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  1. Greetings everyone! I thought I'd offer a little update on Louie. We've all made tremendous progress since we adopted him at the beginning of June and we're keeping him! He's begun playing with toys! And has learned: sit, stay, shake, lay down, and "go into your crate." He's getting used to the gentle leader on walks (because otherwise he'd pull whenever he was scared or saw a dog or squirrel and 50lbs of dog pulling is not something I enjoy), and he now greets us after we've been gone with full body wiggles! He will also "ask" to be petted by putting his head in our hand. You have n
  2. Yes D'Elle, I'd love to know how you taught your dog fetch. And thank you Cass for sharing how to teach Louie to pick up laundry. D'Elle I don't know if you saw my latest response (last one on page 1). I am looking into either making the fence higher/having a top put on it--or the coyote bars.
  3. Thank you all for these excellent responses and your care and concern! This isn't an easy--or even clear--decision for us. Even if we ultimately decided that Louie would be better served elsewhere, we'd want to keep him until a "better" home (quieter, other dog companions) can be found. I wouldn't want him to go from us back to a shelter situation. Ultimately I think that would do more harm than good. He's made a ton of progress since we've had him (less nervous/more interactive around kids, wags his tail now, etc.). To ensure that Louie is safe while we're making the decision, I'm p
  4. Thank you Denice! He's never alone in our backyard--we're always out there with him. If we see him approaching the fence and I say "uh-uh Louie" he doesn't go over. But if we get distracted for even a little bit and are not keeping an eagle eye on him more often than not he jumps ship. I don't know where he goes--though there are dogs behind part of our property. We're in a more suburb-y area. See I'd known about BC's being very active, which is why I never looked at them for us. We're happy to take him for walks and have him run around the backyard (as long as he stays in it) but we
  5. Thank you for your replies--and for being kind and gentle with them! Louie is not an outside dog. He is crate trained--and will go to his crate if he's feeling nervous (or if he realizes we're disappointed with his behavior). He is sometimes motivated by treats--it depends on his level of nervousness and his willingness. I think he'd be more motivated by salami than dog treats, so maybe I should use that as a treat? I was drawn to Louie because (a) I'd stopped in the crowd and was tired and irritated by the whole scene of the adoption event (never again) and suddenly felt a dog nose in my
  6. Greetings and thanks in advance for any thoughts. We adopted Louie (formerly "Nosey") about 2.5 months ago at an adoption event. He's a BC/Lab/? mix, about 2-3 years old, very mellow, couch potato, no concept of toys or playing, extremely timid--even fearful--of people. Anyone. More so at the house, but also in the park. Goes nuts when he sees squirrels or rabbits. Not much of a barker, doesn't know from fetch or catch, LOVES other dogs. Escape artist, seems to have a high threshold for training collars and even a live wire we used on some fencing outside. We have to figure out how to
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