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  1. I want to better the breed, as should be the goal of any person considering breeding. I say I'm interested in starting my own prgram but that doesn't mean I will ever do so- it takes a ton of responsibility to produce healthy, sound puppies and there are many breeders that continue to breed a dog that has Early Onset Adult Deafness, dogs that have had seizures, dogs that have dysplastic hips. It's important to me for the dogs I compete with come from herding lines and it is important that the owners of these dogs are trialing actively with them. Even though a person states the dog has the
  2. Thanks for taking the time to review my board. I am in the very early stages of starting my own breeding program. I have researched border collies extensively and have looked at multiple breeders from mainly herding lines. I have researched some from performance lines and I have come across Lock-Eye Border Collies on a few of the pedigrees. Does anyone have experience with this breeder? I contacted her asking what sports/activities she did with her current breeding stock and have had no response. In my opinion in order to better the border collie it is important to WORK that dog. She
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