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  1. Hi 76 Bar, Thank you for the information! There's not much out there about these dogs. The idea that they are prized more for their ability than breeding is nice to hear. Becky
  2. Hi Amy, I got him from a herding dog rescue and they understood the dad was a McNab and the mom a full Border Collie both from a ranch in Oregon. And I agree, he is a cutie! He is strong willed and full of self confidence. Becky
  3. Hello all, Our family just adopted a puppy from a herding dog rescue in Oregon. He's a ten week old BC/McNab. Currently we have 9 year old female Aussie/BC that we got from rescue six years ago. Does anyone know much about McNabs? I have read the history online and I believe they are descendants of Scottish BCs bred to work in California. Although the history seems a little fuzzy to me. Mainly I am interested in their temperament. Does anyone have experience with McNabs? We are very excited to bring this handsome guy home and I am hoping to eventually train him in agility. It's been a lon
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