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  1. And apparently Cal likes it because she doesn't want to come out.
  2. The soft crate arrived and 32" is PERFECT for Cal. It's a super sturdy and nice crate too. Definitely recommend! And Chewy has a 1 year guaranteed policy so even if it's used they'll take it back if it doesn't work out. So we'll see how it handles traveling and wear and tear. My husband compared it to a tent. Very sturdy, same material, similar design.
  3. Do your BCs like to sleep curled up? Cal sleeps sprawled out like a rug when she's just in the bedrooms, but if she's in her dog bed or sleeping in her kennel (without a door, it's just her safe space), she's always curled very tightly into a foxy ball. Nose under tail, paws all tucked in.
  4. Chewy.com has a variety that are relatively inexpensive. We went ahead and ordered this one: https://www.chewy.com/dog/go-pet-club-sage-soft-portable-pet/dp/101891 If it's not roomy enough, we'll return and try again. But I think based on the comments, it will be a good size. We don't plan on having her sleep in it overnight because she doesn't get herself into trouble overnight anymore when she's "supervised" but she is sneaky and bratty when we're gone and the family would be pretty upset if she ate their stuff. (Note: She only gets in trouble at new places...at home she's wonderful duri
  5. What size soft crate do you have for your BC? Cal is 45ish lb and we're going to order a soft crate for her. It'll be much easier to travel with than one of the plastic kennels since our car is rapidly filling up with baby gear! I'm not sure how tall she is but she's smaller than the average lab and sleeps in a fox-like ball anyway. She won't be confined in it for long periods of time and it's really only to keep her from getting into trouble at my parents' house!
  6. Aw, that's sweet. Glad Gibbs is going to be alright. Hopefully you run into little helper dog again sometime!
  7. Is he a service dog? He sounds lovely and if he's not already certified, it sounds like you could pick that up quickly because they test for stuff like wheelchair reactivity and ideally the dog ignores them! Pics?
  8. Cal used to see her dog friend, Lambchop, from blocks away and HAUL my husband or me down the street to meet up with her. I followed the poor older woman who had her to her house one day because Cal dragged me there.
  9. dogfoodadvisor.com is a great resource. I think someone on here directed me to the site to pick a highly rated food and learn about its ingredients and components.
  10. The rescue does allow you to return the dog (no money back, it's considered a donation if you return the animal) but I just don't think that's right. The dogs that get rehomed several times just have a stigma attached to them - it's in their paperwork and makes it that much harder to find a forever home even though it's usually the humans' choices, not the dog's actions, that led to the need to rehome. I wouldn't want to do that to a pup...If I go home with one, he/she is staying with me unless I can't find any solution. We'd be okay going home empty handed too...We don't want to rush the
  11. We'd absolutely bring Cal to meet any dog we think about bringing home first. The shelter insists on it and typically red-flags anyone who refuses to do that without a reasonable explanation.
  12. Thanks for the input everyone! I knew asking this that it really does come down to making a choice and hoping it works out but it's good to hear your perspectives and experiences. Plus, you've brought up some aspects of having two dogs we hadn't discussed. I'll keep this updated if we make a choice in a month - we're definitely going to see her and the pups when they become available so worst case, I get to snuggle almost brand new puppers and return home to my house trained lovely fluff butt.
  13. I think in terms of considering the future, I'd prefer to lose two close in age that are friends and enjoyed good, long lives together and with my family. Plus, at 1.5, they're both still so young that they (hopefully) have very long lives ahead of them. I'll have to discuss with my husband though, he may feel differently, particularly taking into consideration that our son will have grown up with them by that point and will need to deal with the loss(es) as well. On the other hand, I've heard that if a puppy is introduced to an older dog, the older dog can "train" the puppy to his/her lik
  14. So I know this is going to be pretty vague, but that's because it's still just an idea right now. The local animal shelter where we got Calypso is going to have BC mix puppies available in 4-6 weeks. They're in foster right now with their momma. She's a 1.5 year old BC mix too - looks like a Lab mix (just like Cal!) but no guarantees because it's the shelter's best guess. I've talked my husband into at least looking at the puppies and/or momma. He's open to the idea of a second dog and agrees that Cal would probably be receptive and happy if she had a playmate. We've been granted perm
  15. Socialization is the most important thing you could ever teach your pup. Expose him to all sorts of things, places, people, and dogs! Hoping you'll post pics!! Good luck & enjoy!
  16. Nicely managed! I bet it's a relief knowing he's not nearly as likely to take an interest in the cars!
  17. Hi there! How are you guys doing? We need pics! I wouldn't worry about any weird behaviors quite yet, let her adjust and see what her normal is! Hope you're enjoying your new love!
  18. We got Cal when she was 8 weeks old from a shelter I was volunteering at and we thought since she was so small we'd have no behavioral problems. Wrong, we got a resource guarder that snarled and bit (and not just puppy nibbles, she full out turned into a beast when she started guarding something. I was so shaken the first time it happened at 9 weeks old that I cried thinking I had just committed my heart to a psycho dog). It took the better part of a full year to get over it and sometimes it still comes up - we will have to be vigilant for years and years because we have a new baby that will e
  19. Cal is a big baby and starts lifting her paws up one by one and looking at me pathetically after about ten minutes outside in the snow, regardless of how cold it is. She refuses to play or walk but then asks to go out again and again if we go inside. I think it hurts when snow and ice clumps between her toes, so I want to avoid that and protect her pads because they cracked and felt rough last year. She's young so they're not calloused yet, especially because we've been really cautious about hot asphalt in the summer. Perhaps we've done her a disservice by babying her and protecting her feet t
  20. Congrats! Pictures, please!!! I'd love to see your girl! Top advice: Just love her. You'll figure out the rest as you go. It's good to be prepared, but she'll throw you curve balls anyway. It's what they do, especially BCs because they're so smart.
  21. Here's a list of comments from the behavioral trainer after she observed Calypso. Her advice really made a difference and we continued working on additional things afterward too. 1. More playtime and more stimulating toys. Not only does it keep the boredom away (bored puppies are destructive puppies...especially Border Collies), but it also helps to establish a trusting relationship between the pup and owner. 2. Exchanges - Trade the dog and give him something better in exchange for giving you the guarded thing. She advised us to do it by using bites of cheese, ham, other high value treats
  22. I picked up some Musher's Wax yesterday since we finally had our first snowfall and Cal is loving it. She keeps asking to go outside and she can't get enough of the fact that she can really run in the snow now (I'll upload some pictures of my snow-derp later, she's hilariously clumsy out there). We did the first application last night, a light layer on each paw pad so that she gets used to it. I read an article that said to layer it on slowly, letting the dog get used to it and it would result in silky soft pads. Any additional tips? How often do you apply it? How do you keep your ca
  23. We had great success with Calypso. She started snarling at us at 9 weeks old and while she still has the very occasional hiccup, I am so happy with her behavior! It's late so I can't type up the whole process but I'll come back soon and provide details of what we did. Perhaps our experience could help you!
  24. Cal is really moody, but a little differently than your girl. It strikes very infrequently but when it does, she's such a brat. Sometimes she'll just be really standoffish, won't let us pet her or come near, guards random stuff that isn't "valuable" even to her normally (a toy that there is three of and we don't want or try to take anyway, a leaf, etc), she'll eat a treat and then act like we took it away instead and hunt everywhere for it, she flips her food dish and splashes water everywhere, and then she also recently started "yelling" at us with grunts and growls while stomping her fee
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