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  1. I use a product called Evolv by Wondercide. It's 10% cedar wood oil. I've been happy with it for flea protection, but I've never seen a tick around us (Northern California). Its very fragrant, so you have to enjoy the scent, and I find I have to apply it every few days during the summer months.
  2. Thanks for the input! yes- her recall is perfect... except when it isn't;) I had really gotten "here" to be a good one, with a treat every time, but I think I got lax with it and now it has less power. I will plan to be more pro-active at the park and remove her before I see her get over threshold and work on a new cue. We just got home from our second agility class. This time there were more dogs and more waiting, which was harder for her. Keeping her attention on me for an hour was difficult, and she took to lying on the floor next to the table sometimes, or just getting distracted
  3. Hello- Over the last year of having Jolene, we have worked through many issues and I have felt like we've made a lot of progress. In the last few months since she turned one, she has suddenly become more of a trained dog instead of a whacky puppy. We are still having some problems, some that I know we just need to work on more, and others I'm at a bit of a loss. We go to a local dog park most everyday so we have room to fetch, and she also has made doggy friends and enjoys socializing. One thing that she does pretty often is when two dogs start a nice one on one romping play, she cir
  4. My family's dachshund was recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease. She was urinating in the house and was NEVER full, also started eating poop. She did have the classic distended "potbelly", that can be associated with disease and started losing patches of hair. Though she probably had the disease for quite awhile undiagnosed. If your Flint continues with those symptoms, it's something to check for. I don't believe it shows in a general blood test. Hopefully it's not, but thought I'd throw it out there in case:)
  5. I love the idea of needing to "train" your people. I think people can get almost offended by a dog who doesn't listen or love on them naturally. It sounds like your husband and FIL have a bad taste in their mouths, but that may change if they are able to create a connection with Brick. Involve them in the training- maybe hire a trainer/take a class together? Or at least get them on your program with commands, protocols at home. And have them carry some extra yummy treats that only come from them. My dog is super food motivated, but a special treat when she is less inclined to participate seems
  6. Well I won't count out that she may have some ACD in her as well, although most of the ones I see are much shorter and stockier than Jolene. I also have never seen one with as much black as her- usually all blue, or big spots of black at most. Although I'm sure there are exceptions to every rule;) The third photo shows her standing very alert (waiting for her daddy to whistle for her to run back down the hill), but when she runs she crouches really low, even pushes her ears back all the way. When she's waiting for a ball to be kicked or thrown, she lowers her head and crouches, just a bit
  7. This is fun to read! Especially to know that everyone has challenges- sometimes it feels like it's just my dog;) Jolene: 10 months old Things we're working on, slowly but surely: -Leash reactivity, but it's getting better and better -She is usually the loudest dog at the park- she loves to wait behind a dog waiting on its owner to throw the ball and just demand bark her head off, or "referee" two dogs playing by circling and barking. Loudly. -She resource guards me and my husband from other dogs, growling nipping at the air in front of their face if they come too close -I'm pretty
  8. Hello! I'm pretty new here, so I'm sure someone will chime in with more/better advice than mine:) But this is exactly what started happening, and progressively got worse, with my dog Jolene. She was fine up until about 8 mos on the leash around other dogs, and suddenly things changed. She was barking and lunging at every dog, sometimes just acting excited, then suddenly barking her scariest bark and lunging, also sending owners and dogs scurrying off. From advice I found on this forum, I bought the Control Unleashed puppy book and taught Jo the "Look at That" game. It is seriously
  9. Thanks everyone! Interesting to hear input from people with so much BC experience. We actually met a McNab/BC today that looked a lot like Jo- ticking and all. So maybe we've been giving the assumption that she must be part ACD to much heed after all! She was brought into the shelter by a family with 4 small children (no wonder- she pretty much ate us alive with her shark teeth for the first month) who, I believe, said they had found her around 6 or 7 weeks. I had always been suspicious that they had probably got her from a backyard breeder or ranch, especially if her little nub was docke
  10. No problem! My husband works in Silicon Valley, so... We're here:) Our town is very dog friendly, but I do miss San Diego:) People have suggested McNabb- I had never heard of them until recently, so who knows!
  11. Oops- sorry for the double posts of photos; I just figured out how the thumbnails work Borasaurus- she's got a ton of energy- people always comment on her speed and height when jumping for balls. But she has never destroyed anything in the house (we got her at about 10 weeks) and she settles pretty well. She loves playing with the soccer ball- she crouches in the grass waiting for you to kick it and just stares at it quite intensely until you do. She's super quick- teaching her has been pretty easy, though she can be stubborn. I'm originally from San Diego, if your part SoCal is anywh
  12. Hello! I've been browsing here for some time and thought I'd check to see if I'm even in the right place;) Regardless, I'm very grateful for the information I've found here, like Control Unleashed for example. "Look at that" is saving our lives!! Jolene came to us from a shelter whose best guess was that she is an Aistralian Cattle Dog mix. That seems likely, considering her coloring, but she's much leaner than most ACD's and seems to have some BC characteristics. People ask me often what she is. It, of course, doesn't matter to is what our Jo is, we love her no matter what makes
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