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  1. Thanks everyone. This is such a process. This will be my first non-rescue pup. I'm struggling with deciding between litters from people whose names I've heard a lot and dogs I recognize versus pups from ranches and working farms. How does someone like me, who doesn't know a ton of names and pedigree details, decide on a litter? *Edit: ShoreDogs I tried to PM you and it says you cannot receive anymore new messages
  2. I've talked to a few people who may have pups roughly in the time frame I'm looking at. First of all would you get a pup from someone whose bitch has a great pedigree but has never been on sheep? But the dog she is being bred do does and also has a solid pedigree? I feel a bit unsure about a bitch being bred having never been on sheep. If anyone would be willing to lend me their opinions on a few dogs specifically in pedigrees and on a couple breeders please message me! I'd be very grateful.
  3. Thank you both for your answers. I'll make some more calls and write some more emails, and keep on searching. I'd love to attend the finals in Alturas! Maybe I'll volunteer, then I can camp out for free!
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to get my second BC. My first is a rescue and while I love her to death, I am looking for a more confident, drivey, handler focused, and health tested pup out of working parents this time. I'm aiming to get the pup around December - February. While I intend to do agility, frisbee, and long distance trail running with this pup, this will also be my allergy alert service dog prospect. While I understand getting a young pup as an SD prospect is always a risk, it's one I'm willing to take. I've been tying to do my research, it's difficult to find a good breeder and to get one to respond. I've contacted Culleymont for example but I haven't received a response, over email or phone. I also can't seem to find any trials near me. I live in the Bay Area, CA, and don't see any events listed on the NorCal sheepdog association website. Does anyone have any tips on locating trials or getting responses from people about their dogs? Thanks so much
  5. Thanks so much all for your help. Will be getting more tests done on Holly, but probably going to also start her on a low dose of meds as per recommended by her vet and see how it goes.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a BC, Holly, who is turning 10 later this month. She's always been a stable handler oriented girl who LIVES for agility and trick training, but in the last year, she's changed dramatically. She is disinterested in even high value treats when training longer than a few minutes and is increasingly sensitive to corrections and shuts down quickly. She has taken to hiding underneath a chair in the back of the house and behind cabinets and under the desk, when she used to lay down at my side whenever home. She is constantly lip licking and is more sensitive to noises than I've ever seen her. The vet checked her out yesterday and her physical health, vision, and hearing are all great. She's a healthy 10 year old, but is so tense and anxious and suggested starting her on prozac. Does anyone have dogs on prozac? Has it helped and how has it changed your dog? Any other suggestions to help Holly relax?
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