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  1. I am taking them to a trainer, that works her dogs on stock, agility and obedience.
  2. I'm going to see if they show interest in agility. They aren't going to be running a huge course or anything
  3. I can relate because one is my boyfriends and the other is mine, and its clear who's human is who's. If I "take action" now would it be more likely they will be able to be more independent?
  4. Two of my BC's are littermates, and I recently spoke with someone for advice on why they are so ill mannered despite having basic obedience (I know they are border Collies, but this is ridiculous). He said he noticed all they did was pay attention to each other, and basically rely on each other. They don't seem to have seperation anxiety because we put them in different crates in the beginning. When all of the dogs are out they can get really "rowdy" toward each other, and gang up on my other dogs. They had been sleeping with us, but decided we needed to fix this problem and work on their "manners" I know a lot of handlers will sometimes keep littermates when they breed to work stock. They are 7 months old, so I don't feel like it's too late to "fix" this issue. Can anyone give some insight/experience they've had with littermates? (We are going to see if they like agility Tuesday and I decided to only bring one of the littermates-gotta start somewhere)
  5. If anyone would care to look at the IBCA and type in "Rosie" -then it would be captain beside there. Captian must have not been registered because they were kicked out in 2006 and captain was born in 2008 if I'm reading it right. I just wonder if anyone knows the past breeders. I really would like to know an accurate pedigree whether they end up being ROM'd or not. I know I shouldn't worry but I just ruminate on things. Not sure if this link will take you to the site, http://cloud.easypedigreedb.com/ibca/195 You can go past more pedigrees too. Thanks guys.
  6. That's how I assume most people would feel, but I would never lie about something like that (not saying you are saying I would).
  7. Oh I knew she lied to me before I emailed her, I just wanted to see what she had to say. The dog (Captain) was the last one to not be registered (assuming IBCA is accurate) which was owned by Brystol Reckner.. Does anyone know her? I can't get ahold of her I just want to know more info, but at this point it probably isn't worth my time.
  8. Do you have a dog there with him now, or do you bring yours? I got to watch a few the other day.
  9. I would never breed a dog unless it were ethical, just to clarify for everyone. I was more concerned about the pedigree for health reasons. When I emailed Cindy McCoy to find out more info, she said she quit the ABCA... I wondered if she thought I was really that ignorant. Her reasoning was "because they were so mean to people"
  10. Yep! Bob Washer is who I am training with. He suggested coming back a few times and we are going again this friday. Since I got Rory, I had this feeling he was going to be a great sheepdog. He is a very loyal dog, and stays by me a lot, but no separation anxiety thankfully. Going to get him OFA/CEA tested soon. I got to watch Away to Me last night - and Rory literally watched it with me, he was responsive to the sound of the sheep and the whistle, which I thought was too funny! Thanks for the advice. -Katie
  11. I just started taking my guys and gal to a sheepdog trainer in central KY, and the oldest one immediately went for the sheep, but when it was time to listen (especially lie down) he just wanted to chase them (which ended up resulting in me deciding to buy new boots after getting stepped on, and pinned up against the fence by sheep!!). Has anyone seen good herding dogs start out like this? The other two were more interested in me, and each other, so next time he suggested letting them do it while I was out of sight. Also, They all have basic obedience on them, but can this lead to problems working them? I have read some things about how that all goes out the door, but would it help to get him to master "lie down"? I am having fun and thats what matters but I really want to get into this more and got a little discouraged. Any advice on what I can do, or should I just go with the flow? Can I do other things to prepare? I'm not going to give up, because that's not the person I am. Thanks in advance!
  12. Keevah and Ghost wanted to say thanks for helping our momma and being so nice. Maybe we will meet some of you at the Bluegrass Classic in may!
  13. Do you mean for health reasons? Just curious, I am still understanding all of this stuff and am continuing to learn everyday.
  14. Thank you all for your replies! I don't plan on breeding them at all unless for some crazy wild reason they are amazing at working, but probably not even then and NEVER plan on registering them with the AKC. ABCA prize money, haha wouldn't that be nice! Again than you all, I feel a lot better now!
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