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  1. I'll keep my eyes open... I know Texas is a long way away, but the group I volunteer for here will adopt out of state. You never know! Edit: I shared what you're looking for, just in case. They said there's a waiting list for females under 2, but they've adopted as far ask Alaska so NY is no problem. If you thought it'd be worthwhile, you could fill out the application just in case (http://www.allbordercollierescue.com/#!adoptions/coq4). I don't know how wide a net you want to cast, but they do get some nice dogs... and there was mention that several litters of puppies have come in recently!
  2. Oh, poor guy! I'll keep him in my prayers for sure. Let us know how it goes.
  3. This guy is with All Border Collie Rescue in Texas, but I've heard nothing but good things about both ABCRs.
  4. The bully ring we have doesn't smell, that I've noticed. Not sure what the difference might be, but we've had it since before Thanksgiving and despite a lot of chewing it's still in decent shape. Once I got Livi a Nylabone natural healthy edible chew thing. She loved it, and it lasted for a couple hours of seriously dedicated chewing broken up into a few sessions. It wasn't cheap, though, and I wouldn't have bought it if I'd realized it would be gone THAT quickly. It did appear to be very satisfying, though.
  5. We have a Westpaw chew toy that's held up well so far. If one does get destroyed, they'll replace it once for free. We also have a bully ring that's held up surprisingly well to the amount of chewing it gets. My friend who gave it to Livi says the rings last longer than the sticks in her experience. We also have an elk antler that she really likes sometimes and then ignores for days. I've seen toys made out of pieces of firehose -- those seem like they'd be sturdy.
  6. Ours was never on the website... neither was her brother, who was adopted out around the same time. If we hadn't applied and already been talking and meeting dogs, we'd never had ended up with her. For that matter, I probably wouldn't have asked about her -- it was the adoption coordinator who said she'd be perfect for us. And she really is the perfect dog for us. Just the right temperament. Not her fault she's younger than we were looking for.
  7. I've got young kids (3, 5 and 7) and a puppy (6ish months). Honestly, life would probably be easier if we'd gotten an adult as originally planned. The puppy chews on things the kids forget to pick up. (We had a near-tragedy at Christmas when she chewed the hand off of a Luke Skywalker stuffie... but happily, she spat the hand out and I sewed it back on and convinced my son that it's just like when Luke lost his hand in Episode V.) She jumps on them, especially the 3-year-old who will not listen when I tell her not to run and squeal, so those two don't get to be together unless I'm right there. She still requires constant supervision in the house, which means that any time I try to do anything I'm tripping over kids AND a puppy who's tethered to me. I love our puppy; she's a good dog, and in the end I'm confident it will be worth all the trouble. She's ours and I'm glad we have her. But I really don't think I needed a puppy because of the kids. They -- especially the younger ones -- would probably be happier with an adult dog who was a little more settled. They love Livi, but they don't love a lot of the puppy behavior. Not to say you shouldn't get a puppy if you want one, but I wouldn't dismiss a grown dog just because of the kids.
  8. I have nothing to do with placing this guy, but he came over this weekend for a photo shoot and I just thought I'd share his profile in hopes of getting him more exposure. He's stunning, and it was amazing to watch his focus. Folks who have met him think he'd be great at flyball or disc dog or something similarly athletic. He seemed very friendly, and played really well with my 7-year-old. He's in Texas, but this group will adopt out of state as well. http://www.allbordercollierescue.com/#!kirk-2016/c1vei
  9. Whoops -- sorry for contributing out of place. I was reading unread posts and didn't notice which forum this was in.
  10. For us, if the bell rings it's a potty trip, praise/reward, and back inside. We may go out again two minutes later without ringing the bell and stay out to play, but if the bell rings it always results in a quick, business-like potty trip. If she doesn't potty within a few minutes, we go back in and I keep an eye on her.
  11. Thank you all for the thoughtful responses! I'll pass them on. I'm also hoping that fostering may be in the future for me, but not in our current life stage. Nice to be able to think this far ahead!
  12. Sorry to see you leave. I'm behind on reading and must have missed something, but I thought you were a nice addition to the community.
  13. Some friends of mine are considering fostering for the rescue group we got Livi from. I know the rescue group will talk with them about everything, but for those of y'all who have fostered before, could you share some of the major ups and downs and "wish I'd known's"? I feel sort of responsible for their interest so I'd like to be sure they go in with their eyes open. I've never fostered before and am just starting to volunteer with this group, so I don't know a lot.
  14. No expertise to offer, but welcome! Just looking at her, if you told me she was a Border Collie I wouldn't call you a liar. I have one of those too: our pup has an unknown father, but just based on her looks no one would argue if I told them she was all Border Collie.
  15. My 7-year-old would agree with that!
  16. What they gave me is Goodwinol ointment. It looks like benzocaine is the active ingredient. I'm guessing it's just intended to relieve irritation, then.
  17. Just called to check on results -- it is Demodex, very localized, and the vet was busy at the moment but when he gets some time to call he's going to talk to me about a possible topical medication. The receptionist wasn't sure what it was for me to go ahead and look into it while I wait to hear back, but she did say it wasn't ivermectin like they'd use in more serious cases.
  18. We'll see what the results of the scraping say -- they didn't tell me exactly what they thought it was (I'm afraid I didn't know enough to ask, either), but the vet did say it often clears up on its own. From what reading I've done and what we're seeing and the mention of its clearing up on its own I would guess Demodex. I'm sure we'll have a more detailed conversation about it when they have results. Maybe the scraping was an overreaction... they said we could wait and watch, but since it's been a while (can't pinpoint exactly when we noticed it) and she was already there it just seemed sensible to go ahead and be sure of things. When we've had issues with the cats, once we have an idea of what's going on they usually lay out a range of options and let us choose a course of action, which I appreciate -- they're not pushy about jumping to extremes in treatment. I'm glad to know it can just be the stress of growing. I'm not too worried, but I'd hate to think there was an issue we missed that's leaving her open to health problems.
  19. Livi has a couple of spots (one on her chin, one on her leg) where the hair is thin and the skin looks red. Had her in to the vet today and they wanted to do a scraping to check for mange with the idea of catching it before anything gets serious, if it's going to. From reading a few old threads here, it seems not to be unusual for a young dog to get a few localized spots and that the problem tends to resolve itself and to stop recurring entirely at a year to a year and a half. I saw a few folks mention that they used immune boosters to help since these issues tend to pop up more when there's some sort of stress on the immune system. What sort of product do y'all use for that, and where could I find out more about it? And would there be any benefit to a fish oil capsule like some of y'all use to keep the coat and skin in good condition? So far we haven't been doing any sort of dietary supplements since she was doing well with just her usual diet. I've been trying to think what could be causing stress to her system, if anything. She had tapeworms when we got her and we treated that, then she got them again recently and we treated it and got her back onto flea prevention (it had lapsed briefly due to a mix-up). Everything else looked good for both of her previous vet visits. The weather has gotten colder (highs in the 40's -- we're wimpy Texans) and we've been out in it hiking (a couple miles at a time, at a 3-year-old child's pace) and doing stuff in the backyard and all that... but surely that's not cold enough to cause her problems. She's not out in the cold by herself unless she wants to be -- sometimes I'll let her out in the backyard by herself while we're working on school and she likes to run around or just hang out for a while. When she comes and sits by the door I let her back in, and of course she's sleeping inside in her crate at night. She's thin, but I think it's a healthy thin... and for that matter, if I do try to increase her food a little she leaves the extra. I'm sure I could get her eating more if it was necessary, but it seems like if she was malnourished she wouldn't be leaving food in her dish. I don't think we've had any major stresses... maybe the general chaos around the holidays, but we keep things pretty tame around here because we're introverts who don't like chaos. Maybe there isn't any particular stress involved, but if there is something I'd like to see what we can do to eliminate it. Livi's about six months old, Border Collie mix, possibly with Aussie. When the rescue first got her she came down with a virus; tested positive for parvo but they treated it right away and it never got really serious. Could that be an indication that her immune system is naturally a little low? Just trying to figure out what factors might be at play... Thanks for bearing with me; I appreciate any advice!
  20. My brother got a Jack Russell when I was a teenager, and in the process of researching the breed I ended up on a message board not dissimilar to this one and saw the conflict over all of that. As I recall, one especially divisive issue was whether or not a particular deformity was acceptable under the breed standard. The working variant of the breed does have an appearance standard, but it's one largely geared toward preserving the dogs' working function. They expect breeders to both show and work their dogs, with higher distinction given to working ability. The AKC folks wanted to allow in their standard a form of dwarfism that results in the short-legged Puddin' Russells. The working folks disagreed, saying it clearly detracted from the intended function of the breed. Seeing all of those discussions had a formative affect on my idea of a good breeder, and I think it's served me well in the Border Collie world. (Of course, Livi came from who-knows-where, being a rescue -- but it was a no-brainer that if we'd been buying a puppy it would have been from a working breeder. I was a little relieved when the dog the rescue had for us turned out to be from a rural area and less likely to be show-bred.)
  21. Livi got a turkey neck on Christmas morning, and a treat ball. The ball works really well with her kibble and she seems to enjoy the challenge of extracting her dinner from it. This week we'll be building the kids' Christmas present: a fort in the backyard. Livi won't get much direct enjoyment out of it, but it should result in all of us spending more time out there... especially since there will be a picnic table where we can do some of our schoolwork on nice days.
  22. Merry Christmas! It was approaching 80 here, but supposed to drop into the 50s tomorrow. Livi got a turkey neck and a treat ball for Christmas and was one happy puppy.
  23. It was a really neat little area! Sort of a wetlands/swamp thing, which is very different from the surrounding countryside. I love finding the little places like that -- it feels like we've traveled so much farther because it's so different. I'd like to go back and see it in the spring, too. I wish I'd taken more photos of the plants and scenery, but, well, three kids and a dog... I left the real camera and home and just snapped a few cell phone shots.
  24. Thanks! I think they're all pretty cute, too. I'm hoping in a few years we'll have the whole crew in good shape for more serious and frequent hiking and camping. I use the same water and container when we go to local parks and usually she drinks it eagerly, so I figured it was probably just distraction like you said. Since it was a short hike and nothing too intense as far as heat or terrain, I wasn't too worried... but living in Texas, water consumption is the sort of thing we keep an eye on. When we went to Palo Duro Canyon last year they told us it's not unusual for dogs to get seriously ill or die on the trails because their owners don't pay attention to all the signs saying to take LOTS of water for EVERYONE. People, too, but dogs much more often.
  25. My husband has the week off and the kids and I are taking time off from school, so we had to plan some fun activities for the week. Today's was a trip to a little state park we'd never visited before. It really is little, and part of it is closed due to flood damage from earlier in the year, so we hiked a little more than two miles and thereby covered most of the available trail. Not much, but the scenery was fun and it was good to get everyone out and about AND away from the holiday crowds. We crossed paths with a few people, but had most of the place to ourselves. Livi seemed to enjoy exploring somewhere new, and aside from some pulling on the leash she did great. Since we had a 3-year-old in tow, I don't think our walking pace was strenuous enough to be worried about as "forced exercise." We also stopped for a few water breaks and lunch along the trail. Livi didn't drink much water despite my frequent offering of it, nor did she relieve herself while we were at the park. When we got home she drank a bowl of water and peed. Should I be doing more to encourage her to drink on the trail, or is she probably ok with whatever she drinks if I offer it frequently? Generally we were stopped for a few minutes whether she drank or not (gravel in a shoe, someone was having trouble with their water, etc., etc.), so it's not like she got to immediately keep moving when she stopped drinking. And once was the stop for lunch, which was much longer. IMG_20151223_112247958 by birdofpray, on Flickr Setting off on the trail! IMG_20151223_114938965 by birdofpray, on Flickr Cute puppy. IMG_20151223_121229084 by birdofpray, on Flickr Scenery.
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