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  1. While they are not cheap, the Gunner Kennel is what we use around our house and while traveling. My husband runs an outfitting business and he was able to nab a few of these kennels from a hunting buddy who knew the guy that designed them. They are escape proof and virtually indestructible. An amazing design and if you are willing to shuck out the big bucks, they are a great kennel. If you check out the videos on the website, they compare the kennel to other kennels in a crash test, and then they proceed to knock the thing off a cliff, and even shoot it with a shotgun to prove its durability. These guys mean business. https://www.gunnerkennels.com/videos/indestructible-dog-crate-testing
  2. One of my crazies got a tennis ball and the other got a frisbee and a pig ear for each. They were just ecstatic that we got to play all day instead of work.
  3. I most certainly haven't! However when he works the cattle, he holds his tail pretty high and he doesn't do the common border collie crouch/stalking movement. I know not EVERY border collie crouches/stalks but it is indicative of the breed. He also doesn't have a "strong eye" when working. It's my understanding that these are strong traits of the Border collie.
  4. I appreciate all of the input! I will look more into the herding styles of English shepherds and Welsh sheepdogs. The longer we have Gunner, the more convinced I am that he wasn't a "backyard accident" puppy. He picked up herding the cattle almost immediately and works with Lucy effortlessly. We thought he was going to just be a pet, and weren't sure how he'd react to livestock after being a city stray (my neighbor adopted him in Denver, Colorado). However, it's obvious that herding is in his blood.
  5. My husband has taught all 3 of ours what he calls "emergency situation preparation" When he asks them "What would you do if the house was on fire?" they all 3 sit down, then lie down and then roll over. So they know the stop, drop, and roll technique. My husband's hunting lab immediately cheats and just rolls over when he hears the word "what", which can be quite funny during regular conversations.
  6. Thanks everyone! I am most familiar with the style and body language of how Aussies and Heelers work livestock, and he doesn't really relate to either. I'm not very familiar with any other styles, but I will most definitely look into some videos. We are most certainly from Colorado! He was named Gunnison because my family has a cabin by the Anthracite range on Ohio creek pass by Gunnison that I absolutely love. I also am a raft guide/kayaker in the summers and the black canyon on the Gunnison river is one of my favorites!
  7. Gunnison is 50 lbs, and exhibits behaviors of most herding breeds. He loves to "help" herd the cows and bison on our ranch with Lucy, and has boundless energy. He has zero interest in retrieving anything with my husband's hunting lab, but loves playing in the water. He has pretty intense separation anxiety when I leave him for more than 2 minutes, and is my constant shadow. He was a street dog before being adopted by my neighbor, and for the first couple of weeks he was extremely nervous of almost everything. He is very shy of most men and small children, unless I am with him. He is coming around though and since he has been with us, he really has shown more of his true character. All that really matters is that Gunner is a happy and well loved guy. I'm glad he came to our family.
  8. I recently adopted my newest dog (Gunnison) from a neighbor of mine who was moving out of the country and couldn't take him with her. She had gotten him from the humane society and when she gave me his paperwork, I was surprised to see that the humane society had him listed as an Australian Shepherd. I have had several Aussies and Aussie mixes, and while Gunner might have some Aussie in him, I see more border collie. After a quick google search, I believe he is a sable saddled border collie. Not that it matters, but I would love your opinion on the matter. In a few of the pictures he is with my Australian Shepherd/Red Heeler Mix, Lucy.
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