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  1. Hello guys, A friend of mine living in the countryside is looking for some advice. She is a dog breeder (border collies and shelties) and she shows some of her dogs in the ring. She wants to invest in one, only one dog washing station. However, she has spoken to several people in her neighbourhood and area, and they would all be happy to let her groom their dogs against a small fee. There are no groomers around there so she would be the go-to person. Nothing super professional but just for trims, wash and beautifying sessions hehe. She is looking into getting the best dog bath tub for dogs of all sizes and shapes, nothing too fancy but still something safe, stable and convenient. She lives in a house so the space is not an issue at all. What are your best options for something around the £200 mark? Thanks a lot guys!
  2. I am within London, if you've got someone in mind, I can email them and ask some questions.
  3. You can be a literalist about the breed you love, but you cannot coerce other breeders who love the breed as much as you or so they say into using the exact same definition as you. She does have a peculiar breeding programme, or several programmes I should say, but she doesn't seem unknowledgeable and she, to me, seems to know what she is involved in. Far from being perfect, though.
  4. Oh jeez, that got a lot of reactions. This is no marketing ploy at all, at all. I am signed up here because I love Border Collies and own one. Breeding Business website is about the community of responsible breeders, obviously not mills. Yet, within these responsible breeders, there are many shades. The interviewees and contributors on the website are sometimes references, sometimes controversial figures, sometimes just breeders who breed. There is no long and deep investigation of who is interviewed, however, there is a check just to make sure it is not someone who would not fit our definition of responsible. I love to allow people from very different views and opinions to come and explain them within the very same space. If anybody knows someone who would like to bring the contradiction to this interview, I would be more than happy to ask you or this person a few questions and have it on the website.
  5. Hi guys, Just thought I could share this long but great interview of Tammie Rogers, owner and dog breeder at DarnFar Ranch. It is published on Breeding Business, the dog breeding online magazine. She talks about the creation of a new line/breed, using border collies as service dogs, and more. Check it out..
  6. Especially around me: Shepherds Bush green, Ravenscourt Park, Holland Park, and if I take the bus 10mn, Hyde Park...
  7. Yet, I have read about the ratio calcium:phosphorous and dogs, puppies especially, should receive more calcium than phosphorous but meat provides a hell of a lot of phosphorous. So when home feeding your puppy, it seems like there definitely should be a calcium-only source (raw bones, eggshells, etc) how do you do with your own dogs GentleLake in order to keep this calcium level up?
  8. After watching few videos on youtube, I ended up randomly watching videos of "pitbull workouts". One of these was putting a dog backpack on the dog and make several sprints. Increase the weight in the pack and repeat. Over several sessions and weeks, it is meant to improve the dog's speed and explosive power. What do you think of such speed-orientated workouts? How do you improve your dog's stamina, speed and explosive power?
  9. I exchanged few emails with my future vet surgery that's literally on my street in London and they told me to be careful as there are homeless people with dogs and although some of them got vaccinated, many did not. I will probably keep her home until she gets her second shot, with some outdoor time but to specific areas.
  10. I am new but once you figure out (with the vet) how much the puppy should be fed daily, it doesn't seem to be rocket science. I understand people focus a lot in the ratio fat/carbs/proteins et perhaps forget vitamins and minerals but with some great supplements (kelp, for example), I am convinced I can do it. I will however seek the vet's advice on the diet to make sure it provides everything my girl needs. From what i read on labels and on online discussions, even the best industrial dog food is not ideal at all...
  11. Definitely don't know why I said 20 minutes, but just for few minutes, not waiting for an hour until she does it. If not, trying again later or supervising her and as soon as she wants to, we rush outside.
  12. Definitely makes more sense with the dry/wet consideration when talking about weight. Yes, so roughly around 800-1000 kcal a day for a 2 to 4 months old puppy. Now all formulas kind of converge towards the same rough figures. Great Thank you!
  13. Mum, because I want to congratulate her everytime she pees/poos outside, so I've got to bring her out frequently et regularly at first. This is how we always housetrained our dogs in my family.
  14. Another formula I found has to do with MER/RER. Waltham Formula MER = 110 x (body weight in kilograms)0.75 For a 5kg puppy... 110*5^0.75 = 367 Then, for a puppy the coefficient is 3% 367 * 3 = 1100kcal per day The results here are half of the results given above from GentleLake's suggestion. This is quite confusing :/
  15. Mum - I get that, these are based on assumptions just to have a rough idea. Once the pup is home and vet-checked, things will get more serious and everything will be adjusted.
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