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  1. OMG I can just see a bc doing that.
  2. Update. I just came home from a friends sheep farm. He wanted to see if Lilly was interested and to give her a play day with his BC. As Lilly never seen sheep before, she was unsure of what to do. lol But soon got over it, and lost interest in them. But keep an eye on them. She had a great time with the other BC. I said to friend, that it dont look like Lilly will be a sheep dog. He said, dont be so sure. Its only her first time. So maybe he saw something in her. Anyway we will be getting together at lest once a week, if for nothing else than to let the dogs play. Lilly can watch his BC work, and maybe learn something. If she dose learn she will help out on the farm. So looks like everything is working out. Still want to thank you for the help, as I dont think I would of got her out to a farm other wise. samlahundur, yes very illegal in Norway.
  3. We lost Max not long ago to cancer, he was 12. bc mixed breed. it was really hard, but knew it was time. I think you will know then the times comes, we all more or less do. Some people just dont, cant let go and wait to long. Had friend that did that, and really felt bad for the dog. Am glad to hear that Kit is doing so well at 16.
  4. Ok, will start carrying a stick. And looking for some classes or people with trained dogs. Thanks everyone for the help.
  5. Gentlelake, Yes go idea. Lilly is 3. I will look into it. TY.
  6. aschemm, Yes sounds about right. confidence problem. But when we take walks she is not nervous or lack of confidence. Only when other dogs try to get her. Than you see that, in her. As for social with other dog, I only know one after we lost Max. That is friendly and they dont have a problem. Will have to keep looking for other dogs with people that have trained them well. Not going to be easy. lol Most dogs I see,, dogs are walking the people and have little or no training. TY
  7. Well have to be a big stick or something, as pepper spray is not allowed in Norway. No she is not spayed as of yet. Never thought of that, will look into it.
  8. Lilly is a submissive one, will do anything to please me. ​But not a people dog, and don't like being around a lot of people she dosent know. ​Mellow in the house. But ready to go if I ask at anytime. ​Loves to go backpacking in the woods. She packs her own food. ​And now has a disliking for other dogs, mostly the small ones.
  9. And my key board is messing up. so please forgive. Anyways, last few months every time I take Lilly for a short walk around the block, other peoples dogs are trying to attack her. Mostly the little one.. Just the other day a man came out of is house with his dog, as we where walking by. The dog gave Lilly a body slam. I was so made, I said afew words I shouldn't have... Iam now wondering how am I to handle this.... Just today took her to the store with me, and this little dog tried to get at her.. FRIST time Lilly showed any sign to want to fight....Not good, not at all. Please help with some ideas... Thank you.
  10. Am use your not to remember me after almost 3 years. My how time flys. But just want to give a up date on Lilly and Max. Thanks to all of your help with puppy Lilly at the time, she is now a well behaved Bc, that knows insides means down time. So most time she is very mellow in side, not to say she dosent have her days. lol She is a very good pack dog now loven the trips in the woods. Good all around dog. Again thank you all for the help with getting her started. As for old Max, we had to put him down 2 weeks ago at the age of 12, do to cancer. Poor old man is very missed. Is the best dog I ever had. Pluss side, his last weeks where fill with love and his ball, woods, swimming, family. All things he loved. Lilly was even very mellow around him, and didn't bug him to play. Yes dogs do know...Iam sure of it. So that was my update. Will be asking for some help again with Lilly soon. As I feel this is the best place to come to help a BC. THANK YOU again.
  11. Poor pup, hope you get it workèd out soon.
  12. Ive always had mix breeds, and love them. Lilly is the frist dog that isent mix. I just wanted to Welcome you..
  13. Ok sounds good, ( crate, nap time ) If she thinks its good its another thing. lmao. She will go into the crate if I say "IN." And sleeps in her crate at night, if I go shopping she gos in the crate. Can`t go off leash, its law every where you go now...No dog parks eather. So I try to go into the montains where there are few to no people, just so the dogs can be dogs. And run if they like. But today I didnt, so they where on leash, but there pulling me along the way. We are working on that. Max will stop pulling me along after 20 min, but Lilly she needs to learn it. Am no slow walker so will cut her walks to 20, and just have to give max an extra one. Thanks so much.
  14. Thanks everyone, good heads up.!!!! Need to work on given her more time outs for sure. I DO NOT want a nag, pest of a dog...lol So every two hour`s I should crate her for a nap then ???? Max can lay and sleep all day and night if weather is bad... I worked when he was growing up, so cant remember more than he was crated when at work, as he eat the couch ++. Just been so long sence I`ve had a puppy forget alot of things. ( she will be my last puppy, dog as am old as well ) OK as for over-execerising puppies, how far is to far? an hour walk, half hour each day ? I`ll wait then for a backpack, and more montain hikes with her. I don`t execerise ( walks) them every day, if weather is bad we do things indoors, ball, train like put your toys way, come, sit, stay, etc at lest 2 times a day. the rest of the bad weather days, Lilly trys to get Max to play, most the time he wont, and I have to step in and stop her. But I have been bad about given her time out in the crate. If she gets to much on Max, I`ll put her on the couch or in a corner and make her stay. She then sleeps an hour or so. ( why havent I seen she needs more of that entil now ) You all are just the best... Thanks so much for your time and help..
  15. Max I call "old man." Hes getting slow theses days. Lilly is often "little shit." Because she can be a real pain at times to Max.
  16. Do they ever get tired ????? Was a good hour montain hike with both Max ( 9 ) and Lilly ( 5 mo ) . Come home and now there playing... Thought for sure they would take at lest a nap.. I know am ready too. lol At only soon 5 mo`s how she going to be at 8 mo`s, one year, two year`s I thought that you needèd to take it easy with puppy`s, not to over tirer them. I think we need to re-think that for BC`s. And maybe a pack for her, would be sooner than later. Max love`s his. He hold`s his head higher and just trotes along all prade, for all to see. Oh was at the vet`s yesterday, Lilly is now 11.5 kg. All legs, and long body. Yay there going to sleep now. 1 hour later.
  17. Lmao so true... Will just have to time it right, and hope for the best. Am going to wait afew months befor I get a pack for Lilly. Thank you everyone for the info, really helped.
  18. diane allen Sorry my mistake. Ok I`ll say it we are only half crazy...Better... Johnlloydjones, I`ll take your word for it.. Not been that far north .( Tromsø ) But would love to one day.
  19. That must of been way up north...No bear`s or wolf`s here any more. South. Love the Elkhund. Good hunting, family dog. Hm, think I would die if I was in the desert. LOL ya, your not getting me to surf in winter or summer... The sea is always to cold for me. But then Norwegian`s do some crazy thing`s, lol got to find thing`s to do in theses long winter`s.
  20. diane allen I have no idea on the water, as no matter where I go here there is always water. lake`s, river`s, creek`s.And I carry my own water, food. Dog`s will carry there food and frist ade-kit. ( spelling ? ) toy, treat`s.
  21. Lilly was bord the 11-4-14 or nov, 4th 2014 She dose not like the coller going on or off, but will sit for it...Why I think i need to start training for the pack. As I do all day trips. But have not so far as she is young and weather has alot to say. But when she is old enough we will be out as much a we can, sun rise to dusk. As I cant work, got a bad arm.neck.
  22. gcv-border Ya I spend sa much time as I can in the montains as its the only place we can go off leach. Snow and cold only problem here.As I use the pack with max I know what you mean..he really lights up..And to pack it balanced I learded the hard way..LOL Poor Max. I just don`t want to buy one that will not hold to her out her life... So I jess should wait entel she stops growing to buy one ??? or get a cheep one to start out ?
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