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    reading. being Bubba's person. taking turns fetching. kicking balls. bouncing balls. throwing balls until arm stops working, then back to kicking balls.
    rocking Bubba while we watch tv. walking. with or without Bubba.

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  1. didnt say i didnt care ab opinions, said that pertaining to judgment on euthanasia. help is what was askd for. grateful for any and all concern nd advice. thx. maakie out.
  2. also, bubba fllows me n2 bathrm, bdrm, evrydamnrm...and will not even go2 door2 b let out2 pee. he is completely dependent on me for his every need. i recognize that is not ok, for him or me. he needs help 2.
  3. hello gloria and thank you immensely for your kindness in such an informative and concerned reply. bubba is indeed overweight, while that is exasperating as he is only give ab 3-3 and one half c of food daily w/ NO ZERO treats or food additionally. it is why i originally posted that he is becoming crippled due to inactivity...his weight must b as a result of same cz duh. i feed him i and love and you food, and taste of the wild. he is on expensive non grain organic bcz i went thru 1and one half yr of skin/food allergies nd that is all that will keep his skin frm reacting to food shitola. thus $ and lack of it here. i was advised earlier to take him to additional drs for therapy etc...cannot in any way nor will ever be able to do that as per lack of funds, sorry not sorry. i love my bubba dearly, but as i am 65 and need desperately to work more hours than his obvious needs demand live in constant state of guilt and worry. while comments pertaining to his ability to be chill are perceived as 'helpful', i do kno the needs of my dog, and mine do not mesh with his. thus my post. if i could euthanize him locally i would. and do not give one tiny shit ab yalls judgment k. obviously tips ab entertaining him, stimulating him r not what i need, nor weight loss tips, he gets 3 c of kibble daily and NADA else. if his wt gain isnt due to inactivity, i am at a tot loss, as well as so shld any1 else b. if u hv the funds to chk that out, i will discuss adoption w/u. i entertain him bcz i am a person who is in sync w/needs of the species that r around me...my loss apparently. he def needs to b active a greater portion of the day i have available considering the time required to meet my monetary needs for survival in my retiring yrs. that is the purpose of post. thank you for any and all concern and advice. sincerely and with obvious or not obvious regret, michelle
  4. right. cutting and pasting did not work. any and all help would be received with hughest gratitude.
  5. is it ok2 cut&paste what ive posted? thankyou and SO SORRY for ignorance here.
  6. thank you so much for your advice and concern! he has been to the vet 3 times after suddenly limping and holding the same leg up, while yes chasing his ball. she isnt happy i dont get his weight down, he varies 70-75lbs. she thinks it is a sprain in that ankle. i do see now that i have programmed him to expect more physical activity, so will back off of that. i stopped throwing the ball at height to keep him from jumping, as even tho he loves that, it was the original cause of injury. he seems to be 'crippled frm inactivity' becz after lying around he limps when getting up, sometimes stopping and lying back down. i do talk to him all the time, which he loves, yet know that im probably just conditioning him to rely more on me. however, that will continue. unfortunately he doesnt chew anything for long, no matter the item. even bully sticks, he just eats them. yes he lays around waiting to play and it is my knowledge thats what hes doing thats stressful. he has no interest in anythg other than me. im afraid he isnt happy either, as someone said. i posted here because i couldnt see where to post at first, but really want advice from the foremost experts here, alot of advice seems overwhelming and confusing to me in current state of mind. my concern is needing to work a whole lot more and then having to continue what is becoming a full time job when im home. selfish i know, but at same time worried so much about what to do with bubba.
  7. hi thankyou for replying. yes i walk him daily in the morning, we live by 2 parks. the 4 hrs is broken up throughout the day, and i have resorted to kicking his balls. he has many, all named, enjoys and obviously needs the stimulation of finding each one, and hiding them etc. our bond seems to be too strong, as he waits for my involvement to do anything now. it is stressful for me to seemingly be his life. he does obey commands, and im sure would attain any degree of achievement one would desire him to have, his intelligence and needs are not conducive to my life, which is a constant guilt trip. it seems unhealthy for him to be so dependent on my involvement. hes the first bc ive had, had goldens and german shepherds, he was given to me by my son at 3mos old.
  8. just now, he got a drink while i washed my hands, and when i was finished, so was he. on repeat.
  9. fenced yard but too hot in lubbock tx to 'leave' him out, tho we do go out every few hrs for potty and kicking ball more. when visitors come, well there are not visitors as sons are in austin and im a hermit, but contractors hv come lately, he is protective at first then tries to get them to play ball. i am aware of the tragedy in this scenario.
  10. he is getting cripples bcz he is on his 3rd round of steroids for same. have invested in Flexamin, yikes. i kno his needs do not jive with mine. as i love him crazily, am broke meeting those.
  11. crate trained but do not leave him in crate, leave it opened. work 4-6 hrs a day, 2 days biweekly, 3 days bi weekly, need double to triple that amt to sustain my retiring yrs. he does not get out for intreraction. sleep at 9, up at 5-6, coffee, reading, walk at 7-8 for 45min to 1 hr. work then home around 1-2. eat, watch tv w/him in lap, play off and on and do chores until dinner about 6. both eat, watch news and play while doing so(recorded). ready for bed and shower 830-9...move his bed by mine, watch netflx til asleep. repeat.
  12. i have ruined my bc and do not not kno what2do. he does absolutely nothing w/out my involvement, and he is getting crippled frm inactivity. i do not trust any1 else to 'adopt' him, as he is used to a/c, my 2-4hrs daily ballplay, my commands, cuddles, routine etc. but he will not even fricking pee w/out me now. i need2 work and have a life...i love him like my son, but am 65 and hes 5, my retirement is seemingly written here. please. help.
  13. thank you all for trying to help. i had posted craigslist, the owner described him and just picked him up. to say he was going to see to it that the dog doesn't escape again it a 100% sure bet. i am crying now, knowing that was the wrong thing to do, return him to that 'home'. kill. me. now. maakie out.
  14. mbc1963 thank you! yes, i am taking him first thing tomorrow to the animal emergency clinic where they will check for a microchip. i've been to the stores around the neighborhood and the coffeeshop, i live by tech campus (Texas Tech Univ) and theres lots of posts for lost dogs, not one for him though. i would be panic stricken if Bubba were ever lost, and beside myself with grief to lose him, so i get what you are saying for sure, and will do exactly that, try to find his owner, but i really think he's been a stray for alot of his life, as im positive, from his eye coloring and strange striking facial markings, that he's been to the dog pound before and been adopted from there. they just charge ten dollars to adopt, no telling who got him. but am taking him to be sure there's a chip or not. thank you again for helping me. oh and that is good to know that your bc? best boy Buddy (RIP, sorry for your loss) got along with huskies. thank you for that info!
  15. thank you so much for all of your help Gentle Lake, Gloria Atwater, and Capt Jack! while i do not have another human, and walking him is not walking but running, just found out, i will undoubtedly not be a good caretaker of this sweet husky. when i found him, or him us while walking this morning, he came and stayed with me, even though i was giving him commands to stay and sit, for bubba was getting freaked, and he wasnt put off by that, and sat for me. and for some weird reason, there was a broken rope with a lead attached on the ground by us in the gutter. so i put it on him and walked him back to the park to see if he belonged to anyone there, and to houses all around the park asking if anyone knew him. one girl jogging by said yes she'd seen him in the neighborhood running within the past month or so. i just walked him there again, with a real collar this time, nada luck. he seemed to know my house and ran up on the porch to go in again. real quandary. Gloria Atwater thank you also, what you said about his nature is definitely right on, he wanted to run and not stop. hard to keep up. the shelter here sells strays for such a cheap amount, anyone could get him. i will try as hard as i can to find his owner, even though its seems, with more and more handfuls of matted hair and some scalp, a questionable decision.
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