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  1. I've searched through the various subforums to find where this might fit best, but it seems my topics don't fit into the structure outlined here. I've chosen this subforum as my experience and take-aways pertain to trialing, with a bit of levity as well. Please move this thread as needed if it does belong elsewhere. I've meant to write this earlier, but work demands have kept me from my hobby. Also: the holidays. So a couple weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to be a helper at Ms P. Tose's trial, held in Poplarville MS. I spent the weekend assisting two ranch hands, Mr J. Garcia
  2. The breed is old fashioned, and not all got the memo the world is now in color. It'll take a few generations
  3. This is wonderful. I am of the opinion that the more seasoned handlers tracking a dog's progress every couple months would be beneficial to all. While novices like myself get a mountain of information out of it, as you remark, it helps the handler track subtleties. I've often referred to the Stilhope May series, and this has the same DNA to it.
  4. Echoing knowledge that vaccines help to, but don't ultimately, prevent, ailments. I didn't vaccinate Maggie for 4 years, and she was boarded (sometimes kennels, sometimes on a family farm with plethora of livestock, chickens, dogs) about once a year, sometimes amongst dogs that had the cough. Strong as an ox going in, strong as an ox coming out. I recently (Dec of last year) updated her vaccinations as I was fostering another dog at the time and his health past was unknown. Didn't make a difference.
  5. Yes. The finding that humans can remember 7 things is what lead to the US developing 7 digit phone numbers (area codes notwithstanding).
  6. It is my [limited] understanding that trials are demanding of every possible farm task, done in rapid succession. That if a dog can complete a trial, it can do any task on a farm. That doesn't mean the dog is ideal for any given task, just that it can do one if needed. Hill dogs would be great at outruns and driving, I'm assuming? I'd wager a dog or two of these particular traits could be found in any given litter of working stock. (Or have I missed the sarcasm in the quoted post?)
  7. From correspondence with toney on these boards, ref: rams: Emphasis mine.
  8. What a whirlwind of a month! Been so busy during the week, and then trials every weekend back-to-back-to-back meant no rest there either. Worth it. Was able to meet Gideon's girl (and Gideon and Micah- beautiful pups!) and started a hyper-active drive in making contacts and learning about the FL (and some GA) sheepdogging community that doesn't have an online presence. List includes D. Boyce, D. Holcomb, K. Kingsland, D. Saunders, A. Hickenbottom, R. Cannon.. Was absolutely phenomenal. It'll be a long 11mo until the next trial here Well, there's always the GSDA SDT in 2 months to get
  9. Today's headlines: http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/old-cholesterol-warnings-steeped-in-soft-science-may-be-lifted-in-u-s-1.2953462 Key areas of note: "Modern science". I laugh, as a scientist (well, engineer). Yet, these studies are decades, almost a full century old, even. Back to the 'modern science' quip: science is rife with selective listening. EDIT: More food woes from today's headlines http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2015/02/fda_inspections_fraud_fabrication_and_scientific_misconduct_are_hidden_from.single.html
  10. IBCA was an entity I ignored existed until this thread. Added to my blacklist.
  11. Is this not an over-simplification? While wolves do scavenge, they are clearly hunters and classified as such. They seek out prey that would (logically) hold the nutrients they require for survival. EDIT: OT: As much as I would love to read that Nature article, I was verbally reprimanded for spending so much time at work with others talking about border collies (no more water cooler discussions for me), that I dare not do anything that looks like a literature survey on anything related
  12. This statement makes me uneasy with their understanding: "The lower fat content helps maintain a leaner, more healthy body weight." For humans, it's long been misunderstood that fat was the cause of obesity and a host of other ailments. The true culprit is sugar, but the this-therefore-that fallacy of "Oh they are fat, they need to cut back on fat" has pervaded social (dare I say scientific?) circles for decades. Ketosis being the proof needed to debunk this misconception. I'm not going to pretend to be a master of animal metabolisms; it is not my area of expertise. I bring up the
  13. Responding here for public visibility. All 3 days will start at 8am and run until completion. 54 dogs slotted each day, Nursery on Mon. Should be a grand ol' time.
  14. Touche. My wording leads one to believe I exclude other variables. Obviously, that's not the case. What I was aiming for was that diet plays a large role, and anything short of a full test cycle (1 dogs life, good, many generations, great) doesn't get us any closer to proper understanding of how the diet 'piece of the pie' affects overall health.
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