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  1. I just wanted to post a quick update. I got home from work a little early last night (I left the office at 4 and got home for 5), and my mom was still at my house with Basket (thanks, mom!) She got to the house around 2pm, and said that he did great. It looks like he only used his pee pad, and went outside when my mom came over. (He's also a total angel with his "extended family," but can be a possessed pup with me and dad!) He had dragged a few of his favorite toys into his crate, and it sounds like he napped for most of the day. What a relief!
  2. Thanks again for the input, I really appreciate it! I'm at work right now, and Basket is (hopefully) handling being out in his room and the kitchen (we put baby gates up to expand his room to the kitchen, but limit access to rooms with furniture (Basket's play room is completely empty, except for his food/water, crate, and toys.) We're going to install webcams soon so I can keep an eye on him from the office. For now, my mom and sister have offered to stop in to play with him and let him out before and after their shifts. He will still be alone for chunks of time, but the day will be broken up with visitors. We've found one neighbor with an 18 year old who loves dogs -- we're hoping to meet her soon, and if she doesn't have college plans, we're going to ask her if she would be willing to babysit him during the day. Of course, we're both very on edge today thinking about little Basket. I suspect that he will sleep most of the day (that was his pattern for all of last week), but it's easy to let worry get the best of me! Re: Julie - we spend all of our time at home interacting with Basket (be it training, playing, or hanging out in the yard), and we have about an hour and a half with him in the morning before work, and all of the after-work hours with him. Neither of us have out-of-the-house hobbies (except for hiking, which is on hold until Basket's plates developed enough), and our friends have been coming to our new house to help socialize. I'm 100% confident that we're a happy/stable home for Basket, we just want to make sure the bases are covered while we're at work. I'm glad to hear others have gone through this with BC pups. The puppies my family raised when I was younger grew up to be happy, social dogs, but we always had two at a time. One of my coworkers is raising an aussie-mix pup, so we've been bouncing ideas back and forth. Can't wait to see the baby this afternoon.....
  3. Thanks for all of the input! This is a great board. My boyfriend was just able to fiddle with his work schedule next week so that Basket will only be alone on Thursday. (I can probably come home early on Thursday so he's only home for about 5 hours.) Then, the week after that, my boyfriend will be able to stay with him until Thursday again. We just moved to this neighborhood, so we will look around for a neighbor who might be willing to stop in to play with him for a little while on the days we can't get time off. (Both of us work about an hour away from home, so coming home during a lunch break won't be possible, unfortunately. It also doesn't look like it'll be possible to take him to a doggie daycare, because the only one in the area only accepts dogs over 5 months old, and Basket's not quite there yet.) Chene, I'm really glad to hear that Aed adjusted. Basket seems to have his good moments and his not-so-good moments, but I'm hopeful that he'll eventually learn that barking and howling don't get him anything and that it's much more pleasant to play with his toys and puzzle out his treats.
  4. Hello! I'm new to the forums, and just brought home an 8 week old border collie pup on Sunday 8/2. He is named Basket, and he has totally stolen our hearts. I was lucky enough to be able to take the whole week off of work to welcome Basket to his new home, but Monday is approaching fast and I have a few questions about leaving the little guy home alone. My boyfriend and I just moved to a new home, and one of the bedrooms is tentatively being put aside as Basket's room for while we are at work. Over the week, I have been working on both crate training and practice staying in "his room" while I run out the store down the street. Basket does NOT like being left alone (more so than the other puppies I have raised in the past -- 2 GSDs and a golden retriever) and will carry on with howling and jumping at the door for around 10 minutes initially, then periodically as he "remembers" he's alone. This is getting better with practice, but my heart still breaks for my little pup. At this point, it doesn't seem like SA to me (I had a GSD growing up who had severe SA), but I want to make his time alone as happy/calm as possible. He will be alone for roughly 9 hours a day Monday - Thurs, and for 5 hours on Fridays. We're getting him used to stuffed kongs, bully sticks, and his squeaky toys (I have never met a dog who loves squeaky toys as much as Basket), and he has an astro-turf pee pad in his room (he took to it right away without any coaching.) We also plan to move his crate into "his room" while we are at work -- the crate currently lives in our bedroom so he can sleep near us at night and let us know when he has to go potty. Is there anything else we can do to make this transition easier for him? I'm thinking about picking up a few baby gates to expand his area (his room+kitchen+mud room), because he seems to have an easier time when I don't have to close a door on him. When we're home together during the day, he usually goes off on his own to nap in another room (he's not a super velcro puppy!). It's been so long since the last puppy years -- part of me is sure he'll adjust, but the other part is worried that he's going to be constantly sad and anxious. Does anyone else have experience with this? Any tips? Thanks in advance (and thanks for bearing with the ramblings of an anxious puppy momma!)
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