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  1. I adopted an older border collie a couple of weeks ago and was hoping some folks here may be able to help answer some questions... A bit about Joe: he's approximately 8 yrs old, a bit overweight, very friendly with people, (almost too friendly... He'll basically go with anyone that calls him... even if they haven't met yet). Also does well with other dogs. Vet check is clear he's really a healthy senior other than being overweight. From what the Humane Society says, he came from a ranch here on the central coast California, owners fell into financial difficulty and could no longer keep him or their other female BC. He's fairly well trained in terms of obedience, sits, stays,lays down, comes, actively responsive to his name. He seems to be the laziest border collie I have ever met. I realize that he needs some time to warm up... and he's at a house not a ranch so I expect a bit of time before he adjusts. Does not acknowledge toys of any sort. Walking/hiking and dog parks seem to perk him up a bit, but when I take him outside to do some minor training or try to play he seems to be waiting for me to shut up so he can go inside and lay down. toys are nonexistant in his eyes and treats are sortof a side note to him. I'm trying to find ways to interest him... but I'm just not sure what does it. I know he's bored, but what's his cure for boredom? Are there any ways of flushing out what gets him excited? What makes him tick instead of flop? He loves attention, being close and being rubbed are working to help make him feel safe... but I feel like if I could find what it is that he really really likes, I'd be able to use that to make him feel more confident with our family and entice him to get him off his butt and run a little . I imagine scenarios that might explain the behavior... maybe he was working on the ranch until his family lost their animals... he sat around without work, got fat, and eventually financial decline got to the point they couldn't afford the dogs either. IDK If that's the case, I don't have animals for him to herd so I'm out of luck there... I also don't want to stress his joints too much since he's getting older and currently overweight. any advice is appreciated... I've never encountered a low energy BC. Thanks!
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