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  1. Oh thank you very much Maralynn and Diane. We will look into a dermatologist - hopefully there is one close enough to us.
  2. Thank you jvw, it does look like we are going to have to go down the biopsy route. It's so difficult not knowing what it is. She is such a lovely BC (like all BC's!) and she has seemed to have things that our vets haven't seen before or make sense - she has had many problems with her stomach which she has had quite a lot of tests done for that and unfortunately we are still none the wiser about that but thats another story! The main thing is that she is very happy and she not phased by much!
  3. Hi everyone, This is our first post on here, we are from the UK and we are hoping someone may be able to shed some light on what our lovely young BC might have - sorry in advance as it might be a bit of a long story! We have a very sweet BC who is 1year 4months old. Last year around October time we noticed that she had a small lump on her neck which we monitored for a while and when we were next at the vets we mentioned it to them as we felt it had gotten a little bigger. They weren't concerned and asked us to continue monitoring it. We did this and after a little while decided that w
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