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  1. urge to herd, thanks for the recommendation about the frosted film. And yes, GentleLake, perhaps it is something we should install on our door as well. I guess part of my question was just trying to ascertain if this was even something to worry about, if further steps needed to be taken. My past dogs have all enjoyed 'window watching,' and as long as he is not barking or becoming agitated, I wasn't sure if I should just let the behavior go or assume that eventually he would become bored with it. Betsy, your post was really insightful and incredibly helpful. THANK YOU so much!
  2. Hi all, just wanted to *bump* this thread as I try to determine if this behavior is something to be concerned about. I've tried blocking the windows, but now he is going to the glass sliding door (which has sliding blinds he can peer through). Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  3. HW treatment will not limit the dog once treatment is over nor have negative long term effects on the dog's level of health or life expectancy. In fact, depending on the level of infection, the dog's energy level may increase after treatment as they begin to recover. Left untreated, the parasite does shorten life span and have negative long term effects. I have fostered three dogs with heartworm, one I adopted. And he is very healthy and active today, years after the treatment. Best of luck to you!
  4. I am still new to the forum, so apologies for starting two threads in my first few weeks, but I did a quick search on this and didn't see anything immediately applicable to my question. As some of you know, we've had our new guy Lucas, our first BC, for a couple weeks. My impression is he's feeling comfortable and gaining confidence (thanks all for your help in this area!). The first few days he had a few chosen spots around the house he would settle in. Now he comes to us for affection, greets us at the door enthusiastically, and loves walks. We've started some basic training and he's pic
  5. Maralynn, you're right and I have to keep reminding myself that while I'd been anticipating him coming to us for a long time, he's only just been thrown into the situation. He doesn't know anything about me - wish I could speak 'dog' to let him know it will be ok! painted_ponies, loved your post. Aoife probably loved seeing those bugs light up! I'm trying to balance new, fun experiences with routine and consistency. It's hard! I would love to take him everywhere! chene, those 'breakthrough' moments are special. I'm learning this is the case especially with dogs who are more independe
  6. mbc1963, I'm curious to know whether your boy ever got better with time? My new guy seems to have similar issues. We're trying to work on it. He growls at some dogs, but not others. Sometimes on leash, sometimes off. It's been difficult to pinpoint the trigger. I think it might be related to interactions he witnesses that he thinks are inappropriate - similar to 'putting the dog in its place.' Anyway, just wondering if you might have recommendations on that. Best of luck with the new rescue! I think bringing a new dog in can be a little stressful for both parties as they try and navigate
  7. Borasaurus, that's EXACTLY how I feel. Like I'm not meeting all of his needs. He is absolutely obsessed with looking out the window because we have some baby rabbits in the yard. He'll come over and interact with me if I call him, but the moment we're done, he is right back to the staring outside. I can't shake the feeling that I need to be doing something more for him. But trick time, walks, and some treat dispensing toys only take up so much of the day (plus I don't want to overwhelm him). It's hard though, because I really feel like I'm not doing something right, which is why he'd rather l
  8. RemsMom, My Lucas is also new to our home (less than a month) and displayed much of the same behavior you are seeing with Mattie. Don't be discouraged! Lucas especially has been wary of many other dogs, particularly dogs who have a higher energy level it seems. He growls if he feels uncomfortable. I'm attributing at least some of this to him being anxious and cautious of his new surroundings, and of his people (not knowing if he has to protect himself). We have been taking it easy with intros to other dogs outside of the home. Inside the home, with your shepherd, I would not correct a
  9. I just wanted to thank each of you for your posts and sharing some of your stories. I fell in love with dogs after realizing just what individuals each of them are and reading this simply reminds me of that. Rushdoggie, loved the advice about getting good at reading dogs. I too foster, and agree that it's key. Borasaurus, Kieran sounds like a dog who has a very deep bond with you. Amazing! I hope to get there with Lucas too. Time and patience. I think I already knew that, but it's helpful to hear it reinforced by your stories. We're doing simple trick training. I keep it light and sho
  10. GentleLake, I keep re-reading your post about Bodhi, how you really had to teach him even just the basics of interacting with people and other dogs. It's really speaking to me and so awesome that you were able to do that. I'm sure an experience like that changed both of you for the better. The strange thing about Lucas is he seems to really like people for probably not having interacted with them much - he does not seem to be afraid, but instead approaches new people and sits patiently for pets! The calm and eager behavior might be fooling me into thinking he is more comfortable than he is?
  11. Hi GentleLake, gcv-border, and Sekah, Thank you so much for your responses, encouragement and insight! A little more background about Lucas. He was originally from a reservation and was in rescue, in a home with quite a few other dogs, for around 2 months. He adjusted well there, but continued to be pretty laid back. His foster was really good, but because of a house full of dogs, I doubt he had the one on one interaction that he is getting with us. Lucas has been fully vetted by the rescue and my vet also did an exam and announced him to be in perfect health! So thankfully we don't h
  12. This is my first official post, though I've been reading this site for awhile now and picking up tons of useful information (so thank you!). I'm a long time admirer of the BC breed - the work ethic, the intelligence and capability, and also the devotion BCs tend to have to their 'person.' My husband and I adopted our first BC a few weeks ago, a two year old rescue, and he is a really good boy. No behavior problems (except perhaps an aversion to some other dogs) and very gentle. I should explain he's really not your typical BC - Lucas is pretty mellow and has no ball/disc drive. He's not v
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