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  1. I know, But also need to mind my money and put them where it makes sense. Have a studdog in mind i think might be either affected or carrier and rather want to spend the money om getting him tested even though he's not my dog, than testing a neutured dog i already know is affected. I sure do wish i had the money to test my deaf dog. But have to choose and instead put the deaf dogs pedigree on the facebook groupe, and the websitet for EOD dogs.
  2. My dogs just got DNA tested and in the test was color testing - And since i breed working dogs and really only know the very basic color genetics that can cause health problems, i have no idea how to translate this. So.. Any color experts here who can translate? I know what colors it looks like my dog has, but what should she look like based on these results? K locus: KB/ky || KB/kbr || kbr/ky|| kbr/kbr Colour Locus A - Agouti: at/at Saddle tan: dup/dup Locus E: Em/E No merle, dillute, brown or otherwise interessesting colors. So... What colors should she have, based on these results? And what to expect when mated to a tricolor mottled male (her mother is mottled too and she has very little ticking on her legs herself)?
  3. The waiting game is over - My dogs test results just came in this morning. Both Clear on EAOD, so thankfully won't have to worry about neither the dogs nor their offspring. Haven't ordered a test for my EOD dog, thought it was waste of money as we know he's deaf But will be interesting to see the carrier/affected rate when more is tested.
  4. Latest news is, that the test should be available... Now! Only confirmed by an E-mail from the lab. So, since nothing is out on the website or really official yet, i'm waiting till it's confirmed to order the test. But sounds like the waiting is almost over. Really do hope so, since i have a mating planned within a month or two, and really would like the test done before
  5. Just read on facebook that they say june now - Surprice But.... We'll see, kinda lost my trust in their ability to stick to their own time scheduel
  6. Think it's really great value for money at genoscoper and really cheap egen compared to so many other Companys. So think a lot will test anyway because so much more is add'ed at the genoscoper test than anywere else. I probably Would have run the test in my breeding dogs anyway now i know how they use the data and how much is tested for. But might take som marketing and telling people exactly what they get from genoscoper - testing 3-4 dogs is after all a bit of money for most people. Otherwise people will just have to wait a bit longer to the article is published and other companys offers the test. Actually making people know there is a dissease making out dogs go deaf still seems like the biggest problem at the moment - until my own dog godt deaf nearly no one in the country knew about EAOD and most still don't. And they need to know to do any test in the first place.
  7. Thanks Eileen. Didn't know genoscoper was so research minded, have used Labogens test before, but makes so good sense the way genoscoper does it.
  8. Thanks so much, hopefully their work pays off mid May
  9. Nope, nothing yet... Let's hope May will be the month our patience is rewarded.
  10. Thanks a lot Eileen! Practicing my patience skills in the meantime
  11. Any news about a release date for the test yet? Waiting (not so patiently) to spend my savings on testing my dogs
  12. As a owner of a EOD dog (4/5 out of 7 siblings in the litter is affected at age 6) - And a breeder too - this news is one of the best news in ages. Would be such a relief to be able to do a test for it in the future before breeding!
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