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  1. I have met a working border collie before, my grandparents had one in Montana. It was an awesome dog! Addressing the consistency in training with a family of 5. Everyone is on board with getting a dog, and they know that consistency is key. I will be primarily responsible with training the dog, but they will all be under my instruction so we can make sure bad behaviors cease. I am considering other breeds, but the border collie is my first choice. People have been suggesting labs, but I have never come across a lab that can keep up with me on runs (the dog I get will not be limited to a runnin
  2. The first replies were more supportive, but now it has transitioned to a more negative view. What concerns did you have? So far the only one I've really seen is the face that I live in a house with 5 people.
  3. Lots of the comments are making me talk in circles. The basement will be a place I can take the dog for training. My family absolutely wants a dog, but when I move out it will come with me. They are all on board with a high maintenance dog like a border collie. And I have much more than 1-2 hours to spend with a dog. I have realistically around 10 hours a day I can be with the dog.
  4. I can understand how it would be difficult, but in my house I have the basement to myself where the puppy would spend most of it's time for training where we can be in solitude. The dog would be mine and I want it to be specifically my companion. But, when the dogs needs attention I will be able to count on my family members!
  5. Do you have any advice on how to train a dog to become a therapy dog? I'm very interested in this idea for my possible BC.
  6. Hi all! I am thinking about getting a border collie later this spring, and was wondering if it was a good fit for me. I live in a house with 5 people all over the age of 14 and they will help with the dog. We have no other pets. I would take it for runs with me in the morning when it was at an appropriate age to do so, and would take it out a few other times in the day to play fetch and practice some agility training on weave poles. I would also try to work its mind every day by having training sessions for tricks. One thing I was hoping to find out are some things you all do to stimulate
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