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  1. Thanks been so long since the last puppy. It definitely seems like fear driven
  2. We brought penny home at 13 weeks old. She is now 5 months old. Everything has been going well besides a very busy puppy until recently. Since she came home we immediately started socialing her with family and the public. In public she's also been a lite shy but would warm up to people. How ever in the last week and a half anyone from a distance or outside of our house she immediately starts barking and lunging on the leash. It takes alot of coaxing to get her to stop. She will most of the time settle down and let people pet her especially if the person gives her a treat. She will also do this to the neighbors who we see daily and also to people she has met earlier in the day or even an hour earlier. We started taking her on walks and to the park as soon as we brought her home. She started off decent on the leash but anything from cars, people, other dogs, birds going by will set her off in a barking craze. I've been trying to train her on a clicker to distract her immediately but usually after a quick distraction she returns to the behavior.
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