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  1. Cal got a bunch of new goodies because she's family and we want to throw out a lot of her old toys because they're too chewed up (ever stepped on one of those Nylabone rings after they're chewed?! OUCH!!) and she needs the variety to keep from being bored. Her stuffies were looking a little too gross and dismembered to keep around. Now that we moved, she's starting to play with her stuff while we're gone for the first time ever! She got two new Zippy Paws stuffie hide toys (the squirrels in the tree trunk and sharks in a ship), a bag of dehydrated lamb lung treats to roll in...I mean eat.
  2. Cal loves her dog bed (Link) so much that we got a second one to put upstairs so she wouldn't try to haul the original up the stairs (yes, she tried to drag it up). She curls up in it, puts her tail over her eyes, and sleeps like the dead. She's never been fond of just flat memory foam. We also have a cheap bed we got from WalMart that we regretted buying because it had sharp wood chips mixed into the fluff (and they refused to accept a return because they claimed WE put them there...) so we emptied the fabric shell of the fluff and wood chips and stuffed it full of two or three pillows. S
  3. @Root Beer - Thank you @borasaurus - I'll check when I get home and let you know, don't recall off the top of my head. The girl at PetPeople recommended it after she told me her life story and how her dog is "totally 1/285th Border Collie and they're an AMAZING breed" (I agreed, obviously). She was right, it worked! @GentleLake - Yeah, I'll have to discuss next year's allergies ahead of time with the vet because she's still really resistant to using anything other than Benydryl (which Cal did get accustomed to and now we give her 1/2 tablet and she does not get groggy and crabby like
  4. The paws have fur! Now that we've gotten some cold weather, she seems to be improving considerably. The feet still look a little gremlin-like but she's stopped licking them as far as I can tell! There's fur growing back, the skin is a normal color, and all of the sore spots are scabbed over! While I was hunting for that sulfodene stuff Ooky suggested, I came across a different type of healing/antibacterial spray (they didn't have the yellow stinky stuff anywhere I looked) which doesn't smell like anything and says on the package that it doesn't sting, and Cal did really well with it. She l
  5. What about "Sweetie"? Even temporarily, that's a gentle sounding name.
  6. She's gorgeous and lucky to have you! Good luck with the training and desensitization! I'm sure she'll respond with leaps and bounds of progress to your kindness!
  7. Hehe, my girl's name is Calypso but we call her Callie! And she sort of looks similar...Obviously, I think it's an excellent name.
  8. Paw Update: Slowly improving...very slowly. The anxiety of our move drove Cal to chew a bit more but a week in and she's leaving them alone, the fur is starting to grow, and they're white instead of pink. For funsies, I'm uploading a few pics of Cal having fun in the yard. I think having the yard makes her so happy and less stressed. I've never seen her happier than when she's running around back there! If you want to see more pics, including some hilariously unflattering ones of Cal running and looking like a derp, check out the Flickr account under the same screen name!
  9. Good boy!! I'd love to see pictures of this protector pup and his kitten as well!
  10. Good luck! I hope the dog is happier as a result of the clearly set expectations and the owner begins training too once she sees a difference in behavior! BCs and BC mixes are very intelligent! Maybe the dog will be enjoyable for you once she's better behaved.
  11. Welcome! Whatever you end up feeding the new pup, make sure you transition him/her gradually from whatever the breeder is feeding the little fluffball (I'm assuming you're getting the pup from a breeder because you know the exact date that the dog is yours). Also, what the previous posters said...Photos, pretty please!!!
  12. Does the owner just expect you to train her dog? Once a week isn't enough consistency and might just confuse the dog. She may learn that your expectations are different and abide by them when you're present, but she won't learn good behavior overall.
  13. A Gentle Leader (link) works wonders with pulling! We use one on Callie in situations where she gets too excited to listen while we're still working on consistency in our training. It works because when the dog pulls, she gets spun around to face you since it's clipped in the front instead of being able to keep going. It really needs to fit well to work though, otherwise she'll just keep dragging you around with the harness over her shoulder.
  14. @Ooky - Which one do you use, the Skin Medication or 3-Way Ointment? Looks like there are two different types, both used for hot spots.
  15. I recommend that you mind yourself and your own pets if your help has not been requested by the dog's owner. If he/she wishes to treat their dog as a "friend and cuddly toy" that is your friend's choice. As a side note, you can't do 30 minutes of research after knowing the dog for a short while and just assume that you know the dog's needs. Look at the resources provided by the above posters if you insist on getting involved with training and the owner is receptive. If you have no experience with dog training, seek out another dog trainer who will respond to your questions (although if
  16. We do too! But I hate Cal's slippers. They're hairy and they get so dirty and look ugly on her otherwise beautiful socked paws. Plus, she constantly tugs on the fur but won't let me trim it.
  17. @Nancy - We thought yeast too but the vet checked and it's not. I kind of wish it was because then we could treat it and move on.
  18. I mean true poking, of the intrusive variety. Like running into the back end of another dog, nose first, without a nice approach. I know sniffing is normal for dogs, but Cal has a knack of doing it really, really intrusively in a way that startles and upsets other dogs. She also does not like when it's done to her!
  19. Personally, I'd be pretty embarrassed if my dog was to butt-poke another dog outside of my control (I'm disregarding the fact that this was a child walking the dog...I'm just noting from my perspective). That's a failure on my part and I would apologize to the other dog owner (and I have profusely apologized to people for this exact thing on several occasions because I got distracted and Cal did her own intrusive thing). Similarly, I will not allow my child to walk her (or any other dog we may have in the future) unless he can demonstrate that he can control her appropriately for his own safet
  20. @GentleLake - I tried what must have been an off-brand one of those along with the various cones. She just forced her foot into her mouth anyway...My little contortionist, so frustrating! I got the largest one that would still allow her to rest her head and it wasn't wide enough to keep the feet away.
  21. Do you get a soft cone or one of the plastic ones? The pet store didn't have an XL so I may have to hunt one down.
  22. A woman dropped her toddler in the cheetah exhibit in the city where I live just last year. Moron...
  23. Children shouldn't be left unattended with dogs, particularly large, strong dogs (regardless of breed) unless they know appropriate etiquette and how to introduce dogs. I'd have had the same reaction and I don't think your reaction was rude. We don't go to dog parks ever. It's too dangerous. Cal is too submissive and shows her belly...She just flops right over and an aggressive dog could literally gut her in seconds. I've never seen her sense of self preservation surface when she feels intimidated. The closest we come to dog parks is a private community beach that's essentially b
  24. Update: I took Cal to the vet to get her feet checked out (and for a nail trim since I don't enjoy trimming a weredog). Stool sample came back negative for hook worms and other gross things (apparently they can cause crazy itchy feet that initially seem like allergies but aren't) and a skin scraping of all four paws came back with nothing, which is good news. So no worms and no mange! And today her feet look white instead of red, which I can see quite clearly because now she's got naked gremlin feet where she chewed all the fur off. We're going to give her another week to see if she'll hea
  25. She rips any and all booties off, we've tried them all (for winter purposes). She even tore off vet wrap that I wrapped tightly around her paws. The cone was surprisingly ineffective, she just stuck her paw right in there well within reach, even with booties it wouldn't be an issue for her to tear them off and continue. She's got a short torso and long legs...they fit right in. I wish it was the front paws that were irritated, then the cone would work! The Bitter Apple says it's for hot spots which is why we were using it. She doesn't like the taste but she will still lick towards the morn
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