a young dog but preferably not a 8 week old puppy. Can have some training or not, I don't care. I know there are breeders, handlers, or farms out there that had good intentions to train a dog and never got around to it or too many dogs to work consistently or for whatever reason. If you just have that great dog you just don't know if you have time for and want it to go to a working/trailing home let me know. Looking for the Dell line but may consider other good lines. Will pay accordingly. Thank you.
  6. I never knew this was started. Thank you Laura. Marge was my mom. I sure miss her.
  7. We are a new club in southeast Missouri and are having our first trial. We are looking for members or people interested in herding. For more information on the club you can like our Facebook page SEMO herding club. Here is the trial information. We will have fun days and clinics too. Sorry this is posted so close to the trial, I just found this site. But I will post sooner next time so keep us in mind. You can still come and run, the advanced entries are closed but you can pay the day of the trial.
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