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  1. @Eileen - Can you delete the double-post? I don't know why it does this from my phone. All, please respond to the other post!!!
  2. Calypso has been chewing her paws post-allergies, which is what caused her to start. Most of the allergies have subsided (she's still taking an anti-histamine but lower dose until the weather cools even more, it's mid-50s F here) and she's not scratching anymore, we finished the prednisone per vet's instructions, but she's still chewing. It seems like a habit at this point and her paws probably do sting (they're bald, red, and have sores...just short of bleeding). Nothing stops her!!! We tried bitter tasting vet wrap over hydrocortisone lotion and she tore it off at night and then licked.
  3. Calypso has been chewing her paws post-allergies, which is what caused her to start. Most of the allergies have subsided (she's still taking an anti-histamine but lower dose until the weather cools even more, it's mid-50s F here) and she's not scratching anymore, we finished the prednisone per vet's instructions, but she's still chewing. It seems like a habit at this point and her paws probably do sting (they're bald, red, and have sores...just short of bleeding). Nothing stops her!!! We tried bitter tasting vet wrap over hydrocortisone lotion and she tore it off at night and then licked.
  4. @Gloria - I think they noted that it was 30 mph...which isn't very fast at all considering the speed limit on the highway where I live is 70 mph and people typically go 80-85 mph. However, it does give me a little bit of peace of mind like several people have noted that my dog has something protecting her. We also have the strap longer than is recommended on the buckle we have for Cal, but that's because she just doesn't tolerate it otherwise. She gets really crabby and growly when it's too short and I'm sure it makes her really uncomfortable so we've adjusted it so she can lay comfortabl
  5. @alligande: Ohmygoodness, expensive harness. Going to have to save up for this one since we drive on the turnpike to visit family in another state pretty frequently. Especially in the winter, it gets dangerous.
  6. I have always heard to make sure that the dog doesn't sit in the front seat because of the airbag unless you can turn it off. I don't believe I can in my car (it turns on when there's weight in the seat, and Cal at 43 lb is just heavy enough to trigger it). I also want her as far away from the windshield as possible. Edit: Gloria, did you see this link about 2013 crash tests? The Kurgo harness failed! Not sure if this is the one you have, but thought you may want to be aware that this exists. http://www.centerforpetsafety.org/test-results/harnesses/2013-harness-crash-test-videos/ @all
  7. Ugh, this is what my nightmares are made of...Losing my dog in this way (don't even get me started on the anxiety surrounding the baby)...We don't have room for a crate. Anyone know of any harnesses that have been proven to work at least to minimize injury? I hate hate hate how inattentively people drive nowadays.
  8. We make sure that Cal has a chest harness on (if it's just her collar, we skip the seatbelt because I don't want to strangle her or damage her throat) and then we just have a short leash type thing that's about a foot and a half long (just long enough for her to stand up and change positions) that clips into the seatbelt latch. It's simple, easy to use, easy to move between cars, and prevents her from flying off the seat if we brake suddenly. I don't know how much it would help if we were to get rear-ended, though I think it would prevent her from falling off the seat or being propelled in
  9. Is it possible to just create a negative association? I don't know that it's healthy to scare the crap out of your dog, but I'm thinking it beats getting hit (knock on wood that it never, ever happens). Cal is afraid of moving vehicles thankfully. She must gotten scared by one at some point when she was a puppy (we don't recall, but she obviously does) and shrinks away from passing cars. I have heard, and I've been told on this board, that Border Collies in particular have issues with cars. Chasing things that move is natural for them and there's something about them following lights
  10. We paid a very hefty "pet security deposit" and we pay additional "rent" for Callie every month. We specifically chose the place where we live because they allowed dogs with no size restriction (I knew I wanted a large dog). Our management office loves dogs and keeps biscuits in the office for them. The maintenance guys love Callie, even the one who is afraid of dogs is pretty comfortable being around her without us present. We didn't know she was a BC mix when we got her, but we were prepared for her to destroy things and be hyper as she grew up regardless of her breed.
  11. I would love nothing more than for Callie to be my snuggle buddy, but she's not so keen. She likes very limited affection on her own terms and she'll come lean on us or snuggle up close for very short periods of time. She tolerates children touching her really well (far better than adults), but she still gets fed up with too much grabbing and starts nose-poking them away. Her cuddling on her own terms even extends to the baby. She won't tolerate me putting him on or near her, but she does crawl up to him if he's on his play mat on the floor and she'll rub up on him when he's in my lap. Sh
  12. I will give them a call back...I am not well versed in these medications since I've never dealt with most of them before. The extent of my knowledge is popping a Zyrtec for a few months out of a year and the research I've done on dogs and these meds. You bring up good points and I'm going to make a list of all my questions for the vet when I call them back tonight after work... This is so frustrating, I just want her to be healthy! I have a lot of anxiety surrounding her not being well right now and it's hard to focus on all of the details, so it's really, really helpful that you all are c
  13. They said that if it seems like she's doing fine without it, we don't need an alternative right now but to call again if we want one (they're great about calling back quickly). She also gets hydrocortisone lotion on her paws and that really soothes the itching too. So much so that she doesn't even try to lick the lotion off, she just completely forget about her paws and just enjoyed her toys. It was so nice to see her personality again. She's been a furry lump on the couch for days now and it was so sad to see my happy dog behaving like that. I love having a messy living room again!!!
  14. Small update: We decided last night that because we hadn't seen her scratch much at all during the day (and her paws are looking less red) and she was so miserable that we would skip the Benydryl with Cal's dinner. She got 1/2 of a pred pill, but nothing else. I didn't see all of the comments regarding the kibble until this morning, but Cal ate a bowl of HSD kibble last night (with some chicken) and seems to be doing fine with it. No vomiting or upset tummy over night or today. I'm definitely leaning towards inhalant allergies from outside (the weather alerts have been identifying really high
  15. Thanks for all of the suggestions and comments, folks! I'll come back and post an update once there's anything new to share. I really hope the improvement continues because between the negative comments here regarding the prednisone and the research I've done, I'm not willing to let her take it for more than a week or two at most.
  16. We tried to switch her food last week when she first started gnawing on her paws and she had tummy trouble. Even though we tried the gradual approach, the combination of her rejecting the food after the initial bowl (she snarfed one bowl of 3/4 old and 1/4 new food before realizing something was different, I think) and the fact that her allergy symptoms got so much worse quickly made us think it wasn't a good idea to have so much going on at once. We tried to give her a tiny bit of the new kibble again over the weekend after she was done with her chicken and white rice diet and she absolutely
  17. I think our vet said we'd do the allergy test next year if the allergies start to flare up again, but I will ask her if we can do the testing as soon as Cal's well. I've also gotten allergy testing done in the past (lo and behold, I'm allergic to roaches...thank you university housing for the exposure...) and I would like to do the same for my furbaby. I've never gotten allergy shots though, and in hindsight, I'm not sure why I thought that desensitization and allergy shots were different things (I guess I thought that allergy shots were medicine). We're getting concerned with how much we
  18. I'm going to look into the different options you mentioned. The vet noted that we may go the allergen testing route if this happens again next year (before it gets so bad). Cal was tested for mites back when we dealt with the mange last year and she gets a monthly flea/mite/tick treatment...Wouldn't that prevent them? I was most nervous about the side effects of the prednisone, but I'm glad that many people have used it safely for short periods of time. I'll try to figure out which of the dog-friendly antihistamines make her the least groggy.
  19. Thanks for all of these responses!! We're really hoping that we can manage her allergies with a good diet, we just have to get her healthy enough to switch her food. We tried briefly last week but she was in the midst of the tummy trouble/lethargic/itchy-enough-to-eat-her-foot stage and it just seems like a bad idea to stress her out even more. We're going to try again in a few weeks when she's feeling better. I really hope she won't needs meds to manage the symptoms in the future, especially now that we know what to look out for before it hits really hard like this. I'm a fan of natu
  20. No, she's been eating Hills Science Diet since we got her as a pup. Although we are going to transition her to a grain-free food once she's well. We meant to do that last year (around this same time, if I recall correctly) but she had demodex mange and we were treating that. We asked the vet about this being a food allergy, but she said that with the paws being so itchy and the way her skin looks, it appears to be a seasonal/contact allergy. We're limiting her time outside and rinsing off her paws and belly when she comes inside to avoid as much of the allergen as possible. We're thin
  21. Does anyone have experience with their dog taking Prednisone? Cal has been having some severe allergy issues and she's so miserable. It started out with mild itching and we thought she just had some mild allergies. The pollen count has been really high the last few weeks. Then we noticed that she was chewing on her back legs and paws and there was little spots of fur missing last Wednesday, so we scheduled a vet appointment for this past Monday. She threw up a few times during the week, but nothing majorly concerning. Then on Friday she was really lethargic and had diarrhea but it was v
  22. We always buckle Callie in using a leash type connector to the seat belt so she can't jump out of the window and she can only stick her nose out (protecting her eyes). If they weren't so expensive, we'd probably look into them.
  23. I'm going to have to try this with cream cheese (since Cal is a weirdo and hates peanut butter)! Thanks for the tip!!!
  24. Calypso is 45 lb and the vet would like her at about 42-43 lb, but says she is also very healthy right now. However, her brother is about 10 lb heavier and considerably taller but in perfect health at the ideal weight for him. Every dog is different, even siblings, and like the previous posters have noted, it's virtually impossible to tell without feeling the dogs. They should be lean, but not bony. Our vet said that the rule is that you should be able to put your thumbs together on the spine with your fingers on the ribs and feel the ribs with gentle pressure if you rub up and down the ri
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