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  1. Ok, got some chicken liver at the grocery store today... I'm going to give this a try. We'll see if the liver puree grosses me out!
  2. Well, clearly Livi has previously unrecognized herding talent. She'll be here waiting for her award for superior herding of children. I regret to say that the rescue requires her to be spayed, so we'll be unable to reproduce this incredible gift of hers. It's a shame, because despite her uncertain ancestry I feel certain her demonstration of child-herding instincts indicates she has a lot to add to the breed. (Said firmly tongue-in-cheek, especially since we don't allow her to herd he children...)
  3. Jovi, a good friend of mine got Lyme back when we were kids, but at the time, "there was no Lyme in Texas." She spent years being denied treatment and even being told she needed mental help because it was all in her head because "there was no Lyme in Texas." It was quite a fiasco.
  4. After reading all this, I decided to do something about the fact that Livi drops the tennis ball a few feet away from me or wants me to play tug with it (slimy tennis balls are great for tugging with, aren't they??). We spent some time working roughly through the method Sekah linked. We're not done yet, but we've made some progress. Video, for anyone interested: https://flic.kr/p/DZBEJa I rewarded her even though it didn't make it into my hand the second time... it's a work in progress, after all. Eventually I'd like to be standing and have it delivered to my hand every time, but, baby steps!
  5. I'd love to hear your results when you get them.
  6. That sounds amazing! I only hope I can find that good a trainer when we're ready. We'll keep plugging along with our basics in hopes of being ready for it when it comes. Hooray for Keeper!
  7. I just went and found our local Freecycle site to check it out. Someone posted a wanted ad for a dehydrator just yesterday. They specified a good one; maybe I could advertise that I'd take a "just ok" one.
  8. They run about $40-50 on Craigslist around here. It's on my "eventually" list... but I keep spending my money on Fenzi classes instead. Until then, I'll have to try the oven and see how it works.
  9. I do! What I really want is a food dehydrator. Imagine all the inexpensive healthy treats I could make with one of those... I also put smelly treats in a container with kibble to make everything nice and smelly. Natural Balance rolls cut up into pieces and baked were a real hit, and I got a lot of treats out of a $2.50 roll. When I was baking it the kids excitedly asked what I was making. Um... sorry, guys. I'd try steak, but in this house there is no such thing as unclaimed leftover steak.
  10. Like Roxanne, I don't have any information to offer but sending best wishes and prayers for Kit as well as Jester's continued improvement!
  11. We went straight from babies/toddlers to a puppy. I've almost forgotten there are people in the world who don't have frequent poop conversations.
  12. Fenzi (online) is where I'm doing nosework with Livi, and the "Agility in the House" class looked really fun. You'd want to sign up in the next week or two -- classes started Monday (but you can catch up!) and enrollment closes two weeks in. The great thing is if you take the class, you keep the lectures and video in your library so you can work at your own pace and even just come back to the whole thing later if you want. During the class time you get additional benefit from classmates' videos and discussions.
  13. If you don't mind the stink and you have friends with horses, horse hoof trimmings are also a big hit.
  14. I'm a redhead and my hair goes from darker red in the winter to red-blonde in the summer, depending on how much time I spend outdoors. I live indoors and I'm fed well!
  15. I just started Livi on touching her nose with her paw. Tried a hair scrunchie on her nose first, but she hated it and of course I want this to be fun for both of us. Sticky notes didn't stick. Masking tape worked. By the time the third piece lost its stickiness she seemed to be catching on. We'll continue tomorrow.
  16. I like the idea of generating a list of trick ideas based on the month's theme. Maybe we could even post the theme a few days before the end of the month (like now) and let everyone brainstorm a little. If this month's theme is paw stuff, we could have a pretty long list of ideas... Paw target hand Paw target object Lift a paw (while sitting, standing, sitting pretty, etc.) Lift different paws on command Limping Skipping Back paw targets Wiping feet or digging Etc. And then we could just each start at whatever level we're at and see how far we get by the end of the month.
  17. This is silly, I know. But since we got Livi almost three months ago we've been working on slowly expanding her freedom in the house and teaching her to settle down when it's not time to do stuff. Tonight I let her out of her crate after we finished dinner. She wandered around cleaning the floor under the table (she loves our preschooler...) while I dealt with dishes, then she explored the rest of the house. Found a rock, a shoe, a sock, an acorn, a stuffed animal, a piece of paper... usually I give her until about 8 or 8:30 and if she hasn't settled down I put her in her crate or tether her to me with a chew toy. Tonight, just a few minutes after 8, she picked a spot in the family room and settled down by herself. My husband has left the room a couple of times and she's watched him go but stayed in her spot. She settles beautifully in her crate, but I'm really excited to see her settling by herself. Maybe, just maybe, we're figuring this thing out.
  18. My favorite I've heard is "hence" for go to crate, as in "get thee hence!" I was tempted, but I'm trying to keep things straightforward for husband and kids. We have enough trouble with "down" vs. "off," for pete's sake. (To his credit, non-dog-person husband grabbed my treat bag and clicker last night and worked on repeatedly coming in the door and clicking before Livi could jump up on him, then did the same thing with the kids playing in the backyard while I was making dinner. He's a fast learner!) I haven't tried kleenex yet, but I read about someone who tried it and wound up with a dog that flings the entire box of kleenex at her head when she sneezes because that happened on one of his early attempts and she laughed at it. That mental image makes me laugh every time.
  19. No one I know has ever objected to silly tricks -- they all think that stuff is awesome. With varying levels of reliability... Sit Down Wait (a short/casual stay) Stand (in progress) Flat (down with chin flat on the floor) Wave Bang (roll over on side) Leg weaves -- walking and figure 8 (in progress) Touch nose to my hand Spin Peek (through my legs -- in progress) Paws up (on my arm or a chair or other surface) Pray (in progress) Paw target (in progress) Crate (go to) Go to mat Crawl
  20. I'm in! Although we're still in the spazzy puppy stage... or at least, I hope that's what it is. We'll do our best, but no promises of greatness just yet.
  21. That sounds fun! Can't wait to see how y'all progress. I'd like to try agility with Livi, but waiting till she's grown first.
  22. What a serious expression. Love him!
  23. You said exactly what I was trying to figure out how to say, So, ditto!
  24. Yay! Great news! I'll keep on praying for him.
  25. I think they'll work to arrange transport, at least as close as they can get, but I'm not 100% confident so I've asked and will let you know what I hear back. I seem to recall hearing that some sort of volunteer group flew the dogs adopted to Alaska out there, but I could be mistaken.
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